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• NOTE: The following report was prepared in the evening of Tuesday 10th November, for posting at midnight. Concerned that we must avoid running ahead of events, the Editor consulted some US colleagues to take advice as to whether this report should be run immediately or held over for 24 hours. It was decided to hold the report over. We now publish this report without amendment, with the exception of an insert dated Wednesday pm. at the top of the report.

‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

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With effect from one minute past midnight on Monday morning 9th November (9/11), the US military were placed on high alert.

On both Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th November 2009, very strenuous attempts were made by the international ENFORCEMENT forces (Chinese, British, Swiss etc) with assistance from US agents, to complete the Settlements payments process. On both days, the process was yet again frustrated, and on Monday we were told that the problems arose in the United States. Late on Tuesday British time we were informed that French President Sarkozy was furious at the continued intransigence of the criminal cadre, also known as the Shadow Government (referred to by some US pundits as ‘the Corporation’), which is in the process of being decisively ‘taken down’ ‘as we speak’.

• WEDNESDAY 11TH NOVEMBER PM UK: At about 11.15pm UK time we received a call from one of the mentioned US associates to say that impediments* to publishing this report had been reviewed, and on analysis it was felt that publication is necessary given prevailing circumstances. The LIEN can be exercised from this evening Eastern and this is what is currently anticipated.

* By ‘impediments’ we mean (a) not getting in front of events and (b) trying not to jeopardise bona fide efforts at resolution, i.e. not making life more complicated than is already the case. You can read what is appropriate into the fact that these precautionary concerns have now been discarded.

Five major and critical ‘SPLITS’ within the ‘ranks’ can now be identified:

• First, as indicated in our Update of 9th November [see preceding report dated 7th November carrying the relevant Updates], the core Bush-Clinton ‘Box Gang’ has now SPLIT into at least two warring components, the Bushes and the Clintons (like warfare within a mediaeval satrapy), which are at loggerheads following the events previously described, notably the sequestration of the Bush Sr. accounts in the Caribbean and the violence surrounding the Chinese currency/gold boxes at Fort Hood as reported by this service (as opposed to in the ‘mainstream’).

We understand that the bitterness between these nests of rats arises from the suspicions entertained by both components that the other has stolen funds from its ‘former’ partners (i.e., rivals), that there are monies lying around which both components are hiding from the other and from authorities, and that each is now out to destroy the other (an accurate assessment).

There is never any love lost between thieves, and these rats have now turned on each other and will be and are being consumed in the process.

The clue that the Box Gang had SPLIT surfaced when The Los Angeles Times reported that joint appearances by William Jefferson Winthrop Clinton 42 and George W. Shrubelgrüber 43, had been abruptly cancelled amid recriminations, as we reported in the Update on 9th November [see the preceding report again]. Our deduction that a complete SPLIT had occurred was subsequently confirmed by sources special to this service.

• Secondly the Agency (CIA, as proxy for the entire corrupted US Intelligence Power) is now at loggerheads with its SPLIT ‘Box Gang’ criminal finance ‘partners’ and de facto ‘controllers’ (hence, as we have reiterated, the renaming of Langley as the ‘George Bush Center for Intelligence’, a name that the CIA will now have to dispense with in double quick time, as we predicted).

Specifically, the CIA’s affairs generally are in total disarray due to its slavish adherence to the agenda of the criminal rats that have controlled it for years, and it has had enough of this garbage.

We can state the above as FACT because the information referencing Malik and Habib Bank [see the preceding report’s Update of 10th November], which implicates the Bush viperocracy and the financing of al-Qaeda, was made available to us in such a manner as to indicate to us very loud and clear that the Agency is indeed at its wits’ end: it has had enough of the Bushrats and Clintvipers.

This NEW REALITY does not impress this service one little bit, given that we have been almost alone in loudly criticising the US Intelligence Power for its serial betrayals of the American people, its endless intermeddling abroad, its filthy Himmlerian MK-Ultra mind-control and abuse operations (duplicated by the US military which is up to its neck in these evils), and all the other abominations that have destroyed its reputation and made it the object of hatred both domestically and around the world. Its new, belated realisation that it must at long last now separate itself from the Shadow Government ‘Box Gang’, as it is brought to its knees, is an act of sheer desperation, arising from the reality that if it fails to separate, then its key figures will be arrested and will all go to jail.

In other words, this evil ‘State within the State’ is only, of course, coming to its senses because the game is up and it has no choice. The lack of leadership from the top naturally speaks for itself.

Note: The repulsive spectacle of Bush Sr.’s agent, Chancellor Frau(d) Merkel, and Mrs Hillary Jezebel Clinton sort of embracing each other in Berlin on Monday (that is to say, several days AFTER Fort Hood and the Bush-Clinton SPLIT) was intended for the cameras and world public consumption only, as well as representing a belated attempt by these two Fraus to see if there is any ‘chemistry’ that can be brought to bear at this late stage to repair the damage that has been done to the ‘Box Gang’. (Answer: No, there isn’t).

• Thirdly, President Sarkozy of France, who was reported to be apoplectic at the sabotage still contrived by remnants of the ‘Box Gang’s’ apparat, appears to be at loggerheads with Bush 41’s compromised German agent, Chancellor Merkel, who has all along collaborated secretly with Adolf Schickelbusch, Joseph Ackermann of Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank et al.

THIS IS HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT, as it means that there is a SPLIT at the core of the European Union Collective, that other pan-German/Abwehr long-range strategic deception operation that’s targeted against the European component of the ‘Main Enemy’, Britain.

• Since we are 100% opposed to this insidious and institutionally corrupt, fake supranational non-governance mechanism which, as the Editor’s book The European Union Collective explains, is THE ENEMY OF ITS MEMBER STATES, this development is, naturlich, A GOOD THING.

• In the fourth place, the international community is SPLIT from the United States and its ‘Shadow Government’ personnel occupying the top positions, and has steeled itself to address this menace once and for all, given also that it has no choice. In this connection, the driving seat is decisively occupied by the Chinese parties, the British Monarchical Power and the Swiss elements, backed both by the World Court and by the heavily armed and previously referenced enforcement team operating in the United States (and also now, we believe, elsewhere: see below).

• Finally, there are subsidiary developing SPLITS within the US structures which are partly hidden from view, but which reflect the following basic reality: these compromised structures have been either supporting one or other of the Box Gang components, or else have been wavering between the two. Some elements, such as the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), have been ‘independently’ pursuing their own agendas. ALL such internal tensions have been and are driven exclusively by lust to control the money or tranches thereof – and by NOTHING ELSE.

This indicates what a truly rotten and repulsive scene is unravelling before our eyes: but not YET before the blind eyes of the complacent and controlled or bribed ‘mainstream’ media which ‘cannot see’. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that these media organisations ‘see with their eyes and hear with their ears’, yet seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not – to paraphrase Isaiah and The Lord. Because: we deny that elements of the ‘mainstream’ have been so crass that they have failed to NOTICE these and related reports: on the contrary, it is known that they have been observed, and deliberately ignored. As reported previously, this has actually been helpful: it has meant that it has not been necessary for time to be wasted ‘educating’ these very complacent and opinionated ‘mainstream’ journalists, who usually ‘know everything’ in advance and would have had to be instructed from base, a tedious process for which no spare time was or is available.

Hidden SPLITS within the structures are evident, inter alia from the following developments:

• THREE US agencies have been instructed to ENSURE COMPLETION of the Settlements process and to DECAPITATE any opposition.

• Although we believe that the Pentagon leadership under Gates (with its CIA background) has wavered in opportunistic and cowardly fashion like the CIA throughout the maturing of this crisis, failing to do its duty and lusting for the money, it is now in a horrible position where any further prevarication and interference, or to be more precise DERELICTION OF ITS DUTY, will indeed have catastrophic consequences. In fact those consequences are ‘coming down’ anyway: and there’s nothing that the Pentagon’s leadership can do at this late stage to unblock the situation.


(1): The Chinese parties were signing papers at the World Court on 11th November 2009, following preparatory activity on 10th November, to execute their LIEN on the US Treasury. As one of the key aggrieved Beneficiary Owners of the loaned 10,000 tonnes of gold and the currency boxes etc., the World Court powers will enable them to seize US assets around the world within their jurisdictions and probably even on the high seas and at airports, to the value of the stolen/diverted assets.

They have no choice now, given that they acted in good faith; whereas, as usual, the US ‘Shadow Government’ consisting of Fraudulent Finance cadres functioning as though they are bona fide US officials, appointees and legislators, have gone too far, as previously explained.

(2): We understand that a total of 163 prominent individuals, many from Congress, plus George Bush 41, William Clinton 42 and George Bush 43, plus THREE current and former US Supreme Court Justices, will be arrested on the basis of arrest warrants in the light of the continued sabotage and the deadline for the Chinese to implement their LIEN on the US Treasury.

Our sources initially indicated that ‘exposure and lockup orders going all the way to Bush 41’ were extant on 10th November. Separate sources stated to us that these arrests were associated with World Court instructions and warrants which were put into process with effect from the sabotage operation on Tuesday 10th November becoming known.

• It STANDS TO REASON that this state of affairs represents a massive threat to US national security which has been brought about exclusively by the feckless refusal of the US authorities to do what should have been done in 2007, but was aborted because the Bush dynasty was still in power – and by the lust of various components of the structures for ‘the money’, representing corruption on a gargantuan scale arising from George Bush Sr.’s insidious technique of enticing collaboration through the mirage or promise of great riches. That has been the technique used throughout, and its absolute decadence and foul origination is now unveiled for even the most blind observers to see (unless they belong to the ‘mainstream’ media which, like King Zechariah, have had their eyes put out by Nebushchadnezzar and have been transported to Babylon).

(3): We further understand that about 1,600 people around the world will be at the receiving end of arrest warrants and seizure on sight following the generation of these warrants by the World Court in the foregoing context. The aggrieved parties remain unchanged, and are headed by the Chinese authorities and Elders, and the British Monarchical Power.

• You might be inclined to interrupt that ‘we have been here before’, back this time of year in 2007. Yes and no. Yes, because these arrangements were made back then, as we reporeted at the time. No, because the situation is infinitely worse and the Bush component of the Box Gang is no longer in power, even though Mrs Clinton is the US Secretary of State (for how much longer?).

However it’s pointless nit-picking now around that point: the information published above is as reported to us specifically in the current context, which is materially different by an order of magnitude from ‘what went before’. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to add this WARNING:

• One of their standard ‘getting out of a hole’ techniques is to do JUST ENOUGH to prevent the worst outcome. One must be on guard for precisely such a development. One must also be on guard for the possibility that those doing the enforcement will funk it, or part of their duties. We aren’t saying that any of this is likely, but obviously we don’t know the outcome or its phases: yet.

Corollaries to the above include the following:

(a): President Obama is responsible for seeing to it that the necessary Settlements payouts are effected. As previously noted, if his will is flouted, as has been the case hitherto (very charitably assuming that he has not been vacillating between the two wings of the ‘Box Gang’ and was not recruited by them, both of which are highly charitable assumptions in the circumstances), he will remain responsible for the integrity of US national security, whether it’s ‘his fault’ or not. In the prevailing climate we doubt that there will be any time or patience for an impeachment process.

(b): It will have been noted that one of our sources stated on 10th November that ‘EXPOSURE and lockup orders’ had been issued. This implies that the forces in question have belatedly AT LAST UNDERSTOOD that the way to cauterise this cancer is to EXPOSE the filth in all its gory detail for the benefit of the blinded ‘mainstream’ to gorge upon.

• We understand from sources that major exposure in the ‘mainstream’ media will break next week.

As we pointed out several years ago, ARRESTS SHOULD TAKE PLACE IN FRONT OF THE TV AND PRESS CAMERAS, just as the British Metropolitan Police raids on the ‘Safety Lock Box’ centres on 2nd June 2008 took place in front of pressmen, TV cameras and photographers.

As a veteran publicist, this Editor KNOWS that this is the decisive way forward – having in the past conducted such operations ourselves. The time for pussy-footing around and trying to ‘put things right’ below the radar is OVER. Too much information about this crisis is in the public domain.

A huge public clean-up operation needs to take place under the glare of publicity. The secretive approach should be abandoned, and the filth in the kitchen thrown out for the American people and the Rest of the World to see (and smell). That necessity has arisen because of the feckless cowardice of the US authorities that have failed to address these corruption problems hitherto.

(b): It needs to be clearly understood that the United States has no Government. It has a cadre of criminal operatives and associates, loosely referenced among the cognoscenti as the US element of the ‘Shadow Government’ which has long since hijacked the US Federal Government under the noses of the structures, and which has exploited its power from within the US Intelligence Power precisely by means of the proliferation of its enrichment enticements (bribery and financial reward through trading opportunities, illicit creaming off the top of trades, and participation).

However as George Bush Sr.’s ‘bait and switch’ methodology has laid waste whole communities of investors and has never been amended, the tipping point at which these World-Class criminals had acquired many more enemies than ‘friends’ has long since been surpassed (probably dating from the seizure by the 300+ heavily armed police of those ‘Safety Lock Boxes’ at the three locations in London on 2nd June 2008).

(3): It is pointless speculating at this stage which way all this will devolve, Suffice it to say that the world is at a critical juncture, and the forces that are facing these ruthless criminals down, MUST COMPLETE THE JOB THEY STARTED with no deviation, hesitation, prevarication, pussy-footing or second thoughts. There is no turning back. GET THE JOB DONE AND STOP THE ROT NOW.

Separately, there were UNCONFIRMED reports early on 10th November of a heavy influx of US military officers and troops into Israel. Our interim assessment of this was that all those senior US figures with Israeli passports (which were dished out to them some while back) face the opening-up of their lock boxes in Israel and the confiscation of corrupt ‘assets’ stashed therein.

• Moreover sources in Israel informed us at 18:51 UK time on 10th November as follows:

• Joint US/Israeli military drill operations are in process, which are to last for three weeks, involving many American troops and aircraft. Our sources advised:

‘What we have noticed for several days are a lot of military helicopters and fighter jets flying over the Sea of Galilee to the Golan Heights at very, very low altitudes (under the radar?), and then disappearing into Syria. Later, they return, again at very low altitudes, almost skimming the water. Back and forth, back and forth, all day’.

‘We were in Jerusalem when there was a great deal of unrest (which continues), lots of skirmishes, lots of tension, potential for real trouble’.

• FACT: The trouble in Jerusalem has hitherto been unreported in the Western media. We are advised that the key word here is ‘skirmishes’, which should be translated as ‘search and seize’. See our initial reaction to the outline information, at the top of this segment.

London: The Daily Telegraph this morning screams across page 19: OBAMA WARNS OF NEW TENSION WITH CHINA: President says relations will suffer unless trade disputes are resolved.

Excuse us? ‘NEW’ tensions? Relations WILL suffer? The tensions are OLD, attributable at this juncture EXCLUSIVELY to rogue official US BANDITRY: it is not a question of relations suffering in the future: they ARE suffering, and President Obama is specifically and instrumentally, it can now clearly be seen, presiding over this worsening crisis by his OBTUSE BEHAVIOUR in stealing and/or diverting assets and loan money belonging to foreign sovereign powers.

THIS IS ALL ORCHESTRATED, as we can now see with crystal clarity. Here is what ‘President’ Obama is reported by the British newspaper as pontificating last night.

Mr Obama reportedly stated that ‘enormous strains’ WOULD BE placed on US-Chinese relations IF the two nations ‘failed to address simmering trade tensions’ during his Asian tour (starting today, ending on 19th November).

‘Global imbalances’ needed to be ‘addressed’, the Chinese currency is in urgent need of upward adjustment, etc. etc.: these are the OUTWARD BROMIDES fed to the sleepy ‘mainstream’ to divert attention from the INNER, HIDDEN CONFLICTS surrounding US criminal intransigence, of which THERE IS NO SIGN OF ANY END. ‘If we don’t solve some of those problems, then I think both economically and politically it will put enormous strains on the relationship’.

Which, being interpreted, means: I am travelling to China having created the pre-arranged verbal pretext to enable me to walk out or create a scene when the Chinese give me a piece of their mind.

For of course the problems at this late stage centre around the criminalised US authorities’ bovine refusal to behave in a civilised manner, their insistence on honing the United States’ reputation as a pariah state bent on doing as it likes and trampling on the Rest of the World, and their penchant for stealing the assets of others ALL THE TIME, with no discontinuity, TOTAL RUTHLESSNESS, no pity, no repentance, no mercy and NO INTENTION OF CHANGING THEIR EVIL WAYS.

Hitler’s approach, when his dirty back was being pressed against the wall, was to attack verbally, and that is precisely what Obama is doing. HIs back is pressed so flat against the wall, he’ll be hard pressed to straighten it up to get on Air Force One to Elmendorf Airbase, Alaska, this morning.

In his remarks before departure, ‘President’ Barack Hussein Obama also indulged in some familiar rhetorical hypocrisy: ‘We believe’, he lied. ‘in the values of freedom of press, freedom of religion, that are not just core American values, but we believe are universal values’.

As a veteran analyst of Soviet lies (wearing the hat of Editor of Soviet Analyst), the Editor notes that Obama said: ‘We believe IN THE VALUES OF freedom of press’ etc. This Leninist duplicity hides the deception that ‘We’ do not in fact ‘believe in freedom of the press’ etc., at all: the phrase ‘the values of’ places a wall between ‘freedom of the press’ etc. and what ‘we believe’, which provides emergency deniability and ‘allows’ (non)-freedom of the press in the United States to continue to be hobbled by gigantic bribes NOT TO COVER THIS CRISIS. As we have indicated before, one very large media corporation is known to have taken a bribe of $1.68 billion from the manipulators, while we have anedotal evidence of another two bribes, one of $500 million and another of $2.0 billion.

So for Obama to spiel about ‘freedom of the press’ stinks, as does his reference to ‘freedom of religion’: as long as it’s not freedom to teach children in school the Word of God by Jesus Christ. Such evil hypocrisy, on top of the thievery, duplicity, stealing, criminal finance and filthy dirty tricks behaviour of these bandits, turns the stomach.

No wonder the CIA has finally realised that if it doesn’t sever from the criminal element that has corrupted the entire US Intelligence Power, its leaders will go to jail. No doubt these desperados anticipate that by stirring the pot abroad, they can create enough tension for US ‘patriotism’ to be invoked so that all their dirty laundry can be shovelled down the nearest black hole with impunity.

• UPDATED UPDATE: We are informed that the information fed to the British press that Obama was leaving for Alaska and his Asian trip on the morning of 12th November may have been FALSE, and that in fact the ‘President’ FLEW OUT LAST NIGHT [11th November].

• THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIRMED by a report in an Alaskan Sunday newspaper of 8th November which carried an item in the Alaska Digest section stating that Obama would be in Anchorage at the Elmendorf Airbase on 11th November 2009, so that Air Force One could refuel for Mr Obama’s trip to Asia. The text also stated that the ‘President’ would be marking Veterans Day in the company of military personnel at the base.

Source: Email received from a correspondent in Alaska at 19:54 UK time on 12th November 2009. Memorandum to those who believe what they see on their screens: You seem to have forgotten that the White House press operation is past master at hoodwinking the media.

Just because pictures ‘show the President leaving for Alaska this morning’, it doesn’t mean that the President is leaving for Alaska this morning. A little more awareness of clandestine methodology might come in handy before armchair critics who never stick their necks out resort to trying to trip this Editor up with a detail that does not correspond with their preferred perceptions.

Anyway, the public consumption schedule has him arriving in Tokyo on Friday to meet the new Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Yukio Hatoyama, followed by an audience of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, before travelling to Singapore for the annual summit of the Asia-Pacific Co-operation Forum [APEC], which ends on Sunday. He will then attend a separate South-East Asian meeting at which the US and Burmese leaders will meet face-to-face [so that they can discuss intended drug ‘cooperation’?], and then off to Shanghai.

On Monday, an ‘American-style town-hall’ meeting in Shanghai preceeds nosh with President Hu Jintao in Beijing. (It’s Monday, hence it must be Beijing). Tuesday: ‘Trade deals’ to be announced, followed by ‘sightseeing’. Wednesday: Off to Seoul, South Korea, ostensibly to discuss the North Korea stand-off and ‘free trade’, but in fact to strong-arm the South Koreans into disgording stolen Box Gang funds sequestrated in the South Korean banking system (?). November 19th: Return to Washington. Since, however, the very first element of this schedule (his departure to Elmendorf Airbase) as publicised, turned out to be false, the entire Presidential schedule as announced by the White House spokesman for public consumption can be presumed to be made of India Rubber.

• SPECULATION: Some kind of trade-off whereby the Chinese may be browbeaten into backing off from their necessarily harsh stance, as the beneficial owners of stolen property, is possibly ‘in the works’. The Chinese need to be on guard against the risk that they may again be duped by these duplicitous US crooks, and they must anticipate being blackmailed as well: hence Obama’s speech.

• MATURE SPECULATION: Obama could not have left for China if matters were not ‘under control’. While all of the above ‘applies’, given the fog of deception with which we are confronted, LATE information received by the Editor on Thursday evening implies rather strongly that the sentiment expressed in THIS late segment is appropriate. It is also believed that the relentless barrage of bad publicity may have played a modest part in bringing matters to a head and beyond, or at the very least helping to smother the temptation for these criminals to continue ‘business as usual’.

Not that they had any choice. The Chinese LIEN was DECISIVE, we believe. So Barack Obama’s bad-mouthing of the Chinese [see above] appears to have represented sour grapes and face-saving, rather than the construction that the Editor placed on the matter earlier [see above]. Nevertheless we have left those considerations up in this report because they were honest assessments; and as we all know, when dealing with serpents, they keep slithering until their heads have been crushed.

• IN MEMORIAM: It has been reported that two US Secret Service armoured vehicles used to protect Vice President Biden struck and killed a pedestrian in Temple Hills at about 2:30a.m. early on Wednesday morning, 12th November. The vehicles were travelling from Andrews Air Force Base when the UNNAMED pedestrian was hit at the intersection of Suitland Parkway and Naylor Road in Temple Hills. The UNNAMED pedestrian (male) was transported to Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly with MULTIPLE INJURIES, and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The vehicles had been used to convey Biden during a trip to Fort Lewis, WA, where the Veep had spoken at a Memorial Service commemorating MORE DEATHS (of the seven US troops killed in Afghanistan when their vehicle exploded). Biden had returned to Andrews Air Force Base much earlier and was already at his residence at the US Naval Observatory in Northwest Washington at the time of the incident. You will recall that John O’Quinn, a Bush-linked lawyer, was killed when his vehicle veered into a 30-ft tree some days ago, not far from the Secret Service Office in Houston.

Note: The Secret Service has been involved in quite a few ‘accidents’ over the last couple of years. There were several incidents while George Shrubelbusch was in office in which someone was hurt or killed. One of these incidents, it may be recalled, involved a motorcyclist.

[As mentioned earlier, the Editor will update the In Memoriam section [see Archive] as soon as time permits. So far, time hasn’t permitted].


LEGAL TUTORIAL: The Steps of Common Fraud:

Step 1: Fraud in the Inducement: “… is intended to and which does cause one to execute an instrument, or make an agreement… The misrepresentation involved does not mislead one as the paper he signs but rather misleads as to the true facts of a situation, and the false impression it causes is a basis of a decision to sign or render a judgment”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

Step 2: Fraud in Fact by Deceit (Obfuscation and Denial) and Theft:

• “ACTUAL FRAUD. Deceit. Concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent [scanter] when it causes injury to another…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Fraud’.

• “THE TORT OF FRAUDULENT DECEIT… The elements of actionable deceit are: A false representation of a material fact made with knowledge of its falsity, or recklessly, or without reasonable grounds for believing its truth, and with intent to induce reliance thereon, on which plaintiff justifiably relies on his injury…”. Source: Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: ‘Deceit’.

Step 3: Theft by Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance:


• “FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT… The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose…”.

• “The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes fraud is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties: failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual ‘fraudulent concealment’…”.

• To suspend running of limitations, it means the employment of artifice, planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and mislead or hinder acquirement of information disclosing a right of action, and acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Concealment’.


• “FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE… A conveyance or transfer of property, the object of which is to defraud a creditor, or hinder or delay him, or to put such property beyond his reach…”.

• “Conveyance made with intent to avoid some duty or debt due by or incumbent or person (entity) making transfer…”.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ‘Fraudulent Conveyance’.


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• Perpetration of repeated egregious felonies by State and Federal public employees and their Departments and agencies, which are co-responsible with the said employees for ONGOING illegal and criminal actions, to sustain fraudulent operations and crimes in order to cover up criminalist activities and High Crimes and Misdemeanours by present and former holders of high office under the United States
• Provisions pertaining to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties [H.R. 3723]
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• Securities Act 1933
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• Treason legislation, especially in time of war.

• Please be advised that the Editor of International Currency Review and associated intelligence services cannot enter into email correspondence related to this or to any of the earlier reports.

We are a private intelligence publishing house and have no connections to any outside parties including intelligence agencies. The word ‘intelligence’ on this website and in all our marketing material is used for marketing/sales purposes only and has no other connotations whatsoever: see ‘About Us’ on the red panels under the Notes on the Editor, Christopher Story FRSA, who has been solely and exclusively engaged as an investigative journalist, Editor, Author and private financial and current affairs Publisher since 1963 and is not and never has been an agent for a foreign power, suggestions to the contrary being actionable for libel in the English Court.

Press Internet Security Solution or go to the World Reports Limited serials catalogue and scroll down until you come to this product. Then proceed through the simple and ultra-safe ordering procedure [Visa or MasterCard only]. Send a donation as you order this RECOMMENDED solution.

It has now been established that the National Security Agency (NSA) works with/controls Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, and others, in pursuit of the Pentagon’s vast BIG BROTHER objective, directed from the ‘highest’ levels (not the levels usually referred to) which seek to have every computer in the world talk direct to the Pentagon or to NSA’s master computers.

This should come as no real surprise since the cynical spooks even assert this ‘in-your-face’ by advertising ‘INTEL INSIDE’, which says exactly what it means. More specifically, NSA have made great strides in this direction by having a back door built into Microsoft VISTA. Certain computers, especially those labelled with the logo of the ‘fully collaborating’ firm Hewlett Packard, have hard-core setups which facilitate the remote monitoring and controlling of personal computers by NSA, Fort Meade. We now understand that if you are using VISTA* you MUST NOT enable ‘file and printer sharing’ under any circumstances. If you say ‘YES’, so to speak, to ‘file and printer sharing’, your computer becomes a slave at once to NSA’s master computers. DO NOT ENABLE SHARING.

Unfortunately, this abomination is so far advanced that this may not be the only precaution that needs to be taken. As long as Microsoft continues its extensive cooperation with NSA and the NSC (National Security Council), the spying system which assists the criminalised structures, and thus hitherto the Bush-Clinton ‘Box Gang’ and its connections, with their fraudulent finance operations, NSA may be able to steal data from your computer. The colossal scourge of data theft is associated with this state of affairs: data stolen usually include Credit Card data, which the kleptocracy regards as almost as good as real estate for hypothecation purposes. Even so, you can make life very much more problematical for these utterly odious people by NOT USING U.S.-sourced so-called Internet Security and anti-virus software. Having been attacked and abused so often, we offer a solution.

We use a proprietary FOREIGN Internet Security program which devours every PC Trojan, worm, scam, porn attack and virus that the National Security Agency (NSA) throws at us. We are offering this program (CD) to our clients and friends, at a premium. The program comes with our very strong recommendation, but at the same time, if you buy from us, you will be helping us finance ongoing exposures of the DVD’s World Revolution and the financial corruption that has been financing it.

The familiar US proprietary Internet Security programs are by-products of US counterintelligence, and are intended NOT to solve your Internet security problems, but to spy on you and to report what you write about, to centralised US electronic facilities set up for the purpose. You can now BREAK FREE from this syndrome while at the same time helping us to MAINTAIN THE VERY HEAVY PRESSURE UPON THE CRIMINALISTS WE HAVE BEEN EXPOSING, by ordering this highest quality FOREIGN (i.e., non-US) INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION that we have started advertising on this website. This offer has been developed in response to attacks we have suffered from the NSA nerds who appear to have a collective mental age of about five years, judging by their output.

• To access details about the INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION, just press THE LIVE LINK YOU HAVE JUST READ, or else press SERIALS in the red panel below. This opens up our mini-catalogue of printed intelligence publications. Scroll right down to the foot of that section, where you will see details of this service. When you buy this special product, you will also, as we clearly state above, be paying a special premium by way of a donation to help us finance these exposures.

The premium contains a donation for our exposure work and also covers our recommendation based on the Editor’s own experience that this INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION will make your Internet life much easier. The program has an invaluable ‘Preview before downloading’ feature.

*VISTA: Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application.


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