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‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

‘Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!’

‘Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!’
Isaiah, Chapter 5, verses 20-21.

‘WE’LL KNOW OUR DISINFORMATION PROGRAM IS COMPLETE WHEN EVERYTHING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BELIEVES IS FALSE’: William Casey, Director of Central Intelligence: An observation by the late Director at his first staff meeting in 1981. This observation reveals the mentality of cynicism which infests the US Federal control structures, and the reality that these structures regard the American people with total contempt. This attitude is the opposite to the noble concept of service to the American people which ought to inspire holders of public office, and therefore represents the epitome of decadence.

The evil spirit directing William Casey got the better of him when he committed suicide in hospital some years later, ostensibly to ‘protect the President’. The fantastic verbal fantasies perpetrated on certain US websites that are operating on the basis of Mr Casey’s principle, enunciated above, should therefore be handled with extreme care. Casey warned you!

‘None of this must ever come out, you understand’.
Well, it has. What did she expect?
Gwendolyn Waymark, a Bush Sr. operative, in a voicemail to the Editor in May 2003.

When the ultimatum hand-delivered from the Chinese to ‘President’ Obama at the White House on Friday 31st July, referenced in this report, is ignored by these criminal operatives, we will publish the information trailered earlier and mentioned in Note 4 below.

As indicated earlier, we propose to publish this information ‘cold’. The lay reader will probably have some difficulty understanding all its ramifications, and the Editor will NOT be in a position to explain or elaborate on what will be published. This is because the purpose of this release will be to inform certain ‘interested’ parties that we have ‘smoking gun’ information and will not be afraid to publish it. It won’t be possible for us to enter into any discussions with any outside parties about this data.

We did indicate earlier that we would do this, and the appropriate time to do so will be when the ultimatum for Settlements payout performance is arrogantly ignored this coming Friday. So we’ll know the position by the weekend, and that is how we ourselves will respond. This of course will have nothing to do with other responses to non-performance by the criminalist thieves.
























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Today we can confirm that the hijacked Settlements payments are being and have been blocked by ‘President’ Barack Hussein Obama.

This FACT was finally confirmed on 3rd August, eliminating any residual doubt on the matter, by a US Treasury official involved in the Settlements since 2007, speaking to a party known to the Editor of this service. The way this was put was: ‘Obama has become a PROBLEM’.

The fact that this has been revealed and has been directly conveyed to us by reliable sources, indicates the extreme degree of frustration and anger reached behind the scenes among sane officials as this crisis careers wildly out of control due to the stupidity, terror, greed and obtuse arrogance of the perpetrators.

Hence, our assessment that ‘President’ Obama ‘works for’ the Bush-CIA-DVD Clinton Financial Crime Syndicate, or is a prisoner thereof, or all of the above, is today shown to be 100% accurate. And it gets much worse (but see below).

For at their ‘retreat’ last weekend, the Obama Cabinet resolved to BLOCK ALL SETTLEMENTS PAYMENTS INDEFINITELY, while continuing with the standard ‘on-again, off-again’ ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’ modelled upon the routine dialectical ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ basis, whereby expectations are raised only to be dashed a few days later, whereupon, they are again elevated for no apparent reason, and then re-dashed – and so on, ad infinitum.

• This is classic Leninist ploy, reminiscent of the classic ‘Mr Nice’ and ‘Mr Nasty’ game used by Gestapo, KGB and US law enforcement thuggists.

• Sources special to this service reported to us on 4th August that careful measures were in train for ‘closers’ to be put in place at key banks, for closure operations, i.e. payment. At the time of this posting it was not possible to gauge with any degree of certainty whether this special information echoed yet another ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’ episode or not. The authority with which this information was conveyed to us, however, suggested not. But it was too early to tell.

In this overall connection, it appears that certain observers have failed to understand the point that we made in the Update appended to the report dated 2nd August concerning the ‘eligibility issue’. In the usual perverse manner, certain hotheads have picked this issue up and have entered into a diversionary and sterile debate, which serves the interests of those who wish to obfuscate matters, concerning whether or not the Kenyan birth certificate is genuine.

This is a tired old horse chestnut, which overlooks the basic point we were making – namely that the eligibility issue is AN OPERATION, which, like a Bunsen burner flame, can be turned up or down, at will, in accordance with ephemeral tactical requirements.

Such operations DO NOT NEED TO BE RESOLVED: on the contrary, they may be intended never to be resolved. Their purpose is rather to remain alight but at all times slightly below explosion point – with the option available to the manipulators concerned to turn the heat up or down, or even to trigger the explosion, depending on the tactical circumstances.

• Again, this is classic deception operational tradecraft.

It follows that to enter into a sterile debate over whether a document is genuine or not, or what proof there is of this or that, is bound to be a sterile and futile waste of time: because the issue is never intended to be resolved. It exists exclusively for control and manipulation purposes. The point that we made was simply that there are a number of easily identifiable cooks, including some foreign chefs, in this devil’s kitchen: and we simply identified some of them.

It’s all getting too much for these US criminalist operatives. On Friday 31st July, Timothy Geithner shouted and used obscenities at an hour-long meeting attended by Sheila Blair, Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Dr Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and Mary Schapiro, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite the presence of two distinguished women, Geithner the Scumbag unmasked himself and, ‘in private remarks punctuated with expletives, urged the regulators to end their turf battles and show their support’ for ‘President’ Barack Obama’s cock-eyed plan to ‘reshape financial regulation’.

By ‘reshape’ what the Obama-Geithner-Bernanke team means is ‘consolidate’ power into the hands of a single US giga-regulator, thereby enhancing the overall financial power of the centre. Anyway, Reuters’ (4th August) report on this unpleasant meeting cited The Wall Street Journal’s account of the confrontation, which stated that ‘Geithner used obscenities and took an aggressive stance in his dressing down of the regulators’.

In other words, the US Treasury Secretary lost his cool, a clear indication that he faces very severe opposition and is floundering as he attempts to impose a ‘solution’ which is designed not to solve the regulatory problems retrospectively, but to impose a regulatory dictatorship, thus tightening the criminal cadres’ control as they battle to cling on to a losing situation.

In prepared testimony for delivery to the Senate Banking Committee hearings on regulatory reform, Sheila Blair says sharply that ‘We do not see merit or wisdom in consolidating Federal supervision of national and State banking charters into a single regulator. Prudent risk management argues strongly against putting all your regulatory and supervisory eggs in one basket’.

For his part, John Bowman, Acting Director of the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), which would be closed under the Geithner-Obama power grab, tells the Senate Banking Committee:

‘We do not support the Administration’s proposal to establish a new agency, the National Bank Supervisor (NBS), by eliminating the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency… and the Office of Thrift Supervision. The OTS does not support the provision in the Administration’s proposal to eliminate the thrift charter and require all Federal thrift institutions to change their charter’.

Timothy Geithner chose to interpret this principled opposition to a reckless and dangerous so-called ‘reform’ on a ‘lowest common denominator’ basis by assuming that these distinguished top officials are fighting him over ‘turf’: in other words, Geithner asserted that all they were concerned about was power and control (which is all HE is concerned about) whereas of course these officials know a thing or two about their regulatory specialities and responsibilities, and have chosen to stand up to these thugs on matters of principle, and to go public with their opposition.

Which of course is something that these arrogant, opinionated and compromised criminal agents cannot tolerate. Faced with this opposition, as he would have been aware of the senior officials’ testimony before the Senate Banking Committee, Mr Geithner thought that swearing at the two women, using obscene language to try to make his point, would achieve his desired objective.

Instead of which, this episode (a) shows what a scumbag Geithner is; (b) that he has ‘lost it’ and is running scared of this genuine opposition, which threatens to flatten the ‘power grab’ operation; and (c) confirms OUR view that these people are actually running around like scalded cats, having adopted reckless policies which are diametrically opposed to what they should be doing, and are panicking in the face of a dawning realisation that their entire grandiose programme is well on the way towards comprehensive collapse and annihilation.

In other words, they are NOT in control of events. Events are in control of THEM.

In an early sign of tangible international ramifications arising from the de facto cornering of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate, it was reported from the Gulf at 17:03 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on 2nd August that Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi Ambassador to the United States, had been placed under house arrest in connection with a conspiracy against the reigning monarch, King Abdullah.

The source for this information was stated to be Saad al-Faqih, who leads the Saudi Islamic Reform Movement. He told the Arabic-language TV al-Alam that Prince Bandar had been ‘disappeared’ and that the media had published no information about the Saudi diplomat’s whereabouts for at least three months. There had been an earlier report that Prince Bandar had travelled to Britain, but he had returned shortly afterwards.

The sources reported that Saudi officials had established that Prince Bandar had ‘provoked’ 200 agents working for the Saudi Arabian intelligence, and was placed under house arrest.

People close to the King had disclosed the plot, which had been foiled. It has also been reported that the intelligence services of several Arab countries contributed input leading to the arrest.

Although power struggles within the 7,000-strong extended Saudi Royal Family are quite common, the significance of this development, which is unfortunately for the time being dependent upon sources that could do with separate corroboration, is that Prince Bandar was referred to as Bandar Bush because of his known close relations with Godfather George Herbert Walker Bush. Prince Bandar is the son of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz.

Certainly, with the walls falling in on the Bush-Clinton-CIA-DVD Crime Syndicate all around the world, one would expert to notice visible repercussions on the international stage.

Meanwhile, it has separately been reported that former US President William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton was visiting North Korea – one of the few financial hidey-holes left in the world for these crooks nowadays – on the pretext of ‘negotiating’ the release of captured Americans.

Given that the George Bush II White House is known by British intelligence to have paid the North Korean ‘Dear Leader’ a sum of money not unadjacent to $60 million at one point during Bush Jr.’s second term, the likelihood is that large sums of stolen and diverted funds have been stashed by the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate in this disreputable bolt-hole – which would tend to explain the tiresome ‘games’ played between the United States and North Korea over nuclear issues, as cover for blackmail operations referencing control of stolen funds lodged in Pyongyang.

At the same time, Clinton’s CIA-wife, Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton, left Washington on 3rd August en route to KENYA, South Africa, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Liberia and Cape Verde – all of which possess deeply corrupt central banks that are thought to be, or to have been, involved in hiding of stolen and diverted funds.

Like the North Korean ‘nuclear’ blackmail operations (that appear to concern the nuclear issue but are really all about the money, which no doubt the ’Dear Leader‘ has raided or tried to re-steal), we can reliably speculate that the Obama Kenyan birth certificate sub-issue of the ongoing ‘eligibility operation’ represents a dimension of continuing blackmail or leverage ploys associated with the reported presence at the Central Bank of Kenya of a sizeable number of secret bank accounts containing huge sums of stolen and diverted money – all of which explains why the Central Bank of Kenya is delinquent in paying its long-established subscription to International Currency Review!

• In fact an analysis of delinquent subscription invoices outstanding for our financial journal would make extremely interesting reading in the light of what is now ‘falling out’ of these investigations – suggesting obvious scope for a future exposure article.

If Mrs Clinton appeared at the Central Bank of Kenya without feeling the heavy hand of a US Gold Badge clapped down on her right shoulder, that might suggest that, like her CIA-husband in North Korea, she may have been forced to extract funds needed for the Settlements from hidey-holes without further ado (to avoid arrest and bracelets). But if a Gold Badge appeared beside her (as occurred when Queen Melusina was caught in flagrante in Baghdad earlier this year), catching her stealing money in Kenya, since she has flat feet, she probably wouldn’t have been in a position to run out of the bank like George Bush Jr. in Australia, as reported here on 2nd August.

Want to bet that the run-down dump known as Cape Verde, off the West African coast, is a Clinton money bolt-hole too?

In a predictably nauseating display of ‘Blankfeinism’ (defined as the Black calling the Kettle Pot), Mrs Hillary Rodomski Clinton is reported by CNN [6th August] to have held one of her ‘town hall meetings’ (in Kenya) in the course of which she (quote) delivered ‘a tough but lovingly presented’ message to Kenyan officials: SHUN CORRUPTION AND REFORM GOVERNMENT.

She was also reported to have deployed a phrase that is widely used in that part of the world: ‘Why hire a lawyer when you can buy a judge?’

To which Kenyans would be excused for responding: ‘Why pay attention to what this corrupt woman is telling us when the whole world knows she stole $500 million from Bank Crozier in Grenada, tried to remove the stolen Katrina funds from a bank account in Iraq, was caught in the act by a US Gold Badge, and is controlled by sealed indictments against her which can be unsealed at any time?’

This woman is one of the primary instigators of the breakdown of the Rule of Law in the United States: and here she is, lecturing other peoples on the necessity of adhering to the Rule of Law. And she is getting away with this nauseating hypocrisy because the Fourth Estate in the United States is slavishly supporting. and failing to expose, the official criminality that she represents.

Another part of the world where old cages are being successfully rattled now that the unravelling process is gaining unstoppable momentum, is Israel. Following the arrests of 44 assorted crooks and rabbis in the notoriously corrupt State of New Jersey last month, Israeli police confirmed on 3rd August that they had broken up an Israeli-American crime ring specialising in tax fraud and money laundering, in an operation codenamed ‘American Pie’.

The police sources reported that a joint operation with US authorities had led to the arrest in Israel of seven suspects, some of whom are American citizens, and that further arrests are probable.

The suspects were alleged to have defrauded the US Internal Revenue Service, depositing funds in Israeli bank accounts. Suspects and accomplices are being held in Israel on charges of money laundering, fraud, forgery and tax evasion. The crooks and rabbis arrested in New Jersey in late July were held on charges that included laundering money through Israeli charities.

The considerations underlying the perpetuation of the B. Obama Cabinet’s reported delinquent decision, following its weekend retreat, to maintain a stance of Economic and Financial Terrorism against the American people and the whole world, are not hard to identify.

In reaffirming this stance, the common criminals who double as holders of the highest US offices, being engaged in unlawful activity, have effectively undermined or destroyed any right they may think they retain, to issue ANY instructions at all – including imposing Martial Law, towards which their terrified intransigence is veering, even as they are thwarted at every turn.

• Here are some of the considerations that will have weighed on the minds of these delinquents at their Camp David ‘retreat’ last weekend:

(1): As soon as the Settlements payouts take place, as they have to, ONTO THE BOOKS, the $600+ trillion of untaxed off-the-books Fraudulent Finance ‘assets’ held offshore immediately become WORTHLESS. The entire perverted system of Fraudulent Finance gets WIPED OUT.

(2): The reason for this is that ‘source of funds’ disciplines, as mandated by Basel II and Basel III, and now insisted upon by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank consistently with this Rule of Law environment, will apply. In practical terms this will mandate that the stashed off-balance sheet funds cannot be laundered onto the books anywhere in the world (the Icelands, Irelands, Dubais, Abu Dhabis, Polands and Albanias of the corrupt Bush banditry firmament having self-imploded as a direct consequence of last September’s discontinuity).

• So these false assets assume their rightful value, namely ZILCH.

(3): The moment the Settlements funds are paid out, questions arise beyond the ever-widening circle of those ‘in the know’, thanks in part to these reports, as to where the cascading previously sidelined and hijacked funds ‘came from’.

(4): This, incidentally, immediately places the complicit ‘mainstream’ journalists who know all about the criminal finance dimensions of this crisis [see the preceding report] on the spot, as they have been aiding and abetting this criminality (in contravention for instance of inter alia the Misprision of Felony Statute, for which the penalties are a large fine and three years’ imprisonment, or both).

These media people therefore acquire all the more of a vested interest in co-conspiring with the organised criminal Financial Terrorists who are knowingly engaged in the destruction of the US and all other economies and are masquerading as holders of high US office, to continue the cover-up.

• But in fact all they will be doing, like the perpetrators themselves, will be extending the length of rope by which they will all be hanged from Bush Sr.’s notorious metaphorical lamp posts.

(5): To be more specific, the Associated Press has just now reported that individual US income tax receipts have fallen by 22% compared with a year earlier, with US corporation tax accruals down by 57% year-on-year; while Social Security tax receipts, which are supposed to remain in theoretical surplus (before being applied by Statute for investment in the Federal Budget Trust Funds) are expected to have declined only for the second time since 1940.

• As for Medicare taxes, they are expected to have fallen for only the third time ever. The last time the US Federal Government’s finances were in such dreadful shape was 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression. In 1933, everything came to a halt.

• Now the intractable problem that the recalcitrant Obama clique and its Bush-CIA-DVD-Clinton Crime Syndicate constituency faces is that, with the Settlements payments (and the associated Dollar Refunding Process operated out of London), windfall tax accruals appear all of a sudden on the books of the US Treasury, unsupported by evidence from the real economy of any real recovery at all (the reverse being the case: current orchestrated reports on both sides of the Atlantic of the green shoots having sprouted into flowering geraniums representing mainly diversionary claptrap involving the deliberate distortion of statistics, while the recent ‘positive’ performance of the US stock market represents a known orchestrated and rigged churning operation for self-enrichment purposes which has no measurable connection with the real economy, other than via ephemeral psychological assumptions).

• When windfall tax accruals flood into the Internal Revenue Service for the Treasury against a background of 1930s-style collapse, which the authorities could have avoided had they adopted sound policies, the foregoing question about ‘source of funds’ – how come there is suddenly this flood of tax payments when the US and world economies are collapsing? – is asked; whereupon:

(6): Investigations are opened across the board and the entire criminal finance conspiracy is teased out of its stinking cupboard, consigning the US perpetrators on the list for arrest, to jail sentences calculated in accordance with the Madoff incarceration tariff.

(7): The criminalist Obama Cabinet’s other consideration is the familiar Paulson-era one of jealousy.

• By blocking the releases, these mental defectives think that they can hold on to trading, or the self-interested sponsorship thereof (for instance, the Barclays-UBS fraudulent finance churning featured in the preceding report), thereby directing ‘value’ into the pile of worthless derivatives, with the ultimate objective of negating the real-life consequences of last September’s terminal discontinuity. This aspiration is wholly illusory, but they choose not to want to see this.

Meanwhile, in order to perpetuate the tired, orchestrated ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’ charade, on which the criminalists continue to rely for cover as they and their predecessors have done all along, an army of paid CIA-linked hacks, websites and disinformation agents has had its collective nose stuck at the grindstone of this diversion and redirection agitprop engine for many years – with the harsh grinding wheel grinding its nose down to a stump, so that the perpetrators of this cynical cruelty, sponsored by the criminal Intelligence Power, are looking ever more discredited as the weeks go by: witness the extremely ‘bad press’ that some of these nutcases have been experiencing of late.

Not that the fate of such low paid specimens appears to be of the slightest concern to ‘President’ Obama’s Cabinet – which, like its predecessor, can now be labelled as a cabal of co-conspirators in committing theft, Terrorist Financing, and Treason against the American people – facts of life that the OFFICIAL SOURCES from whom this information is derived, now openly acknowledge to us and authorise us to publicise.

On the contrary, the US Cabinet, aiding and abetting the Fraudulent Finance criminality that they met specifically last weekend to discuss, prefer to continue flouting the Rule of Law on the basis that previous Administrations have got away with exploiting the associated opportunities for self-enrichment, along with corrupt US legislators; so why shouldn’t they benefit likewise?

To assist them with their deception task, George Bush Sr.’s frequently-arrested criminal finance chief, Dr Alan Greenspan, has been prodded to reappear in public – to issue the following inane observation (monitored in an interview that this crook gave on ABC on 3rd August).

Greenspoon is reported to have said:

‘There’s been a very significant improvement in the financial system and it’s been the financial system where the problems have been’.

The anchor then asked Dr Spoon about the possibility of a collapse, to which he replied: ‘Collapse now, I think it’s off the table’.

Unlike Greenspan’s first observation, this particular remark, from such a deeply compromised criminal insider, IS quite interesting – because it tends to shift the balance of probability slightly away from the assessment, held by very knowledgeable observers, that the cornered criminalists have adopted a bunker mentality with the intention of allowing or orchestrating a collapse, as a prelude to Martial Law and the mobilisation of the off-balance sheet monies to buy up real assets across the board in accordance with the Mussolini Fascist model – in favour of our own tentative assessment, namely that:

• These people are in fact so terrified, clueless and out of their depth, that they have adopted a cowardly ‘fingers crossed’ strategy characterised by deliberate amnesia, greedy defiance, total indifference to the practical collective consequences of their criminality for everyone else, and a childishly wilful determination to continue avoiding the facing of facts – a stance that is manifested by the Treasury’s permissively reckless ongoing debt financing behaviour. Specifically:

• So far, the US Treasury has BORROWED $1.39 TRILLION in the current Fiscal Year (ending on 30th September) all of which has been WHOLLY UNNECESSARY – since if the authorities had followed a sound policy, they would have allowed trading to occur on the books without any illicit Government sector-related involvement – so that the profits generated could be taxed with the accruals falling onto the Treasury’s books necessitating NO NEED for emergency borrowing.


• The private sector generates TAXABLE INCOME.

• The public sector cannot tax itself: so it generates ONLY DEBT.

Simple, straightforward First-Year elementary fiscal economics.

• Further, on ‘President’ Obama’s 48th birthday, 4th August 2009, the Treasury had scheduled the auctioning of $31 billion of four-week bills maturing on 3rd September 2009; while on 5th August, the Treasury was to auction $35 billion worth of 70-day ‘Trashets’ maturing on 15th October, to be followed by a further $35 billion of 70-day ‘Trashets’ on Friday 7th August, maturing on 17th October 2009. (Total for this week: $101 billion). But everyone is terribly excited that the Treasury says it will need to borrow $109 billion less than originally estimated. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Unfortunately for these criminals, the environment within which they have resolved to continue aiding and abetting these financial crimes, and to indulge in the most reckless, irresponsible and unnecessary debt-financing orgy in human history, has deteriorated to such an extent that it is not comparable to the environment in which the notorious Bush II Cabinet was committing the same crimes a year and more ago. Some reasons why, are given below.

• IF what they are doing really consists of a conscious revolutionary strategy TO DESTROY THE U.S. AND WORLD ECONOMIES, such behaviour would depart from all historical precedents – which show that revolutions cannot be sustained without the perpetrators falling out among themselves.

• In any case, by definition, ALL revolutionary activity originates in, and devolves into, criminality: which is why this madness is called REVOLUTION (going round and round in circles).

You will doubtless recall that a huge preplanned Chinese delegation descended on Washington, DC, two weekends ago, with 150 senior Chinese officials fanning out around the US capital for a series of G-2 meetings according to a now established annual bilateral agenda.

The delegation remained, we learn, in Washington until the end of last week, because Thursday 30th July was the deadline by which the Settlements payouts were to have been effected, and the Chinese officials were there in part to be present so as to be assured of ‘delivery’ and to take appropriate action should they yet again be double-crossed by the White House.

In the interim, the US Treasury held, as previously reported, four auctions, with tranches of two-year and seven-year Treasury ‘Trashets’ offered; and when the seven-year ‘Trashets’ in particular were not fully taken up, money was stolen from the Settlements funds enabling the Treasury’s trash to be ‘purchased’ accordingly.

This illegal perversion and diversion took place after the said Chinese authorities had told the intransigent and obtusely persistent American officials concerned – who evidently continue with their illusory assumption that the Rest of the World owes them a living – that NO MORE CHINESE OFFICIAL MONEY would be forthcoming to finance the issuance of the endless pipeline of US Treasury ‘Trashets’, of which the Chinese Government strongly disapproves. Period.

Here we may be permitted to interject an observation that this veteran UK observer of all things American for the past four decades, has often noted. There is a certain type of American, usually connected with intelligence, that has never learned the meaning of the single-syllable English word: NO. Maybe if the word were NEIN, such people would understand: but NO, no.

It would appear that certain US Treasury officials fall into that category, as, clearly, do all members of ‘President’ Obama’s Cabinet.

Well, as reported on 2nd August 2009, ‘President’ Obama duly and predictably lied to everyone – Senators, the Chinese, and anyone else of substance in the ‘need to know’ category – stating that the payments were being effected and that there was therefore no further need to be concerned.

When the relevant high-level Chinese officials realised that, as anticipated, they had been officially lied to by none other than the ‘President’ of the United States, a stiff letter was hand-delivered for the attention of ‘President’ Obama at the White House, on Friday 31st July 2009.

• We have now been informed that this letter contained a ‘drop-dead deadline’ ULTIMATUM of Friday 7th August, by which date the Settlements payouts must have been effected.

According to our informed sources, including US official sources who have leaked this to us, the sanctions applicable should this ultimatum fail to achieve the necessary results – with the Obama Cabinet persisting with its childish ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’ operation – include the following:

• Between 200 and 260 highest-level US operatives, criminalists, office-holders and high-level perpetrators will be arrested, starting with Bush 41.

• Authority, management and direction of the Settlements payout process will be removed from the custody of the US criminalist authorities and will be directed from London, thereby bypassing the White House ‘Doorkeeper’, which is the US Department of Homeland Security, with its onerous gag order documentation shoved under the noses of the payees, who have every right to receive their hijacked payments without strings.

• As previously reported, the US Dollar Refunding process will be operated from London. In this context, it is to be noted that US entities can pay US taxes in the United Kingdom, into the hands of the Exchequer, as provided for under the Bretton Woods arrangements. Furthermore, US Treasury instruments can be bought in the United Kingdom through the Exchequer.

• Warning: DON’T come back at us if the forces trying to re-establish the Rule of Law FAIL TO DO THEIR JOB. The foregoing information was what was ‘on the table’ according to our best sources, and ‘to the best of our knowledge and belief’ at the time of posting this report. But of course we can have no idea whether the Chinese, British and Swiss authorities will follow through, should they be greeted with a further arrogant ‘two fingers’ in accordance with the defiant stance said to have been ‘ratified’ by the terrified Obama Cabinet at Camp David last weekend.

• Our sources say that the situation has never been more tense: which is obvious.

We also understand that within a few weeks from now, a number of US States will find themselves in an even worse position than Pennsylvania [see our report dated 2nd August], and will simply be unable to meet fortnightly staff wages bills at all. No doubt the States in question will take a leaf out of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell’s book by raiding other accounts in order to pay the Governor and staff directly employed by him in his own office (a point omitted from the preceding post’s coverage).

• Because it now transpires that trickles of the Stimulus Money ARE being ‘allowed’ into the hands of ‘favoured’ recipient entities. Shall we name a few?

• The Richmond, VA, Police Department.

• Some welfare agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By contrast:

• In California, people are leaving their dead relatives unclaimed
because they can’t afford to claim their bodies.

• In Arizona, Legislators are considering selling their Legislative buildings and other State property, and leasing them back, in order to raise State funds.

• Alabama County is reported to have laid off two-thirds of its county workers.

• Jefferson County, Alabama is heading for municipal bankruptcy. In early September, the local Sheriff’s Department will run out of money, so it is considering requesting assistance from the State National Guard when that happens. This is significant, given that the Guard is normally only called in for national or other disasters that overwhelm local response capabilities. Moreover the 50 States’ National Guard personnel are spread thinly because many are fighting overseas, or have already experienced multiple deployments.

Against this background, and bearing in mind the open-ended havoc that these US criminal finance operatives are also wreaking on the Rest of the World’s economies – the like of which you have not yet seen – the aggrieved parties, namely the top Chinese authorities and the British Monarchical Power, MUST NOW execute their Writ of Execution, allowing NO MORE DEADLINES.

This means that if the Settlements payouts are again blocked by ‘President’ Obama and his cronies this week, in line with the perverse decision ratified by the Obama criminal Cabinet last weekend, the beneficial owners of the stolen assets – the Crown and the Chinese – will have every right to seize whatever assets are necessary for them to seize in order for their losses to be made good, and with compound interest.

• Understand that we are not talking about acts of war here: this is not a nation vs. nation crisis: it is all about bringing the criminal operatives hiding behind official status to book, and enforcing the Rule of Law, and not just in the United States – although that is where the stand has to be made in order for non-US co-conspirators to be brought to their senses, as well.

• While seizures of US assets can take place without further ado across the board in accordance with the Chinese official ultimatium, the logical outcome would be impounding the Federal Reserve System, removal of the compromised criminal operatives from the Treasury, and the issuance of a ‘clean’ US Treasury currency which the injured parties and beneficiaries would support.

• No doubt knowledge of this prospect explains the PR campaign being fronted by Dr Bernanke, while also explaining why this former college Professor has lately been observed stuttering almost incoherently on camera. This, we understand, is completely out of character.

•That is what underlies the Chinese official refusal to pour any further Chinese resources into US Treasury ‘Trashets’ – representing wholly unnecessary and perversely incurred US official debt, which is going to be worthless. If the US mental defectives who have no policy beyond digging their heels in, haven’t understood this message, then all we can do is to reiterate the 1992 warning of Boris Uvarov, the Russian ‘Serious Fraud Investigator’ mentioned in the preceding post, to the late CIA authoress Claire Sterling: ‘You will, you will’.

Turning to corners of the regulatory system which have in fact woken up to the real world – namely, to grasping the fraudulent finance characteristics of the derivatives sector – it is noted that on 3rd August, The Wall Street Journal published the following information concerning the British Serious Fraud Office (SFO), which we did not see referenced in any British newspaper. Could it be that the SFO has been reading this website, or reading International Currency Review?

‘The UK’s Serious Fraud Office is investigating sales of Structured Products such as Credit-Default Swaps and Collateralized Debt Obligations, amid concern that some bankers may have knowingly sold complex assets based on flawed valuations before the global financial crisis struck…’.

‘”Some of them are incredibly complicated and they are sold by very, very clever people”, Richard Alderman, Director of the Serious Fraud Office, said. “The question is not just were they mis-sold, because that gives rise to a number of regulatory issues, but was there actually fraud. In other words, did those selling them know they weren’t worth what the institution said they were?”‘

Well, well well. Whatever next? We do have first-hand evidence (see below) that the SFO has pulled up its socks, but for the CORRECT QUESTION TO BE ASKED by such an official: why, this necessitates an immediate stop for a glass of whisky.

The Wall Street Journal article continued:

‘Credit-Default Swaps are insurance-line contracts designed to protect investors against losses on bonds or loans, though in recent years they have been used more often to speculate on the health of companies or countries. CDOs are packages of different slices of debt that are given a single credit rating, enabling them to be traded’.

‘The UK probe is the latest sign that policymakers and regulators on both sides of the Atlantic are scrutinizing Structured Products, which many believe were at the heart of the financial crisis, after years of taking a mostly hands-off regulatory approach’.

‘In the UK, the SFO investigates complex, international fraud cases and it can also press criminal charges on its own. The Financial Services Authority, the UK’s top financial regulator, also will look at whether structured products were mis-sold, the SFO’s Mr Alderman said’.

[Editor: But, see below].

‘The SFO plans further inquiries of asset-backed securities, he said. One case that has already been made public involves Structured Products sold by AIG Financial Products, the unit run by American International Group, Inc.’.

‘It sold billions of dollars of guarantees on complicated securities tied to mortgages, and those guarantees pushed the company into the rescuing arm of the US Government. The unit had offices in London and Wilton, CT. AIG said it was unwinding certain businesses and portfolios of the unit’.

‘”Valuation cases are fraught with difficulty, but the weight that certain financial products were made to bear was untenable”, said Glyn Powell, joint interim head of the SFO unit responsible for London’s financial district’.

‘As part of the SFO‘s work on Structured Products, it has put together a red-flag system to unearth risks, as it has done in other areas such as hedge funds’.

‘In a broader move, the watchdog is responding more quickly to evidence of fraud, rather than waiting for a report to go to police or company liquidators and then taking many months to decide whether to pursue it, Mr Alderman said. In the past, “it would mean seven to nine years before it would get to Court”, he said’ (1) .

We have separate evidence of the Serious Fraud Office having woken up from a long slumber, following the departure of certain officials who appeared to be serving the interests of corrupt enterprises, rather than doing the SFO‘s job properly. Specifically, the former MEP, Ashley Mote, who had, in 2005, drawn the SFO’s attention to wrongdoing associated with corruption within the European Commission structures, made it his last major job as an MEP to approach the SFO again, as he was preparing to step down from the European Parliament.

Specifically, aware that personnel changes had taken place, he approached the Serious Fraud Office again recently, and obtained a three-hour meeting with a senior official in charge of the department tasked with developing intelligence concerning serious fraud.

For the meeting, the official dug out the two very large files that Ashley Mote had handed to the SFO earlier. It transpired that these files had never been opened at all: they were in exactly the same condition as when Mr Mote had handed them over several years earlier. At the end of the meeting, Mr Mote asked the senior official whether they had wasted each others’ time. The official responded: ‘Absolutely not. I am appalled at what you have drawn to my attention’.

Mr Mote told the Editor that he then asked the official whether he would agree that (quote) ‘paying taxpayers’ monies into the hands of a criminal organisation is itself a crime’ (quote): to which the official responded with words to the effect: “It most certainly is”.

• FACT: Since the European Commission’s financial accounts have not been approved by the Court of Auditors of The European Union Collective for THE PAST FOURTEEN YEARS RUNNING, no-one now disagrees that the European Commission is definable as a criminal enterprise.

It is also encouraging that in the United States, the US Justice Department has examined the Credit-Default Swaps market, as also re-reported by The Wall Street Journal on 3rd August – including the dominant rôle of data provider Markit Group Holdings Ltd., and its bank owners.

In a statement, Markit said it has ‘been informed of an investigation by the Department of Justice into the credit derivatives and related markets’.

At the same time, the US Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has recently issued subpoenas to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Deutsche Bank AG., among other large institutions specializing in speculative operations, seeking evidence of fraudulent practice in the selling of mortgage-related securities. Like the British Serious Fraud Office, the Senate investigators are focusing on whether bankers ever entertained doubts that the mortgage securities that they were selling were as sound as they were made out to be when they were marketed.

• We can confirm that they did, given that a senior compliance officer of one of these very large institutions, personally told the Editor several months ago that derivatives ‘assets’ are ‘worth what someone is prepared to pay for them’ – meaning quite clearly that THEY CANNOT BE VALUED.

In any case, International Currency Review dealt with this fraudulent finance activity at length, with the aid of clear flow-charts printed in nice bright colours, in March 2009 (2) , while this service has addressed the issue extensively since we first exploded the frauds 18 months ago.

So what is actually happening is that the Serious Fraud Office, the US Justice Department and the Senate‘s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations are starting to catch up with what has been OUT THERE in black, white and colour for coming on for two years.

No doubt one factor here is the reality that International Currency Review sits on the desks and in libraries of central banks, international financial institutions, government agencies and in certain other ‘places that matter’ around the world – so that, as we anticipated, it has become impossible for the frauds to be covered up and a belated veil drawn over these issues.

But while the due diligence being at last evidenced by these official bodies, though extremely late in the day, is more than welcome, some appalling regulatory anomalies continue to stick out like sore thumbs. Of these, the most disturbing is the case of the UK’s Financial Services Authority.

On 3rd August, The Daily Telegraph revealed that the FSA has an existing credit facility worth £100 million from Lloyds Banking Group, but is also currently engaged in seeking a further credit facility for the same amount from HSBC. This information appears in the FSA’s Annual Report.

• That the chief UK financial sector regulator borrows money from the commercial banking sector that it regulates, when it should surely have raised the finance it needs from the Bank of England, seems to us to be a scandalous state of affairs.

Because of course it means that, in reality, both Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC can do what they like, whether the FSA censures them or not: because if the FSA were ever to raise a finger against either of them, the bank in question could simply respond by raising the issue of the loan being recalled, given that it is presumably callable on demand.

Even if the loans are not callable on demand, their existence compromises the independence of the FSA – which can therefore be criticised as being a lame-duck regulatory authority which ought to have known better than to borrow from commercial banks. What a disgrace!

The comparable development on the other side of the Atlantic is the new agreement, brokered on Friday 31st July between the US Justice Department (DoJ) and the corrupt enterprise UBS – which, as reported on 2nd August here, is engaged with Barclays in some highly irregular off-balance sheet churning operations using stolen Settlement funds for the purpose.

In February 2009, UBS paid the DoJ $780 million to settle a big criminal tax avoidance investigation involving assistance provided by UBS to 17,000 US clients, enabling them to avoid paying US tax by placing funds in offshore accounts between 2000 and 2007.

The US authorities had sought the names and coordinates of 52,000 American tax-evading clients of the Swiss bank; but under the brokered arrangement, UBS is to hand over just 5,000 names of big American clients which held or hold offshore accounts with the bank.

The names of the 5,000 largest US tax-evading clients are evidently to be traded in return for the Internal Revenue Service foregoing the rest. The ‘agreement in principle’ was reported by The Daily Telegraph on 4th August to have been ‘brokered at the highest level, with involvement from the Swiss and US Governments’ (3).

• Given that UBS is engaged in the dubious off-balance sheet fraudulent finance activity described in outline on 2nd August, the silly question necessarily arises: Is THIS A COINCIDENCE? (4)

Notes and References:

(1): UK Probes Structured-Finance Products: Concern is that some bankers knowingly sold complex assets based on flawed valuations’, International Finance section, the Wall Street Journal, 3rd August, page C6.

(2): International Currency Review, Volume 34, Number 2, First Quarter 2009. The entire issue is devoted to this subject.

(3): ‘UBS strikes deal with DoJ over tax’, The Daily Telegraph, Business Section, 4th August 2009.

(4): In the report dated 2nd August 2009, we stated that we would be publishing certain material which might not be easy for lay observers to understand without specialist background context, and further that when we publish this information we would not be able to elaborate on it. In view of the comprehensive nature of the foregoing, it has now been decided to post the referenced information separately, which is why it does not appear with the present report.

• COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The Editor and his companies have taken measures to obtain protection and recompense for the gross breaches of copyright material, books and works owned by this service, our companies, the Editor and Author, and the Authors whose interests we must protect. In the first place, a pirate platform service in the United States has received a demand for a very large sum of money to compensate us for the wanton stealing of three of our books, the consequence of which barbaric acts has been effectively to destroy our book publishing business. Secondly, the agents for the Google Settlement have been specifically informed by registered mail that we have written, also by registered mail, to the four universities and one public library who have entered into an agreement with Google under the so-called ‘Google Settlement’.

The universities in question are: Oxford, Stanford, Harvard and Michigan; and the public library is the New York Public Library. Our three companies have opted out of the Google Settlement, which is anyway now in some disarray.

These and related parties have been advised that if ANY of our works, published by all three of our companies, not just the intelligence books company which has already been severely ransacked, are assaulted by copyright pirates, we will take all legal measures open to us to enforce our rights and those of our authors. The rationale underlying this scourge is the false and spurious one that the intellectual property of the whole of humanity is the property of the ‘global commons’: a dirty, revolutionary piece of hypocrisy and subversion, the underlying purpose of which is to destroy small publishers so that there will be no dissenting voices to The New Underworld Order.

When time permits, we will be providing ‘further and better particulars’ concerning this outrageous revolutionary development. In the meantime, those amoral persons and parties who have so far downloaded our works are hereby warned that every single download will be traced, and that they risk being pursued for very large damages for gross and insolent breaches of our copyright.

Anyone wishing to reproduce the important anti-World Revolution article posted here must contact the Editor for written permission, on the understanding that a precise form of words that we will specify must accompany any reposting and that the entire article, with credits, must be displayed. Any deviation will be treated as a breach of copyright and dealt with accordingly [see above].

• ROGUE’S GALLERY OF DECEIVERS: Given the deceit and abuse that has been meted out to the Editor of this service since we began these investigations in 2002, the Editor plans to expose, by name, each of the primary perpetrators of deception against us, including a UK-based deceiver recently unmasked who sought to extort money for delivering sensitive packages that he never delivered. This character has been reported to the Police, and a Major Crime Book Number will be sought with a request for an investigation. The relevant documents have been sent by registered and signed-for mail, to the Special Branch officer concerned. Those who have deceived us will be made to endure the grave consequences of their serial duplicity, starting with Leo Wanta, to whom the Editor lent $35,000 to pay for his release from irregular probation, which should have been paid back on 11th June 2007 but concerning which nothing has been heard. All other collaborators and operatives who tried to deceive us at various stages will also be exposed for their deception.


LEGAL TUTORIAL: The Steps of Common Fraud:

Step 1: Fraud in the Inducement: “… is intended to and which does cause one to execute an instrument, or make an agreement… The misrepresentation involved does not mislead one as the paper he signs but rather misleads as to the true facts of a situation, and the false impression it causes is a basis of a decision to sign or render a judgment”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

Step 2: Fraud in Fact by Deceit (Obfuscation and Denial) and Theft:

• “ACTUAL FRAUD. Deceit. Concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent [scanter] when it causes injury to another…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

• “THE TORT OF FRAUDULENT DECEIT… The elements of actionable deceit are: A false representation of a material fact made with knowledge of its falsity, or recklessly, or without reasonable grounds for believing its truth, and with intent to induce reliance thereon, on which plaintiff justifiably relies on his injury…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Deceit’.

Step 3: Theft by Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance:


• “FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT… The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose…”.

• “The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes fraud is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties: failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual ‘fraudulent concealment’…”.

• To suspend running of limitations, it means the employment of artifice, planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and mislead or hinder acquirement of information disclosing a right of action, and acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Concealment’.


• “FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE… A conveyance or transfer of property, the object of which is to defraud a creditor, or hinder or delay him, or to put such property beyond his reach…”.

• “Conveyance made with intent to avoid some duty or debt due by or incumbent or person (entity) making transfer…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Conveyance’.


• NASD Rule 3120, et al.
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• 97-13 Bank Secrecy Act, Recordkeeping Rule for funds transfers and transmittals of funds, et al.


• Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act
• Anti-Drug Abuse Act
• Applicable international money laundering restrictions
• Bank Secrecy Act
• Crimes, General Provisions, Accessory After the Fact [Title 18, USC]
• Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
• Economic Espionage Act
• Hobbs Act
• Imparting or Conveying False Information [Title 18, USC]
• Maloney Act
• Misprision of Felony [Title 18, USC] (1)
• Money-Laundering Control Act
• Money-Laundering Suppression Act
• Organized Crime Control Act of 1970
• Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminalist activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States
• Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
• Provisions prohibiting the bribing of foreign officials [F.I.S.A.]
• Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act [R.I.C.O.]
• Securities Act 1933
• Securities Act 1934
• Terrorism Prevention Act
• Treason legislation, especially in time of war.

• Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review and associated intelligence services cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.


It has now been established that the National Security Agency (NSA) works with/controls Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, and others, in pursuit of the Pentagon’s vast BIG BROTHER objective, directed from the ‘highest’ levels (not the levels usually referred to) which seek to have every computer in the world talk direct to the Pentagon or to NSA’s master computers.

This should come as no real surprise since the cynical spooks even assert this ‘in-your-face’ by advertising ‘INTEL INSIDE’, which says exactly what it means. More specifically, NSA have made great strides in this direction by having a back door built into Microsoft VISTA. Certain computers, especially those labelled with the logo of the ‘fully collaborating’ firm Hewlett Packard, have hard-core setups which facilitate the remote monitoring and controlling of personal computers by NSA, Fort Meade. We now understand that if you are using VISTA* you MUST NOT enable ‘file and printer sharing’ under any circumstances. If you say ‘YES’, so to speak, to ‘file and printer sharing’, your computer becomes a slave at once to NSA’s master computers. DO NOT ENABLE SHARING.

Unfortunately, this abomination is so far advanced that this may not be the only precaution that needs to be taken. As long as Microsoft continues its extensive cooperation with NSA and the NSC (National Security Council), the spying system which assists the criminalised structures, and thus hitherto the Bush-Clinton ‘Box Gang’ and its connections, with their fraudulent finance operations, NSA may be able to steal data from your computer. The colossal scourge of data theft is associated with this state of affairs: data stolen usually include Credit Card data, which the kleptocracy regards as almost as good as real estate for hypothecation purposes. Even so, you can make life very much more problematical for these utterly odious people by NOT USING U.S.-sourced so-called Internet Security and anti-virus software. Having been attacked and abused so often, we offer a solution.

We use a proprietary FOREIGN Internet Security program which devours every PC Trojan, worm, scam, porn attack and virus that the National Security Agency (NSA) throws at us. We are offering this program (CD) to our clients and friends, at a premium. The program comes with our very strong recommendation, but at the same time, if you buy from us, you will be helping us finance ongoing exposures of the DVD’s World Revolution and the financial corruption that has been financing it.

The familiar US proprietary Internet Security programs are by-products of US counterintelligence, and are intended NOT to solve your Internet security problems, but to spy on you and to report what you write about, to centralised US electronic facilities set up for the purpose. You can now BREAK FREE from this syndrome while at the same time helping us to MAINTAIN THE VERY HEAVY PRESSURE UPON THE CRIMINALISTS WE HAVE BEEN EXPOSING, by ordering this highest quality FOREIGN (i.e., non-US) INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION that we have started advertising on this website. This offer has been developed in response to attacks we have suffered from the NSA nerds who appear to have a collective mental age of about five years, judging by their output.

• To access details about the INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION, just press THE LIVE LINK YOU HAVE JUST READ, or else press SERIALS in the red panel below. This opens up our mini-catalogue of printed intelligence publications. Scroll right down to the foot of that section, where you will see details of this service. When you buy this special product, you will also, as we clearly state above, be paying a special premium by way of a donation to help us finance these exposures.

The premium contains a donation for our exposure work and also covers our recommendation based on the Editor’s own experience that this INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION will make your Internet life much easier. The program has an invaluable ‘Preview before downloading’ feature.

*VISTA: Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application.


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