Sunday 21 September 2008 14:35

• English countryside, 21st September 2008:

As reported here on Thursday 18th September, the Editor received a voicemail at 1:40pm UK time on that date, consisting of a recording of three gunshots. The ‘message’ was heard by the Editor at his desk. The two preceding messages and subsequent voicemail messages were retained by the equipment, but the triple gunshots were erased. Intelligence has the capacity to erase voicemails left on digital equipment. Therefore, this threat represented an intelligence community operation. The Editor was advised by knowledgeable persons that this threat must be taken very seriously.

Taken in conjunction with a later threat posted on the Internet which bracketed the Editor with The Queen and stated that ‘we shall soon be rid of’ both, the threats yielded immediate responses by UK intelligence personnel, following which the Editor received a telephone call on Saturday 20th September 2008 at 1.45pm.

The intelligence source who called, provided the following information and advice:

• Information had been received from the intelligence community that there may be a ‘hit squad’ or ‘wet team’ (assassination team) on the ground in the rural area where the Editor resides when he is not in the London office. This information was previously unknown to the Editor.

• The ‘hit team’ would be carrying concealed sidearms, thought to be Glock 9mm pistols.
The ‘hit team’ team would be dressed in civilian clothing.

• Special military forces based in Hereford, had been alerted to the situation and the Editor was not to be surprised if we notice military activity in this area.

• The Editor was advised to report the matter as a courtesy to the local police for their information.

• It was understood that there is close monitoring of the situation involving GCHQ Cheltenham.

• A heightened state of surveillance and alert is in place as a consequence.

• Security arrangements for our Head of State were understood to have been sharply increased.

Following this communication, the Editor reported to the Thames Valley Police at Thame Police Station, Greyhound Lane, at 2.45pm. Information was provided to Police Constable 6001 Roffey and was conveyed to her Sergeant. Assistant Chief Constable Habgood, at Kidlington, Oxford area, was to be briefed-in on the situation. The Editor was to request that Police patrols in the district be in twos, and that the Police should wear appropriate protective clothing when in the immediate area.

The Police were advised that it is understood that there may be intelligence advice direct to them concerning this matter. This Notice has been posted for the following reasons:

• Our work has amply demonstrated that EXPOSURE is the primary weapon at our disposal. It is effective to a degree probably never experienced before, and is the weapon most feared by a ruthless enemy, who has been flushed out of the woodwork and may resort to extreme measures given the massive setbacks he has received in recent months, which he never anticipated.

• To preclude any attempt ‘by others’ to distort the FACTS of this matter.

In conclusion, the Editor and others HAVE noticed that some observers have appeared to be more interested in the bruises delivered to the head of the ‘poor serpent’ than with the monstrous fact that the perpetrators left a recording of three live gunshots on the Editor’s voicemail.

This reveals a truly Luciferian sense of priorities, and appropriate conclusions have been drawn.


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