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By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for our ‘Wantagate’ reports since April 2006.

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Not a single facet of this hideous crisis has been left out of the record, so that no attempt to cover up what has been going on, is possible. Subscribers will receive their issues under their current arrangements. Others who wish to receive this special issue should use the Contact Us facility on this website to ask for details and specify how many copies of this huge report/issue they would like to receive. Book early while stocks last. We will not be sending free copies: details on request. Order your copy EARLY! This is such a huge undertaking that we have to restrict the print run.

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• This is the 98th Wantagate report: well over a million words to date.

• BOOKS: ‘The Red Terror in Russia’, by Sergey Melgounov, is published by Edward Harle Limited and available via this combined website. It describes what the Dark Forces pulled off in Russia, and what they may have in mind for the United States and Britain (a.k.a. ‘the Main Enemy’) if we do not pull ourselves together. See also the Editor’s 740-PAGE book ‘The New Underworld Order’, for the detailed background on the World Revolution crisis that we are all living through.

• Note: Kindly keep on not shooting the messenger. The following report is based upon our best information and belief. If matters turn out differently, or the timeframe changes, as has occurred since 9th February, this will reflect developments AFTER collection of the intelligence contained herein. We have flies on walls all over the place, but sometimes they may be on the wrong walls, or the right walls at the wrong time. Abusive, rude and anonymous emails are forwarded to a separate box and are held with the option of exposing their provenance should we so decide. Which we may.


‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

The following report has been prepared in response to a disinformation attack named ‘Wanta Fraud’ posted on an ‘intelligence’ website. We are not going to argue with these people.

The present temporary posting may only remain on the screen for about 24 hours, whereupon the ‘Wantagate Obfuscation: ‘Operation Double-Cross’’ report posted on the 3rd March 2008, will be restored, because it is much more important. (It will then be possible to access the present report via the Archive). One purpose of the ‘Wanta Fraud’ attack was to antagonise this Editor so that he removes the ‘Operation Double-Cross’ report from the screen. Sorry, mate, no can do.

It is possible that we will need to make an announcement soon, in which case the above schedule will have to be amended accordingly. However the current intention is to restore the 3rd March report [you can access it now, of course, by pressing Archive].

‘Wanta Fraud’, the lightning, overnight diversion-disinformation riposte to the Editor’s ‘Wantagate Obfuscation: ‘Operation Double-Cross’ report posted on 3rd March 2008, cannot be dignified with any detailed response because the source does not identify himself, and therefore by definition lacks all credibility. It masquerades as an altruistic gesture intended to ‘help Christopher Story to understand the truth’. Its problem is that the source of this ‘truth’ is a nest of lying vipers.

The latest attack is identical in format to the diversionary smokescreen promulgated ever since the main theft was perpetrated many years ago. The model is to paint those who are telling the truth as sources of disinformation, when in fact those who are spewing out disinformation are parties who are trying to cover their tracks, to stay out of jail, and to hold onto stolen funds. Nothing new here.

Unlike the information that is provided by the Editor of this service, none of the ‘lines’ promulgated in ‘Wanta Fraud’ can be taken as authoritative (with the exception of certain isolated second-hand references, and information on The Queen and Blair about which we know a great deal), since their provenance is UNKNOWN and therefore suspect.

Overall, ‘Wanta Fraud’ represents a gross calumny against Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, known personally by this Editor as a distinguished American patriot, a kind and thoughtful friend, and a religious man. It is a crude disinformation attack timed of course in response to the bulls’-eyes scored by our ‘Operation Double-Cross’ report, with which, by the way, Colonel Dana Wilcox says he is ‘in 100% agreement’. That report achieved its objectives, we can assure you.

The ‘Wanta Fraud’ attack fool(s) showed their hand(s) immediately by venting about the fake CIA cover false-front operation calling itself the Durham Trust.

One purpose of this ‘Wanta Fraud’ intervention is to reiterate and revive old CIA lies which were 100% discredited when the CIA’s ‘master lie’, that Wanta was dead – fed to the compartmentalised Agency cadres and the international financial community – was blown to smithereens when Wanta surfaced after this Editor paid $35,000 of his own private funds in July 2005 to finance the extortion money needed by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to shorten Wanta’s probation.

That private intervention was successful, and as a consequence, Wanta ‘ceased to be dead’ with effect from 21st July 2005, when the Editor’s funds were paid over – resulting in Wanta receiving an Absolute Discharge effective the 14th November 2005, instead of remaining under his restricted probation until 28th November 2010, as intended.

When Ambassador Wanta ‘ceased to be dead’, ALL THE CIA’S OLD LIES ABOUT LEO WANTA COLLAPSED – EVERY ONE OF THEM – even though demented spooks such as those motivating the Durham Trust diversion haven’t grasped this reality yet. Everyone else has, though.

All this, with hundreds of pages of authoritative back-up Wanta banking and other documentation, has long since been published in successive issues of International Currency Review, copies of which are in the public domain all over the world, and which these craven Agency disinformation specialists, who have nothing else to do, perversely and dishonestly overlook – so that they can retail their old CIA lies ‘as new’ to people who have not seen the journal either, and who may be rendered so confused by these relentless outbursts of CIA deception, that they wind up emulating Lord North – a British 19th Century Prime Minister nicknamed ‘the cushion’, because he resembled the shape of the person who last sat on him.

The tired and discredited ‘intelligence hacks’ in question are trying to establish a belated ‘ying-yang’ dialectical ’head-game‘ verbal fight with the Editor of this service – something that the same disinformation operatives associated with the tell-tale fictitious CIA ‘Durham Trust’, significantly set up in the year of Kennedy’s assassination, 1963, have been attempting to do for two years now.

The amateur compiler(s) of this offensive, who have shown unwittingly that they have no idea who belonged to President Reagan’s ‘kitchen cabinet’, revealed ‘its/their’ hand by rabbiting on about this diversionary CIA ‘Durham Trust’ operation, which remains activated in order to discredit Wanta.

The dubious source’s comments that ‘my life and the lives of my family would be in jeopardy if this information was known to have come from myself’, are laughable: we ALL have families, including the Editor of this service, who has received 13 death threats. This ‘justification’ for anonymity is a spurious and cowardly excuse that carries no conviction, especially as the crude source has made certain serious mistakes which indicate that his claim to be an especially privileged possessor of classified intelligence information is also spurious, as will be explained.

Both the Durham Trust operation and the constant diversionary ‘line’ that government and related structures in the United States have been ‘duplicated’, are designed to convey the entirely false and misleading impression that it is neither here nor there what the outcome of this millennial crisis will be, because the funds can never be paid to the correct accounts (or paid at all); and even if they were so remitted, they could never be accessed at all by the rightful owners because of the duplicated control mechanisms and prior or other claims, and because layers of ‘other trusts’ are stacked on top of the relevant trust documents: all of this is sterile, instrumental, CIA-generated, programmed disinformation hogwash, designed to mask the complicity of the Bush Crime Family and its CIA intelligence criminal associates in the original and subsequent thefts.

Certain trusts and trustees are fake, or duplicated (as per the dialectical norm), conforming to the Leninist model – namely, that formally signed documents can be abrogated and the obligations arising from them flouted at will. They have no validity. Pontificating about them is what some of these people, who have nothing else to do, specialise in.

The parallel tripe about the Count of St Germaine, which recalls old Rosicrucian lies and fairytales originally triggered by Sir Francis Bacon, is all part of this fog of ‘Black’ geomasonic disinformation claptrap, regurgitated to envelop the original thefts and their perpetrators, and their subsequent endless financial and other crimes and associates, in a fragile protective coating of trite, godless mystique and unverifiable disinformation.

Given the Virtual Keyboard Device’s references in earlier diatribes to Peruvian ‘assets’, it is worth noting that certain Peruvian nationals were expelled from the United States following the Kennedy Assassination. In Peru, the odious CIA funds death squads and other gross revolutionary hooligan operations. Peruvians expelled after the Kennedy assassination reappeared as permanent US residents some years later. Leo Wanta was investigating the Kennedy assassination in the early 1980s, when he was operating in Wisconsin under cover for the FBI using the corporation Falls Vending Service(s), investigating the Balisteri Crime Family, linked to the Chicago mob, suspected of having been involved in the assassination.

The author(s) of this diatribe cherry-pick amateurishly through thickets of partial ‘information’, using loose phraseology such as ‘classified ‘Top Secret’’, which no professional employs. Anyone even alluding to such a term, implying that information being divulged is ‘classified ‘Top Secret’’, places himself in danger of being charged with espionage, or being fingered as a foreign agent. Accordingly, even alluding to ‘classified ‘Top Secret’’ information is hazardous in the extreme, whether such ‘information’ is presented anonymously or not (since all electronic communications are traceable back to source) – making it quite clear that this diatribe is wholly spurious.

They characterise the Editor as one of Mr Wanta’s ‘cronies’, a piece of gratuitous and ignorant rudeness which flies in the face of the fundamental point that the Editor launched this whole investigation himself, prompted by no-one (see below).

The Editor went to Wanta, not the other way round.

The use of the phrase ‘up the river, in a canoe, without any paddles’, an American (not British) usage, recalls, not coincidentally, the murder of the late Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, who was sacked under pressure from the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) agent Dr Henry (‘call me ‘Henny’) Kissinger, and was replaced with the DVD successor of Admiral Canaris (Samuel Randall Pittman), namely George H. W. Bush Sr. – a coup whereby the DVD took over the CIA (which is why Langley was renamed the George Bush Center for Intelligence, thereby ‘locking’ the DVD into Langley for good).

The diversionary ‘advice’ about the World Court in the diatribe conveniently omits the reality that the US Supreme Court has authorised World Court /ICJ jurisdiction in respect of certain delineated matters arising from the Bush-Clinton-Cheney financial criminality. For instance, two US Supreme Court Justices and one retired US Supreme Court Justice, who travelled to Germany in February 2007, conveyed US legal power to the Justices of an ICJ ‘ad hoc’ Tribunal, for named perpetrators of massive ongoing international financial crimes to be arrested on US soil, as well as elsewhere. [See Wantagate posting dated 10th February 2007, and International Currency Review, Volume 33, Numbers 1 & 2, page 379]. Subsequent transfers of such powers have also taken place.

Thus the familiar, hackneyed argument that the writ of the International Court of Justice (and/or the World Court) does not run within the United States has been overturned for the purposes of this massive international criminal investigation. Such developments are secret, but information about these matters has been leaked, and published on this website with no retaliation from any of these superior courts. Reiteration of this canard indicates that the source has never read the relevant report and has no knowledge of International Currency Review.

How gracious of the anonymous author(s) of ‘Wanta Fraud’ to vouchsafe to ‘put the Editor straight’! And how condescendingly he falls into his own flaccid trap! For starters, he ends his ‘putting you straight’ response to our report with a reference to the ‘Level 1-3 International Security Rating’ clearance codes. For the information of all who read this, anybody who knows anything about clearances NEVER MENTIONS THEIR EXISTENCE. They cannot even be acknowledged to one’s spouse, or when one testifies.

This gross faux-pas alone indicates that this ‘timed’ disinformation attack is spurious. No ‘serious’ operative would EVER reveal the existence of these clearance levels. It is done here in order to give this false and misleading, diversionary attack a spurious credibility – as are the references to assassinations at the beginning of the report: yes, some people may well have been killed. But not because they were leaking secrets: US operatives get killed (or placed into solitary confinement in Denver) because they steal money.

Secondly, the anonymous distraction operative condescends to explain his response to our report, which caused mayhem in many dark places and destabilised stacks of domestic and international operations simultaneously, by kindly informing us that ‘it is time to strike out and enlighten you to the truth’. If it is ‘time’ now, WHY was it not ‘time’ back in June 2006 when we first had to begin to promulgate the arms’-length truth about what was going on, and everyone ‘in the know’, knew at once what we were driving at? Are we are supposed to accept that TRUTH can be promulgated 22 months LATE by an ANONYMOUS hack or hacks with zero credibility, when the truth is indivisible and could have been divulged 22 months earlier?

Some gullible ‘observers’ who ought to know better have fallen for this tripe. They should be ashamed of themselves, but in so doing they have revealed their singular lack of discernment.

Thirdly, at 2: 10pm on 4th March, the Editor received his 13th death threat, a most explicit one this time, from ‘the Black voice’ (referenced earlier), the details of which were recorded and will be elaborated upon at a time of the Editor’s choosing. If the Editor of this service is a ‘useful idiot’ who has been conned by Ambassador Wanta, why has he received 13 death threats, and WHY was such a threat, the most explicit to date, specifically linked to the 3rd March report, received only a few hours after it was posted? If the Editor is of no consequence and has got everything wrong (which no-one who knows anything at all believes to be the case), why did he receive this death threat only hours after we posted the damning report dated 3rd March 2008?

The stupid, cowardly anonymous voice, mouthed the following into our voicemail:

‘Yes, Mr Story. We hear your messages. There is a way out. We can offer you a way out. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?’. Thanks for the warning.

In the fourth place, the US disinformation apparat – or elements thereof, especially those parties THAT MAY NOT BE GOING TO GET PAID – appear to believe that the arms’-length UK Editor of this service is an appendage of Leo Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., some kind of lackey or stooge (‘crony’). This shows that they have failed to do their homework.

Professionally, the Editor has to operate at arms’ length from both, and undertook the leg-work and research which led to Wantagate, entirely of his own accord, having gathered an immense amount of evidence for several years beforehand.

As stated above, the Editor went to Wanta, not the other way round. He did this because it is the job of the Editor of the world’s only established currency journal to make it his business to know what is going on behind the scenes, as far as possible, in order to serve our subscribers better. Surely, this fact must be obvious to anyone who is not sitting on their brains?

He has been publishing International Currency Review since 1970, is in nobody’s pocket (as the ‘Operation Double-Cross’ report should surely have made abundantly clear), and contrary to some malicious suggestions, takes orders from no-one.

He has collaborated with the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. pro bono publico and for no other reason. There is no ulterior motive, never has been, and of course, as repeatedly stated at the foot of each report, the Editor is not an intelligence operative or an agent for a foreign power. The word ‘intelligence’ is a generic word in common usage, cannot be copyrighted by anyone, and is used because WE TRY TO STUDY INTELLIGENCE.

And the reason we do this is that the world is engulfed in an open-ended intelligence war, and since the intelligence sector has penetrated the other power centres, and is itself penetrated by organised crime, the ‘bottom line’ is that the world is engulfed in an organised criminal crisis (fomented by DVD, Dachau) which these odious US intelligence sector disinformation liars and deceivers and ‘Black Hats’ think they can exploit for their own ends, and to protect themselves.

If these people don’t like being exposed, they should close down their criminal operations.

In the fifth place, the Editor received a number of emails on the 5th March from kind people in the United States who simultaneously indicated that they could not access this website. Access to this website from the UK and other countries was perfect, as of 5th March.

The matter has been reported to and discussed with our specialist IT adviser, one of the best in Britain, and is being investigated. On past occasions when such interference with this website was reported, we issued a direct warning to the NSA, reminding them that their criminal operations against a foreign website are illegal, and the trouble stopped immediately.

Our IT specialist informs us that interference is traceable to ISPs in the United States, indicating clearly that the US disinformation apparat is responsible – which in turn further confirms the ‘bulls-eye’ status of the ‘Operation Double-Cross’ Report, that we know about anyway.

With 1175 delegates against Obama’s 1307 delegates, criminal CIA operative Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton’s situation following the latest polls remains unchanged. Her objective is to gain the White House in order to avoid being indicted for stealing vast sums of money, ordering murders, and other unspeakable crimes. Bill Clinton is sick and may cease to be a problem for her, but his own position becomes desperate if she fails to gain the Presidency. Hence, for both of these ‘Black’ operatives, their duplicate (Irish) passports may become their necessary lifelines.

Votes were of course stolen, certainly in Ohio (which specialises in vote-rigging) and Texas, where nobody yet dares stand up to the Bush Crime Thugocracy. As the delegate count shows, this latest voting fraud operation has not saved these criminals’ bacon.

So they, their Bush Crime Family associates and their satraps inside the discredited disinformation apparat are throwing dirt at the Editor of this service from their ‘anonymous coward’ perches, in the hope that gullible readers will believe the same old claptrap and lies that were killed stone dead when Wanta himself ‘ceased to be dead’ in July 2005.

‘Story: please accept our belated guidance, as Wanta has conned you’. Perhaps: we shall see…

Since the Editor did his own leg-work and private investigations for several years before actually visiting Mr Wanta and interviewing him personally in May 2004 and again in May 2005, and since the Editor is one of the 26 respositories of Mr Wanta’s banking and other documentation (held in a safe location), and has published nearly 100 Wantagate reports on this website at his personal expense, has printed and distributed several huge and amply documented Wantagate issues of International Currency Review (which these US disinformation hacks always overlook) lodged with institutions, governments, central banks and agencies all over the world, has reported major Wantagate-related events and extremely damaging information about criminal enterprise institutions, holders of high office, central bank governors, arrests and shootings, and has remained in the driving seat at all times despite these death threats – anonymous ‘Johnny-come-latelies’ who suddenly represent that they ‘know the truth’, are naturally having a hard time making their distorted versions of ‘the truth’ stick. The only people liable to believe what such tainted US operatives promulgate are those who, for no fault of their own, cannot have any first-hand information and are swayed with the wind, as intended by the disinformation squad.

We are now advised that the German and British tax authorities’ offensive against Liechtenstein, backed by a proposed European Commission Regulation requiring the divulging of bonds, shares and other investments, is targeted at massive stolen financial assets believed to be held by the Bush and Clinton Crime Families in Foundations in that location. Hillary Clinton’s primary objective is not to become President of the United States, but rather to stay out of jail – even, alive.

The standard Leninist practice used by these disinformation specialists – and there are plenty of staff operatives in both the United States and the UK who can be ordered to dredge up old lies overnight on command, as is the case with this ‘Wanta Fraud’ attack – is always to incorporate some truth nestling amongst the lies and diversionary disinformation.

Thanks, therefore, for the ‘confirmation’ of our (already long since confirmed) report that Her Majesty The Queen’s gold was stolen by the United States. And thanks for confirming our own published information that Blairski, implicated in this crime and many others, was indeed appointed as what amounts to a US Envoy enjoying full diplomatic immunity under cover of the fake Middle East post suddenly invented and conjured out of nowhere (within the space of three weeks) for his benefit – so as to prevent his arrest under the the World Court’s warrant on criminal charges AS REVEALED EXCLUSIVELY BY THIS SERVICE: see posting dated 10th February 2007 [Archive].

Thank you so much for this kind confirmation of the ONGOING ACCURACY OF OUR REPORTS.

But now, without the benefit of a Level 1-3 International Security Rating which you assert precludes the Editor from knowing anything, may we enlighten you as to what is going on in Downing Street?

The UK intelligence operative, Anthony Charles Linton Blair, remains in Number 10 Downing Street, from where he is running ‘an operation’. For this reason, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, cannot live at Number 10 Downing Street (even if that were practical: Mr Blair actually lived at Number 11, believe it or not). Brown continues to reside at his own digs, where he is being monitored 24/7 by his intelligence community wife, who is on the payroll.

Unlike the Clintons, these two get on well, and have encountered tragedies in their married life, which evoke human sympathy, shared by the Editor of this service.

Whether the ‘split’ between Blair and Brown was genuine or not, is now subject to considerable doubt: it was probably contrived. Our own interim assessment is that it was ‘laid down’ from the beginning, forming part of the UK intelligence community’s disinformation barrage surrounding its direct control of Downing Street, and thus its direction of the British Government in line with the corrupt and decadent American political control model.

In other words, Blair is ‘doing a Gorbachëv’. For our old friend Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachëv (né Orbach, or Korbach, of Jewish extraction), remains ensconsed in the Kremlin, in exactly the same position of supreme power that he has occupied ever since he was appointed head of the CPSU’s Administrative Department by Yuri Andropov (Lieberman).

Blair sits inside Downing Street, emulating, therefore, the Soviet control model.

Spot of ‘convergence’ here, eh? It should be added here that when we hinted in a transatlantic telephone call that we would be revealing that Blair is running an operation from inside Number 10 Downing Street, the many eavesdroppers in the United Kingdom got very twitchy and conveyed by means of ‘scratchy’ noises (as these people always do, thus blowing their cover) that they were not at all keen on this proposition. Too bad. All this deception stinks.

Finally, the Editor would like to stress that he remains a special personal friend of Ambassador Wanta (according to the Ambassador’s own words last November), who has specifically pronounced the same sentiments in reverse – and that a primary purpose of our report dated 3rd March 2008 was to pre-empt and derail double-cross operations mounted against him by his subversive and duplicitous enemies who, as explained in the report, have been hell-bent on stealing the entire estimated $400 trillion of funds, including all the assets that Leo Wanta owns and of which he is the sole Principal, including his ‘compromise’ $4.5 trillion.

The report was also, indeed primarily, aimed at precluding Leo Wanta’s assassination.

No wonder they have tried to impede the dissemination of the report dated the 3rd March in the United States – thereby further confirming the accuracy of our revelations.

As for the allegation that the Editor has been conned by Mr Wanta, this can not only be refuted by the documented evidence that the Editor holds and by everything that he has already published in print and here on this score, but it also ignores that fact that the Editor of this service INITIATED THE SEQUENCE OF EVENTS THAT WE CALL WANTAGATE when he paid $35,000 of his very own scarce private funds, to buy Wanta’s release from his unlawful probation.

No-one spends his own money pro bono publico without being absolutely certain beforehand that the purpose for which the funds are to be needed is genuine and true. Ambassador Wanta did not initiate the Editor’s intervention: the Editor did this entirely of his own accord.

We do not, therefore, need to be fed old lies by Old Trolls Under the Bridge and new trolls trying to avoid being jailed along with the Bush and Clinton Crime Families, and who are not going to get paid, when the Editor is more than satisfied that what he has published to date represents largely the truth, or very close to it, ASSUMING THAT HE HIMSELF HAS NOT BEEN DECEIVED – and when these people throw sand in everyone’s faces AFTER we have exposed them for the slugs and serial criminals that they are. They chose the course they would follow. They will finally wind up paying the price.

People with discernment can tell who is telling the truth: and it is certainly not the author (or joint authors) of the disorganised, diversionary disinformation, containing tell-tale indications as to its provenance, labelled ‘Wanta Fraud’, that has been cobbled together in response to our report dated 3rd March 2008.

BUT it is possible to tell the truth having been lied to or double-crossed. An experienced and sophisticated intelligence operative can sustain a disinformation stance for years with the intention of double-crossing those who have placed their trust in him or her, at a late stage of the operation. Such an operative uses the person who places their trust in him without conscience. Any such outcome maximises bitterness, about which such people are usually indifferent, while at the same time greatly increasing the chances of a ‘train wreck’. It is madness, but they thrive on it.


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