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Tuesday 20 March 2007 02:36

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for Wanta Crisis reports since April 2006. [Note: The CLICK HERE panel is now: NEWS. A new panel, giving details of our latest publications, has been added].

‘The masses must… be brought to accept such a thing as Income Tax, a Marxist principle smoothly slid into [the] capitalist framework in 1909 in the United States. This, even though the Basic Law [i.e., the Constitution – Ed.] of the United States forbade it and even though Communism had at that time been active only for a few years in America’.

‘The Communist agent skilled in economics has as his task the suborning of tax agencies and their personnel to create the maximum disturbance and chaos’.

From: ‘The Communist Manual of Instructions on Psychopolitical Warfare’ exposed by Kenneth Goff, a.k.a. John Keats, a former active and dues-paying Wisconsin (CPUSA) Communist; Volume 9 of the Congressional Record, 1939. Note: Nazism (National Socialism) and Communism (International Socialism) are dialectical ‘opposites’ with a documented common origin that are manipulated for World Revolution and global hegemony purposes. For backgound, see: Soviet Analyst, Volume 30, 1-3 and other intelligence sources published recently by World Reports Limited.

One of the most unpleasant characteristics of intelligence communities is their ingrained habit of treating their own operatives worse than the agent enemies with which they often cooperate.

At any stage of his career, an intelligence operative may find himself betrayed by his own supposed colleagues, for one of two reasons: either because he has ‘messed up’, or else because he has been too successful, and professional jealousy and rivalry have taken over.

That, in a nutshell, is what happened to the United States’ greatest living Financial Warfare genius and patriot, Leo Emil Wanta. Following the spectacular Financial Warfare operation, which he masterminded, to destabilise the Soviet Union, in cooperation with Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar and Vladimir Vladimirovoch Putin – all of whom (with others) accepted what are politely known in the trade as ‘facilitation payments’, ensuring the ‘success’ of the ‘takedown’ – Leo Wanta, in his turn, became the victim of a vicious ‘takedown’, or the ‘switch’ component of a ‘bait and switch’ operation, himself.

Before we examine how this was achieved, and what followed, two crucial observations are inserted here. First, the Soviets had formulated and perfected a complex scheme which the Editor calls ‘collapsible Communism’, and which was precisely outlined and predicted by Anatoliy Golitsyn in his two classic exposures of Soviet deception strategy, ‘New Lies for Old’ and ‘The Perestroika Deception’ (edited by this Editor: see the Edward Harle (books) section of this website). Either knowingly or otherwise, US intelligence actually assisted the Soviets with the implementation of this long-range strategic deception operation.

Secondly, the most basic (and odious) of all standard intelligence techniques is known as the ‘bait and switch’ technique, which is self-explanatory. You gain the confidence of your target, entrap him, through greed, blackmail or the application of any of the ‘Black Arts’, and when he is well and truly cooked, you turn on him, strip him of his assets, and destroy him. Prime examples: Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. It stinks, but that’s what many of these people do.

Leo Wanta duly became the victim of the ‘switch’ end of this standard intelligence operating technique. And just as Gorbachev, Putin et al had cooperated with him to facilitate (for their own strategic reasons) their ‘collapsible Communism’ ruse, the fake ‘post’-Soviets now collaborated with high-level US operatives to ‘take down’ Ambassador Leo Wanta.

The primary characters involved in this ‘switch’ operation against Wanta were Marc Rich/Reich (the fugitive from US justice resident in Switzerland subsequently exposed by the Editor as the DVD operative Hans Brand (1)), Boris Yeltsin, William Jefferson and Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr., and Tommy Thompson, the former Governor of Wisconsin.

Each of these operatives had their own dark motives for collaborating in this cynical venture, the primary outcome of which was to facilitate unlawful access to global monetary funds aggregating $27.5 trillion (2) of which Leo Wanta was and remains the sole Principal and Trustor.

These funds were and remain lodged with numerous bank accounts held by USG Title 18, Section 6 corporations of which Leo Wanta is the sole owner. Under President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333 (January 1981), US intelligence operatives were given freedom to establish corporations, which they could own, for the purposes of conducting secret intelligence and counterintelligence business on behalf of Uncle Sam under contract. The way such corporations are organised means that the operative who sets them up OWNS the assets that they hold in the associated bank accounts. Leo Emil Wanta reported annually on the assets of his Title 18, Section 6 corporations to the General Accounting (now ‘Accountability’) Office in Washington DC, and stood ready at all times to pay the necessary tax on those assets when repatriated, in conformity with US tax legislation.

This is not the place to debate the wisdom of such an arrangement. However the Editor permits himself the observation that to allow one’s intelligence agents such freedom is asking for trouble: and trouble, in spades, is what the United States has got as a longer-term consequence of this device – which, by the way, was copied by the Gorbachev-era Politburo in 1990, when it passed a resolution authorising (under Soviet ‘socialist legality’) the rapid setting up of similar intelligence corporations clearly modelled on the US precedent (although the Soviets had in fact been using intelligence corporations, disguised as trading organisations, ever since the establishment of Amtorg in New York back in the 1920s).

Executive Order 12333 was all very well if the President of the United States could ever trust his operatives. But President Reagan trusted none of them, with one exception: Leo Emil Wanta, whom he called his ‘junkyard dog’. And Reagan trusted Leo Emil Wanta for the impeccable reason that he could indeed be trusted: in fact, as it has turned out, he was and almost certainly remains the ONLY high-level US intelligence officer who could and can be trusted, as current events reconfirm.

Which is precisely why he was ‘taken out’. He stood squarely in the way of the greed of certain ‘Big Intelligence Barons’, led by George Bush Sr. and the Clintons (collectively referred to, with their multifarious associates, as ‘the Box Gang’). For these operatives lusted after the $27.5 trillion that Leo personally controlled and of which he remains, to this day, the sole Principal and Trustor (in case anyone has still missed this point). Furthermore, following his operation against the Soviet Empire, he was awarded control of United Nations contract #4 worth $5.0 trillion. In a telephone conversation with the Editor last year, Leo Wanta confirmed that this was stolen/diverted from him by the Clintons, a fact that appeared in International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3/4 (3).

On 11th April 1993, Sir Leo Emil Wanta was appointed by the President of Somalia to serve as Ambassador of the Somali Republic to Canada. On 19 June 1993, he was further appointed Ambassador of the Somali Republic to Switzerland.

While en route to Switzerland in July 1993, Leo Emil Wanta was confirmed at a ceremony in Paris, presided over inter alia by the French Foreign Minister of the day, Alain Juppe, as Ambassador of Somalia to Switzerland and Canada, on the instructions of the President of Somalia. Under this arrangement, sanctioned of course by the White House, Leo Wanta, who had also been appointed Chairman-designate of the Somali Central Bank, was to mastermind and direct the transformation of Somalia by the United States into a modern economy, equipped with new ports, airports, military bases and other infrastructure, and using the US dollar instead of the decayed Somali dinar.

On 7th July 1993, despite having full diplomatic immunity from arrest, Leo Wanta was seized illegally in Lausanne by Swiss authorities claiming that they were acting in response to a ‘delinquent State tax request’ (via telephone) originated by the US State of Wisconsin, which of course has no international jurisdiction.

The Swiss admitted that they had no paperwork but advised that it would be forthcoming.

Leo Wanta subsequently received papers asserting that he had been charged with a Federal violation and that the Wisconsin United States District Court had issued a warrant for his arrest, even though, as an accredited diplomat, he possessed diplomatic immunity from arrest. He was not arrested by the Swiss authorities for any violation of Swiss law and nor was he at any time charged with committing fraud under Swiss law. On being detained, his diplomatic briefcase, diplomatic pouch/satchel and luggage were illegally confiscated, contrary to international law governing the treatment of diplomats, and also contrary to the Swiss/USA Treaty on Tax Evasion.

Given his intended highest-level work on behalf of the Somali and US Governments, Ambassador Leo Wanta (as he has remained designated, and as he is universally acknowledged at the US State, Federal and intergovernmental levels) carried in his sealed diplomatic briefcase 18 high-value US Treasury instruments, for a total face value of $18.0 billion. Please retain this information in mind for future reference.

Another purpose of the Lausanne visit had been to arrest Marc Rich (Reich), a fugitive from US justice, on the instructions of the then Director of the FBI, William Sessions. This covert operation failed as a direct consequence of obstruction of justice perpetrated ‘by others’, and Sessions was abruptly dismissed by Clinton with no explanation. It is the Editor’s view that Marc Rich (Hans Brand) was ‘activated’ by Clinton to procure Wanta’s arrest by the Swiss authorities, explaining Clinton’s controversial ‘pardon’ of this long-term DVD (4) operative. However Rich/Brand remains unable to enter the United States, since he would be arrested on arrival, as such a pardon can only be validated by the Court, which may have other charges to consider.

The Ambassador was thrown into a stinking Swiss dungeon, where the plumbing did not function, and where he languished for 134 days and where an attempt was made by the Swiss authorities to have him poisoned. Leo was offered some cheese, but as he does not eat cheese, he gave it to a fellow prisoner, who unfortunately died because the cheese contained an inserted poisonous substance that reacts in the body with the fat in the cheese. Subsequently a contract doctor servicing the ‘facility’ advised him which food was safe to eat, adding that the Swiss authorities were in the habit of murdering prisoners in that establishment. While in the Swiss dungeon, he learned that his friend and associate Vince Foster had been ‘suicided’ in the Washington DC area.

Following an intervention by Israeli Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin (who was subsequently himself murdered), Leo Wanta was removed in shackles on 17th November 1993 to Geneva airport, flown to New York and arraigned before US Judge Allyce Ross in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. In May 2005, the Ambassador’s eyes filled with tears as he described to the Editor his humiliation and shame at being marched through Kennedy in shackles and treated like a felon when (see below) he had of course committed no offence whatsoever.

At the immediate hearing, several items that were in his diplomatic briefcase when it was unlawfully removed from him in Switzerland, were brought to the attention of the US Court presided over by Judge Allyce Ross. The Judge, who held the Ambassador’s two Somali diplomatic passports, made reference to a US Treasury financial instrument with a face value of $1.0 billion, one of the 18 instruments aggregating $18 billion, which were to have been used by Ambassador Wanta as Chairman-designate of the Somali Central Bank to help refinance the Somali Republic and its intended dollarised financial system.

These financial instruments and the original documents pertaining to Leo’s official investiture and appointment as Somali Ambassador were present inside his diplomatic briefcase at all times up to his unlawful ‘Wisconsin Tax’ arrest in Switzerland, remaining always under his control, and were last seen by him when taken from him illegally by Swiss authorities.

When the Judge asked Leo Wanta why he had been carrying one particular high-value US Treasury instrument in his diplomatic briefcase, which had been opened by FBI agents upon his arrival at Kennedy Airport, the Assistant US Attorney (prosecuting) jumped up and asked that Her Honor immediately dismiss all the ‘charges’ against the Ambassador.

Accordingly, the Judge dismissed all the ‘charges’ and told Leo that he was ‘free to leave’. However none of the items that had been removed from him in Switzerland, including the diplomatic briefcase and satchel, were returned to him by the Court.

On leaving the Brooklyn Courthouse, Leo was unlawfully detained without a warrant by New York policemen who apologetically explained that they were ‘doing Wisconsin a favour’ and were acting on the basis of a warrant for his arrest for alleged failure to pay State tax and vague tax evasion charges imposed by the State of Wisconsin. However the policemen had no warrant and Leo was never shown any warrant or provided with a copy of any charges filed by the State of Wisconsin at that time. He then remained illegally incarcerated without a warrant in the State of New York until 13th December 1993, when law enforcement officers from Wisconsin finally extradited him unlawfully to that State, where he had not resided for many years.

Moreover, since 1985, he had been working abroad on high-level US Government Presidential business, while in June 1988 he had obtained formal authorisation from the Vienna Court to reside in Austria (permanent Austrian residency can only be provided by legal process in Court).

The pretext for Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta’s unlawful detention turned out to be that he owed Wisconsin State tax of $14,129 dating from 1982 and 1988. However he had already paid (in 1992) this unlawfully demanded State tax assessment not once, but twice: and as will be seen below, the Editor has proof of payment in both cases.

The Editor further has in his possession a copy of a State of Wisconsin INCOME TAX REFUND addressed to Leo E. Wanta, dated 11 May 1984 for the WI State tax year 1983, in the amount of $2,053.00 (Form 1099-G, issued by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, PO Box 8903, WI 53708), citing Leo’s Social Security Number correctly. Manifestly, therefore, Leo could not have had any State tax outstanding from 1982, otherwise he would not have received this refund.

Moreover he had not been resident in Wisconsin after 1985 and had since June 1988 been a resident of Vienna, Austria, where he operated inter alia as Director-General of New Republic/USA Financial Group, GES.m.b.H., one of his USG Title 18, Section 6 intelligence corporations, from Karntnerstrasse 28/15, A-1010 Wien. The State tax levied against him was and remains fraudulent (even though the same tax was paid multiple times: see below). Furthermore, no foreigner can be owner and Chairman of an Austrian corporation without being a permanent resident of the Republic of Austria.

On 11th March 1994, Dennis M. Mangelt, Special Agent, Division of Criminal Investigation, Wisconsin, produced and signed a STALE ‘Return of Search Warrant’, detailing the results of his illegal search of Ambassador Leo Wanta’s previously sealed combination lock diplomatic briefcase in which he stated as follows: ‘I hereby certify that by virtue of the Search Warrant signed on March 10, 1994 by the Honorable Stuart A. Schwartz, Dane County Circuit Court Branch 15, I searched the within named black combination lock-type briefcase, and found the following: 3 envelopes containing correspondence from CitiBank, Singapore; 1 envelope containing correspondence reference Citibank N.A. from Yeo Leong and Fah, Advocates and Solicitors, Commissioner for Oaths; 1 envelope containing correspondence from Bank of America, Newport Beach, California; 1 brown unbound checkbook from Zentralsparkasse und Kommerzialbank, Wien, containing 6 unsigned checks (eurocheque), Tel 34 45 20; 1 box of business cards of MiApollo Productions, Ltd; 2 envelopes containing correspondence from East Asia Tax Management Services Limited; 2 envelopes containing correspondence from Morgan Stanley & Company, Brooklyn, New York; Numerous airline tickets and itineraries; Several paperback religious books; Several softcover pocket calendars and address books; 1 envelope containing 5 black and white 8 x 10 photographs of unidentified female; 1 envelope containing personal and business papers; Numerous business and personal correspondence; Numerous bank documents; 1 letterhead stationery, blank – Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 1 photocopy of Wanta’s passport; 1 Intertronic calculator; 1 Hewlett Packard calculator; 1 pair dark glasses; 1 money clip; 1 key ring with four keys; 1 envelope with small photos; 1 envelope marked 12 passport photos; 3 softcover books/magazines; Numerous pages of miscellaneous notes and writings; and have the same now in my possession subject to the disposition of the Court. Dated this 11th day of March 1994, at Madison, Wisconsin: [Signed] Dennis M. Mengelt, Special Agent, Division of Criminal Investigation’.

Conspicuously absent from this list was any reference to either the $1.0 billion face value US Treasury instrument that had been drawn to the attention of Judge Allyce Ross in the US Court in New York, or to the 17 other high-value US Treasury instruments, for an aggregate face value of $18 billion, contained in his diplomatic briefcase and intended for the furtherance of the legitimate business of the Presidents of the United States and Somalia.

Neither the diplomatic briefcase nor the other items illegally seized from the Ambassador in Switzerland have been returned to him. The reason that they have not been returned to him, obviously, is that if the diplomatic briefcase were given back to him, it would need to contain the 18 high-value US Treasury instruments of which he was and remains the sole custodian in his official capacity working for both the US and the Somali Governments.

The only possible conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the 18 high-value US Treasury instruments have been stolen, and used by corrupt US parties at corrupt banks as collateral, for illegal untaxed hypothecation and fiat money creation purposes.

To add to Leo’s injuries, as soon as he was “imprisoned” inside the GULAG, the ruthless Wisconsin authorities sold his former Wisconsin family home, behind his back and without his permission, for a knock-down price of around $60,000, and kept the proceeds. All attempts to procure a proper accounting of this theft have failed (so far).

The property is now lived in by a State of Wisconsin Attorney.

By March 2004, Leo Wanta had already languished for nine months in jails in Switzerland and the US GULAG, which distinguished itself at the outset by forcing him to be subjected to a strip-search in the snow – behaviour indistinguishable from what happens in the Soviet GULAG, about which the US State Department affected such outrage for decades.

Moreover the suffering inflicted on Leo was not even ‘justified’ on the fraudulent grounds that he owed $14,129, because:

1. In order to dispose of this illegal ‘nuisance’ State tax assessment demand, a remittance of $14,129 had been conveyed by Leo Wanta from Singapore, where he was working at the time on USG business, on 15th May 1992. Specifically, a Telegraphic Transfer of $14,129 was effected by Malaysian Banking Berhad on behalf of Leo Wanta in favour of Wanta’s Wisconsin Attorney, Thomas Wilson, to his Attorney Trust Account with Bank One, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911, account #414780, being the proceeds from Singapore dollars 23,281.33, on which the bank charged its commission of S$29.17 plus the cable cost of a further S$20.40. The falsely demanded $14,129 was duly paid over by Attorney Wilson under protest to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

2. Notwithstanding this payment, a further State civil tax assessment demand for the same $14,129 was received by Leo Wanta almost immediately. This second illegal and fraudulent State civil tax assessment was likewise pragmatically settled – again, in order to dispose of this nuisance – by means of Trust Account check number 6992 drawn by Bachman, Cummings, McKenzie, Hebbe, McIntyre & Wilson, S.C., Attorneys at Law, 211 E. Franklin Street, P.O. Box 1155, Appleton, WI 54912. This second Attorney Client Trust Account check, marked FUNDS OFFERED IN COMPROMISE FOR LEO E. WANTA and citing his correct Social Security, was banked by the State Treasurer of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, on 6th June 1992, as shown on the reverse of the cleared check per clearing reference 075000 022, a copy of which, along with other documents cited here, is in the Editor’s possession.

Hence, over a year before Leo Wanta was unlawfully arrested in Switzerland on trumped-up tax charges, he had already paid the fraudulently raised Wisconsin State civil tax assessment demand of $14,129 not once, but TWICE. Far from being tax delinquent, he had paid the State’s illegal extortion demands TWICE, even though he actually owed NOTHING.

Already, therefore, a gross uncorrected miscarriage of justice had taken place, while the Wisconsin Department of Revenue had fraudulently received and banked the same tax assessment payment TWICE. Subsequent research has established that since this corrupt Department appears to keep two sets of books – one in Madison, and the other in Milwaukee – the duplication of the fraudulent tax demand may have been nothing out of the ordinary.

But it soon got much worse.

Leo Wanta was moved around the US GULAG, spending many months, for instance, at a GULAG maximum facility in the State of Oklahoma. During that period, he was regularly removed from his cell, his cell was searched, items were taken from his cell and they were not returned. The papers taken from his cell included legal documents, files, and papers from Attorneys. Institution authorities from the State of Oklahoma informed him that they lacked certain background information on him, and requested his cooperation in obtaining the information.

So Leo provided the requested cooperation and learned from institution personnel that they had queried the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections, which had confirmed that no criminal background report was available on him.

A routine was now established whereby Leo was deliberately moved around the Wisconsin/US GULAG, so that his mail always lagged behind his latest movements, and/or failed to catch up with him. At least four attempts were made to murder him inside the US GULAG. Of these, the most outrageous was the criminal behaviour of a Deputy Sheriff, who drove up to the Kettle Moraine Corrections Facility in Wisconsin, changed into prisoner’s clothing, established proximity to Leo and attempted to murder him in the washroom. On that occasion, his life was saved by Duty Sergeant Randy Miller who dragged the deputised murderer out of the washroom and the prisoners’ quarters.

The intruder then fled back to the administration area, took off his false prisoner’s clothing, dressed back in his Deputy Sheriff’s uniform, and made off in his County car.

When these successive Soviet-style liquidation attempts failed, the Soviet technique of trying to have Leo certified insane, was attempted. At the seventh attempt, his fate was sealed when a doctor, Dr Connie Lee, Chief Psychiatrist for the State of Wisconsin, mindful of such abuses, and fully satisfied that Leo was mentally stable and proficient, refused to go along with the State’s conspiracy and certified Leo to be of sound mind.

After that episode, attempts to delete him from history ceased.

Meanwhile the Central Intelligence Agency had put the word about that Leo Emil Wanta was dead. This false information was disseminated among strictly compartmentalised agents and cadres, with poor knowledge of the broader picture, and throughout the relevant sectors of the international financial community. Given this ‘tabula rasa’ situation, the coast was clear (or so the criminalists assumed) to ransack, steal, misappropriate, misuse, divert, claim, usurp, collateralise, hypothecate and otherwise unlawfully exploit the $27.5 trillion of which Leo Emil Wanta was and remains the sole Principal and Trustor. All concerned were happy with this illegal state of affairs – which has been continued without ceasing using also the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion compromise funds Settlement agreed in May 2006. Specifically:

• The international banks holding Wanta’s Title 18, Section 6 bank accounts were delighted that they held vast sums with no apparent impediment to the banks using the funds for their own collateralisation, hypothecation and manipulation purposes, without any prospect (so they assumed) of having to account for the funds, or ever being called upon to release them. Some of these criminal banks may shortly face their overdue day of reckoning.

• US criminal intelligence operatives and their highest-level ‘Barons’ looked upon this cornucopia of ‘free funds’ as an unprecedented opportunity (a) for untaxed offshore self-enrichment and (b) for the financing of their mad New World Order operations, which, as the whole world has seen, are leading the world not towards a new earthly utopia, but at high speed towards a new hell on earth.

The Editor is aware of one case, concerning assets owned by Ambassador Leo Wanta that are located in the United Kingdom, and which have been lodged with a British bank branch in the personal name of a US Attorney who was at one time employed by Leo Wanta and the CIA. His name is Jan Morton Heger. The account in question has been held at Lloyds Bank PLC, Market Square Aylesbury Branch, 1 Market Square, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 1TD (5).

What the corrupt manipulators and exploiters of Ambassador Wanta’s funds appear to have overlooked throughout is the pertinent fact that, for the past several years, every single movement of the funds of which Leo Emil Wanta is the sole Principal and Trustor have been monitored and recorded by secret electronic means, using enhancements of PROMIS software. Hence, all who have been making hay while they thought the sun shone are liable to be deprived, as they wake up to the situation, of a good night’s sleep for the rest of their lives. Indeed, the more they manipulate and engage in corrupt financial transactions based on Leo Wanta’s funds, the tighter is the noose with which they are hanging themselves, being tied. At a given stage of this crisis, all of a sudden large numbers of these people will find themselves at the receiving end of legal processes – as a result of which many will be liable to become familiar with the atrocious US GULAG conditions suffered by Ambassador Leo Wanta without a cause.

While the CIA was lying that Leo Wanta was dead, it was inconsistently maintaining the opposite as late as 5 November 2003, the date of a letter from the CIA’s John T Martinez, Attorney Adviser, to Thomas E Henry, a lawyer appointed to serve Leo Wanta from time to time. In this letter, the CIA apparatchik referred to Leo Wanta not as someone who was long since dead, as the CIA itself was separately insisting, but rather in the present tense, as a living person. Mr Martinez lied in his second paragraph that ‘CIA has no information that Mr Wanta ever has had any relationship with the CIA’. The letter concluded with the following typical CIA apparatchik cop-out, which is included here in passing: ‘Lastly, the Director of Central Intelligence is charged with protecting intelligence sources and methods from unauthorised disclosure. The discharge of this responsibility often requires that the CIA decline to confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of CIA information on the subject matter of a particular request’.

Given this opaque language, it was hardly necessary for the apparatchik to lie that the CIA ‘has no information that Mr Wanta never has had any relationship or affiliation with the CIA’. But since lies are what the CIA does, Mr Martinez evidently considered it necessary to include the gratuitous lie identified here. His letter would have been incomplete without it.

The CIA’s lies were complemented by a completely separate batch of lies perpetrated and fed to the Court ostensibly by the FBI – specifically by a John A. Hartingh, Section Chief, Information Resources Section, Information Resources Division. In a letter dated 8th September 1995 to Douglas Haag, Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice, State of Wisconsin, 123 Washington Avenue, P.O. Box 7857, Madison, WI 53707-7857, this apparatchik retailed a concoction of lies, half-truths and diversionary claptrap which was then used by Mr Haag to mislead Judge Michael B. Torphy, Circuit Judge, at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Branch 2, Circuit County Building, Room 214, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Madison, WI 53709-0001. This was done via a hand-delivered letter from Mr Haag to Judge Torphy dated 12th September 1995.

In the ensuing kangaroo court hearing, the Judge was lied to on the basis of this purported FBI document, and false witness was borne against Leo Wanta by Douglas Haag and Wisconsin Attorney General (now Governor) James Doyle in flagrant disregard of the truth, which was turned upside down by the FBI letter signed by John A. Hartingh. When Thomas Henry, Attorney for Leo Emil Wanta, later enquired of the FBI whether this letter was genuine, he received a strange, equivocal and meandering response, implying that suspicions that the letter is a forgery and/or a rogue document, may be accurate. This is likely for a number of reasons.

First, several different typewriters or word processors appear to have been used, with different spacing and typeface variations. Secondly, the letter diverges conspicuously from the FBI’s own rigorously enforced standards for such correspondence, which are laid down in regulations from which agents may not depart under any circumstances. And thirdly the letter from Mr Hartingh to Assistant Attorney General Douglas Haag concluded with the following language:

‘The information in this document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency. It and its contents ARE NOT TO BE RELEASED TO WANTA nor is it to be released under the Wisconsin Open Records Act’ [Editor’s emphasis]. Hence Leo Wanta was precluded from seeing the document that was used in order to provide the Judge with perjured evidence and to perpetrate fraud upon the Court and the Ambassador.

This extraordinary demand also flew in the face of the system of mandatory legal open discovery which requires that under due process and disclosure rules, all documents pertinent to a court case are accessible, so that the Judge and jury, and both sides of the case, are fully informed in order for the judicial system to function properly. The deliberate suppression of a document from the defendant was itself a felony and a grave fraud against the Court, since it was used specifically to misinform the Judge and to bear false witness against Leo Wanta to the Court, which accordingly reverberated with perjury and lies: hence our use of the term ‘kangaroo court’.

When asked, as noted above, whether this letter was genuine, or whether it represented a rogue, fraudulent document (fabricated to implicate Leo Wanta and to mislead the Court), the FBI refused to give a direct answer, implying that it is indeed a fabrication.

But since the FBI has neither confirmed nor denied that it is a rogue document, and indeed ceased to communicate with Mr Henry when he pressed them on the matter, the Ambassador is entitled to continue to assume that the FBI was responsible for perpetrating the lies and misinformation contained in Mr Hartingh’s letter to the Assistant Attorney General of Wisconsin.

The purported FBI apparatchik’s deceitful and now supposedly fabricated rogue letter took no account of the parallel lies being perpetrated by the CIA, including the MASTER LIE that Leo Wanta was dead. In other words, the CIA and FBI lie factories are so permanently at loggerheads with each other that they cannot even be bothered to coordinate their lies, to avoid the kind of ridicule and odium that is now being heaped upon them because of the crude injustices that have been cynically perpetrated against Ambassador Leo Wanta, thanks to their amoral behaviour.

The FBI’s unwillingness to authenticate the letter signed by Hartingh which formed the basis of the farrago of lies retailed to Judge Michael B. Torphy, resulting in Leo Wanta’s incarceration, house arrest and probation, further illuminates the high level source of the miscarriage of justice that is in the process of unravelling before our eyes. As this avalanche breaks loose, it will engulf many official co-conspirators who have spent years under the illusion that their merciless past crimes would remain buried forever. That is no longer even on the cards.

Citing the CIA ‘hatchet job’ ‘Thieves’ World’, a book by the late Claire Sterling, a CIA operative (6), which contained disinformation and lies about Leo Wanta, and adding gross new lies to the old ones, Hartingh’s ‘fabricated’ letter misinformed Haag and thus Judge Torphy that ‘Wanta was arrested by the Vaud Cantonal Police on July 7, 1993, in Lausanne, Switzerland, for attempted bank fraud in the amount of $1 million and for the use of false documents’. These statements were fabrications and wholly without any foundation in fact. The Swiss authorities cited no breach of Swiss law either when they falsely arrested Ambassador Wanta, in breach of his diplomatic status, or at any time thereafter.

The FBI’s letter then retailed (from ‘Thieves’ World’) that ‘Wanta was described as a well-known con artist’ – omitting to explain that the person who ‘described’ Wanta thus was the CIA disinformation agent Claire Sterling. She had her tragic come-uppance when she died suddenly and unexpectedly after a second interview with the FBI following her book’s appearance.

It later became known to the Editor, from two separate sources, that President Clinton had ordered all copies of ‘Thieves’ World’ to be seized. However, after the Editor obtained his own copy from the second-hand book market, an American intelligence operative with knowledge of this fact commented: ‘I thought we’d got them all’. No doubt one reason (but far from the only one) for the book being seized was to cover up the source of the disinformation that the FBI was now using in fulfilment of the Clinton White House’s incompetent and messy ongoing backfilling operation to discredit the Ambassador, to steal his assets, to perpetrate fraud against him and the Wisconsin Court and, if at all possible, to erase him from history.

John A. Hartingh’s deceitful letter elaborated that this ‘con artist’ ‘claimed to have high level connections in the US Government, including the White House, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US Secret Service, the US Customs Service, as well as the FBI. Wanta also claimed to be a close friend of both Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr. and to be a CIA operative responsible for operations in Singapore. Each of the claims proved spurious’.

In reality, these claims were all true, every single one of them; and the unsupported, dogmatic statement that they were spurious was an egregious lie, designed to mislead and commit fraud against the Court and to ensure the completion of a conspiracy, coordinated by the White House, to procure the erasure of all traces of Leo Wanta from the record, for an originally intended period of 22 years. However Leo never ceased to resist this avalanche of lies, injustice and false witness, sustained by his remarkable faith – and certain that, in the end, he would be vindicated. It took 14 years for his steadfast faith to begin to be rewarded.

In the meantime, however, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue compounded its criminal errors, as will now be explained. Indeed, it is continuing to do so, not least because if it were belatedly to acknowledge its serially fraudulent and unlawful behaviour, the conviction of Ambassador Wanta would have to be formally reversed, with immense judicial and financial consequences for the State of Wisconsin, and for many well-known figures there and ‘inside the Beltway’. The irony, of course, is that the march of events is making this outcome inevitable anyway, as will come to be widely appreciated as this year progresses.

If fraud is committed inside a tax department, it is liable to have to be perpetuated from year to year – so that internal measures have to be taken on a continuing and expanding basis, to cover up or to obfuscate the serial frauds, given extensive auditing and the ongoing possibility of exposure or whistleblowing by disaffected staff members at any time.

As will be recalled, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue had received and banked two amounts of $14,129 paid by Leo Wanta in 1992, over a year prior to his unlawful arrest in Lausanne for not having paid the illegally demanded $14,129. Hence, years before the same $14,129 was paid for the third time in 2005 (see below), the Wisconsin Department of Revenue therefore faced the problem of how to contrive to obfuscate this prospectively dangerous state of affairs (from their own twisted perspective).

One method adopted to obfuscate matters was predicated upon maintaining that Leo and Joanne Wanta filed their tax returns in Wisconsin jointly. However the two had been separated, and then divorced, years earlier. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue chose to disregard this reality, just as it chose to disregard the fact that Leo Wanta had not been resident in Wisconsin since 1985 and owed no tax from previous years, as confirmed by the refund of $2,053.00 dated 11th May 1984, to which reference has been made. But US State tax authorities are required to reflect the status of taxpayers as recognised by the Internal Revenue Service, which wrote from Kansas City on 23 April 1999 per LTR 2358C, signed by Dorothy G Smith, Collection Branch, to Leo E. & Joanne Wanta (jointly) with reference to Tax Period ending 31st December 1988:

‘Dear Taxpayer (in the singular): Based on our information, you are not liable for filing a tax return for this period’ [December 1988].

Now it follows that if no Federal Tax is payable (because no filing is required) for a given period, it has not been charged; and if Federal Tax is not chargeable, then State Tax cannot be chargeable either, since it is impossible to live in a State of the Union without simultaneously living in the Federation itself. Therefore, the IRS was maintaining that Leo and Joanne Wanta filed their taxes together, while also stating specifically that the ‘Taxpayer’ did not need to file a tax return for the period ending 31st December 1988. That applied of course to Leo Wanta, since, being officially resident in Vienna and having been operating for USG abroad since 1985, and since his personal expenses were paid by his foreign-based Title 18, Section 6 corporations, he had no State taxable income and was subject neither to Federal nor to State tax for any year after 1985. However Joanne Wanta, long since estranged from and out of contact with, Leo Wanta, was subject to both.

At all events, the first anomaly that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue now exploited for the purposes of obfuscation was the joint filing of tax returns by Joanne and Leo Wanta. Although the illegally raised State tax assessment demand had been paid TWICE under protest by Leo Wanta in 1992, as already reported, the State chased them jointly for both $14,129 AND interest of
$10,358.54, for a total of $25,082.54, as per a Wisconsin Department of Revenue ‘Worksheet’ dated 1st September 1996.

This overlooked the fact that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue had issued DELINQUENT TAX WARRANT #44-00162088 against Joanne E. Wanta on 1st June 1993, which was formally declared to be fully satisfied by the State of Wisconsin Outagamie County Circuit Court’s Satisfaction of Delinquent Tax Warrant filed on 4th June 1993 at Outagamie County by Ruth H. Janssen, Clerk of Courts. The text of this document reads:

‘This Warrant has been fully satisfied and the Clerk of said Court is authorised to satisfy and discharge said Tax Warrant pursuant to S. 71.91(5)(f) of the Wis. Stats’.

A Delinquent Tax Warrant can be ‘fully satisfied’ only ONCE. Or, to be even more precise, it is impossible, is it not, to satisfy a Delinquent Tax Warrant by more than 100%. At least, that is the universally recognised legal and mathematical state of affairs, not least given that satisfaction of a Delinquent Tax Warrant takes precedence in relevant law over all other claims.

Everywhere, that is, other than in the State of Wisconsin, which prefers its Delinquent Tax Warrants to be satisfied by 200%.

Let us explain how they seek to achieve this, from the Wanta case record.

The Editor possesses a copy of Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 issued on 9th May 1991 by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for $10,398.00 (representing a notional assessment which, a year later, had risen to $14,129). This Wisconsin Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 is addressed to Joanne ‘G’. Wanta, even though Joanne Wanta’s middle initial had always previously been ‘E’. On this Delinquent Tax Warrant, the name Leo E. Wanta has been “scratched out” by the tax authority.

The Editor further possesses a copy of Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 issued on 9th May 1991 by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for $10,398.00 (representing a notional assessment which, a year later, had risen to $14,129). This Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 is addressed to Leo E. Wanta, while the name Joanne ‘G’ Wanta has been “scratched out” by the State tax authority. This Delinquent Tax Warrant carries the same Delinquent Tax Warrant number, #44-00162088, as the Delinquent Tax Warrant issued against Joanne ‘G’ Wanta (above).

(The Editor ALSO has in his possession a copy of Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 issued on 9th May 1991 by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for $10,398.00 (representing a notional tax assessment which, a year later, had risen to $14,129). This Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 is addressed to Leo E. Wanta and Joanne ‘G’ Wanta, with neither name “scratched out”. In other words, this is the ORIGINAL Delinquent Tax Warrant raised in their joint names, from which the two Delinquent Tax Warrants listed above, both using the same Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 were derived, having split in two like the cells of an amoeba).

Net result: the single Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 became TWO Delinquent Tax Warrants, both carrying the same Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088, and both demanding payment of notional tax assessments of $10,398.00, so that the total actually being demanded by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue had suddenly doubled, to $20,796.00.

While this fraud was being perpetrated, the Wisconsin State tax authorities were nevertheless dealing directly with Joanne ‘G’. Wanta, who allowed them to believe that one of the amounts of $14,129 ($10,398.00 plus a further notional tax assessment of $3,731 for 1989 when Leo Wanta was of course legally a permanent resident of Austria) which had resulted in Delinquent Tax Warrant #44-00162088 being ‘fully satisfied’ as of 4th June 1993, represented settlement of her tax liability – whereas in reality both remittances of $14,129 by Leo Wanta from Singapore were made under protest in respect of tax assessment on Leo Wanta personally, demanded and assessed unlawfully by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue against a diplomat who had no State tax obligations whatsoever, was not required to file a tax return to the IRS, was a legal resident of Vienna from June 1988 onwards, and had been resident outside the State of Wisconsin since 1985, when he owed the State nothing as confirmed by its earlier refund. Indeed, Leo Wanta had reported to the State of Wisconsin per Income Schedule I-890 dated 21 August 1990 that he had no State taxable income for the tax years 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989, while also confirming that he had established his new legal residence in Vienna, Austria, with effect from 20th January 1989.

The Vienna Court had granted Leo Wanta legal residency in June 1988, effective six months later in accordance with Austrian practice. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue chose to focus on this date, and to disregard altogether the fact that Leo Wanta had been operating abroad since 1985, and had owed nothing to the State since then – as he certified on Income Schedule 1-890, and as further confirmed by the earlier tax refund.

Fast forward now to the first quarter of 2005. After several years of research, the Editor had managed to satisfy himself that Leo Wanta had been unlawfully ‘taken down’ because he stood in the way, as an ‘honourable counsellor’, of massive intergovernmental and US official level financial criminality perpetrated through the exploitation of Ambassador Wanta’s Title 18, Section 6 funds originally worth $27.5 trillion.

At the Ambassador’s suggestion, the Editor took the Amtrak train to Richmond, where he met Steven Goodwin, an Attorney for Leo Wanta. It transpired that Mr Goodwin had negotiated an agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, whereby if the sum of $30,626.97 were paid to that Department by 28th November 2005, the Department of Corrections would recommend to Judge Michael B. Torphy that Leo’s (illegal) probation – his incarceration had been followed by house arrest/probation in 2001 – should be terminated, and his complete freedom finally restored.

When the Editor asked what would happen if this further extortion amount, which still included the $14,129 paid twice already in 1992, was not paid over by 28th November 2005, he was told that Leo Wanta would be liable to be slammed back into jail. It had also become quite clear to the Editor that no-one was lifting a finger to generate the $30,626.97, so that the strong likelihood was that 28th November 2005 would come round and the situation facing the Ambassador would consequently take a violent turn for the worse.

After careful further consideration, therefore, the Editor decided that the right thing to do was to make the necessary funds available from scarce private (not corporate) resources, and so a bank draft for $35,000 was accordingly sent by courier from London to Steven Goodwin in July 2005. On 21st July 2005, Mr Goodwin, at the Editor’s request, attended at the relevant premises of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and duly obtained its Receipt #2270992 PP dated 7/21/05 signed by Department of Corrections Agent Michelle Riel confirming that the Wisconsin Department of Corrections had received Bank of America check number 1098 signed by Steven Goodwin for $30,626.97. This Attorney check was duly banked by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and the Editor holds the front and back of the banked check by way of absolute proof of payment.

By means of this further ‘protest’ remittance, the original $14,129 that had been settled TWICE in 1992, was now settled FOR THE THIRD TIME, given that the computation incorporated that precise illegally charged amount of $14,129 plus unlawfully charged interest.

On 22nd July 2005, Agent Michelle Riel generated a computerised ‘Client Account Inquiry’ print-out, on which she annotated in her handwriting: ‘Paid in full on 7/21/05, Michelle Riel’. She furnished it to Attorney Steven Goodwin and Mr Goodwin forwarded it to the Editor of this service.

On 28th July 2005, Agent Michelle Riel wrote to Judge Michael B. Torphy Jr. in Madison, as follows:

RE: Early Discharge, Leo E. Wanta 92CF638B:

On 05/11/95, Lee E Wanta appeared in your Court and was [FALSELY, because of the false witness, lies and perjury at the kangaroo court trial – Ed.] convicted of counts 1-2 Penalties (Filing False Income Tax Return) and counts 3-6 Penalties (Tax Evasion). Mr Wanta was sentenced to eight years in prison on counts 3-6 and was placed on probation for counts 1-2, to be served consecutive to the prison term. He was ordered to pay $29,068.55 for restitution, $100.00 for a victim witness surcharge, and $1,458.42 for another surcharge.

On 06/28/01 [EIGHT YEARS AFTER HIS ILLEGAL ARREST AND ‘TAKEDOWN’ – Ed.] Mr Wanta was released from prison and on 11/28/04, Mr Wanta¹s parole case discharged and he began his consecutive probation case. Mr Wanta has not had any known violations. On 07/21/05, Mr Wanta’s court ordered financial obligations were paid in full.

At this time the Department of Corrections is asking if the Court has any objections to allowing Mr Wanta to discharge from probation early.

Thank you for your time.

Agent Michelle Riel
Probation/Parole Agent 50901

In response to this request, Judge Michael B. Torphy gave his consent and on 14th November 2005, Matthew J. Frank, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, signed a DISCHARGE in the following terms:

‘To whom it may concern:

Leo E. Wanta 303787-A ‘B’ CASE

Was placed on probation,
The Department having determined that the above named has satisfied said probation,
It is ordered that effective November 14, 2005


This discharge does not forgive your current (tentative) balance of unpaid supervision fees in the amount of $0.00’.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued a further demand for the SAME $14,129 PLUS INTEREST, on 30th October 2006 (see below).

Given that the Editor had disbursed scarce private funds as detailed above, you can imagine the response to this news in our London office.

The first task was to establish whether the Wisconsin Department of Corrections had actually paid the amount falsely ‘due’, to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue from the Editor’s own funds, or whether the WI Department of Corrections was corrupt as well as the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. That the Department of Corrections had behaved ‘correctly’ was finally confirmed, in response to urgent enquiries, in an email to the Editor dated 10 November 2006 timed at 16:36 from John A. Dipko, the Public Information Officer, Wisconsin Department of Corrections [email address:], Subject: Leo Wanta, the text of which reads as follows:

‘Mr Story: Leo Wanta was under Wisconsin Department of Corrections supervision for Dane County criminal case 1992CF000683.

A restitution order is on file for this criminal case; it includes $24,900.91 for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and $4,167.64 for the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office.

This restitution order is dated 6-3-1996 and is a public record available at the Dane County Clerk of Courts Office.

Our records indicate that Mr Wanta made the $30,626.97 payment that you referenced. The Department of Corrections collected the money from Mr Wanta and then dispersed [sic] two separate checks dated Aug 4 2005 totalling $29,068.55: one in the amount of $24,900.91 payable to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and the other in the amount of $4,167.64 payable to the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office. The remaining $1,558.42 accounts for fees and surcharges that had been assessed to Mr Wanta. Mr Wanta discharged from Department of Corrections supervision on Nov 14, 2005.

I would refer you to the Dane County Clerk of Courts, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office for any additional enquiries.


John Dipko
Public Information Director
Wisconsin Dept or Corrections

On 30th October 2006, Mr Gregg T. Frazier, of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, issued a document marked ‘Amended’ to Leo Wanta displaying a ‘Total Amount Due’ of $43,304.42, consisting of the following components: ‘Regular Interest’, $29,175.42 plus ‘Penalty’ of $14,129.00.

Recognise this figure?

It is of course THE SAME $14,129 that was paid under protest TWICE in 1992, and a THIRD TIME by the Editor of this service via Attorney Steven Goodwin on 21st July 2005.

On this document is annotated in handwriting:

‘Per Wisconsin Supreme Court Order Dated December 30, 2005’.

Ambassador Leo Wanta had no knowledge of any such Court Order, demanding payment of $14,129 that had already been settled under protest on three occasions, plus illegally charged interest on top of the thrice-settled amount of $14,129.

Accompanying this piece of paper was a letter addressed to Leo Wanta, which is the Ambassador’s intelligence name: he was baptised Leo Emil Wanta and his Social Security Number is in the name of Lee Emil Wanta. The Social Security number is assigned to Lee Emil Wanta (the name Leo has always required for his intelligence work); but to add to their ongoing obfuscation ruses, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue have exploited this intelligence-related circumstance for their own purposes (see below).

The letter, from Gregg T. Frazier, Chief, Central Audit Section [ references GTF:K1P:A923REVC2B3460/A923 (R.8/96), reads as follows:

‘Dear Leo Wanta: In view of the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision on your appeal of the income tax assessment made by this Department dated January 29, 1996, I must ask you to send us your remittance now (as indicated on the Notice of Amount Due) with your remittance. Please return the Notice of Amount Due with your remittance. Sincerely, Gregg T. Frazier, Chief, Central Audit Section’.

The Notice of Amount Due issued by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue on 30th October 2006, cited Lee Emil Wanta’s Social Security Number correctly, and had the following File Number: 000000000/0 and the following Worksheet ID: 000403423. It stated that the due date for payment of $43,304.42 was January 01, 2007, and that the check was to be made payable and mailed forthwith to: Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Box 93408, Milwaukee, WI 53293-0208.

The document referred to in Mr Frazier’s letter and dated 29 January 2006 is an Office Audit Worksheet addressed to Leo E. Wanta and Joanne E. Wanta jointly from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Post Office Box 2906, Madison, W 53708 itemising ‘Tax Due’ of $14,129.00 plus ‘Regular Interest’ of $10,953.94, for an illegally demanded assessment total of $25,082.54, referring to tax years 1988 and 1989. The ‘Auditor’ who generated that document in 1996 was R. N. Doornek. Note that ‘Tax Due’ of $14,129 as of 29 January 1996 had now metamorphosed into ‘Penalty’ of $14,129 in the fraudulent ‘Amended’ documentation issued by Gregg T. Frazier, Chief, Central Audit Section dated 30th October 2006. As reiterated, the $14,129 had been paid three times already.

Get this: an illegally raised civil tax assessment for $14,129 that has been ‘fully satisfied’ per a discharged Delinquent Tax Warrant as of 4th June 1993, even though it had been settled under protest TWICE over a year earlier, and which was settled for the third time under protest in July 2005, has now become a ‘Penalty’. Do the Wisconsin State Tax Gestapo crooks imagine that by suddenly relabelling an illegally assessed and thrice-paid amount, it assumes a ‘new legitimacy’ by some weird kind of Wisconsin organised criminal magick?

The Editor of this service telephoned this Mr Frazier twice in early November last year, and on the second occasion was actually able to speak with him. His extremely frigid demeanour changed marginally when it was sharply pointed out to him that we have documentary proof of banked payment of the $14,129, from which his latest illegal demand is derived, and not once, but three times, no less. On two occasions during the telephone conversation, Mr Frazier informed this Editor that ‘I’ll have to look into it’.

He appears to have reneged on this undertaking, as will now be reviewed.

On 1st December 2006, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Madison, issued a ‘Statement of Account – Individual Income Tax’ for the filing period 12/31/1990 for $43,304.42 for ‘Tax Account Number’ 001-1025313 166-02 addressed to Leo E. Wanta. This demand was received by Lee Emil Wanta on 30th December 2006. On 18th January 2007, Lee Wanta received a further document from the Wisconsin Tax Gestapo dated 16 January 2007, entitled ‘NOTICE OF OVERDUE TAX’ for the increased sum of $46,119.21, without any accompanying computation.

This document contained the following rubric: ‘If you think you do not owe this amount or have any questions about this notice, please contact Lisa Potts, PO Box 8901, Madison WI 53703-8901; Phone: (608) 267 0833; Fax: (608) 267-1037; Email: Armed with this email address, the Editor of this service forwarded to Lisa Potts the email from John Dipko, Public Information Director, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, dated 10th November 2006, referenced above, in which the Department of Corrections confirmed that a cheque for $24,900.91 had been drawn in favour of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue on 4th August 2005.

Since the Editor sent that email, nothing further had, of this posting date, been heard of this component of the Wisconsin Tax Gestapo fraud sequence against Ambassador Leo Wanta.

Unable to proceed further with that dimension of their fraudulent activity, given the explicit confirmation in an email to a financial journalist and Editor that the Department of Corrections had paid the Department of Revenue $24,900.91 on 4th August 2005, the Wisconsin Tax Gestapo resorted to another despicable ruse.

On 12th February 2007, Lisa Potts, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, PO Box 8901, Madison WI 53708-8901 (same coordinates) issued a document [ref: ID#5QJLF7VS] addressed to Leo Wanta asserting that a tax balance of $897,375.07 was ‘due’. This document was entitled ‘NOTICE OF PENDING INTERNET POSTING’. It threatened Leo Wanta in the following terms:

‘Your account will be posted on the Internet unless you do one of the following within 30 days from the date of this Notice’ (‘Pay your debt in full’, ‘Provide proof of payment’, ‘Enter into a formal instalment agreement’, ‘Complete an offer of compromise’ or ‘Provide proof of bankruptcy’).

Following the further tax demand last year, a lawyer for Leo Wanta informed the Wisconsin Department of Revenue that their illegal tax assessment demands represent actionable behaviour under Federal legislation against organised crime, including RICO. Following Lee’s receipt on 15th February 2007 of the Wisconsin State Tax Gestapo’s’ ‘Notice of Internet Posting’, the Attorney followed this up with a letter indicating that publication of the false ‘delinquent tax’ demand of $897,375.07 would constitute libel and slander against his client, and would accordingly compound the legal vulnerability of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and its staff generally.

In addition, named officials of that tax Department, including Gregg T Frazier and Lisa Potts, are vulnerable to prosecution under RICO statutes, and for libel and slander against the Ambassador.

The background to this latest abomination is as follows. In the course of his official duties working under cover for the FBI, Leo Wanta was engaged many years ago in an FBI ‘sting’ operation against Falls Vending Services, Inc., which was suspected of being used for unlawful activities. He never owned any shares in Falls Vending, began working there for the FBI on 26th June 1981, and at all times while working or associated with Falls Vending Services his purpose concerned undercover law enforcement activity, consistent with his parallel status at that time as a sworn Deputy Sheriff of Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department.

However the Wisconsin Department of Revenue contrived to leverage this ancient history into the format of a massive unlawful personal tax liability against Leo Wanta, which it has brought forward from time to time by way of harassment and intimidation so as to exacerbate Leo’s suffering in the GULAG and thereafter.

In an undated letter labelled ‘State of Wisconsin v, Leo E. Wanta: Dane County Circuit Court Case Number 92-CF-683’, to Judge Michael B Torphy, Mr James E. Doyle, then Attorney General of Wisconsin and now Governor of the State, wrote that ‘I have determined not to pursue having the Court include the amount that defendant owes on his delinquent tax account (7). The Department of Revenue will continue to avail itself of whatever civil remedies it may have in its collection efforts. For the Court’s information, the amount owed on defendant’s delinquent tax account as of November 20, 1995, was $646, 918.91’.

This statement was bogus as no such liability for Wisconsin State tax existed or exists on account for Leo Wanta, and/or Lee Emil Wanta.

On 18th February 1999, Angela Dunlap, Revenue Agent, State of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, 718 West Clairemont Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54701 [715-836 3879; Facsimile: 715-836 6891; email:], wrote as follows to Attorney Jan Morton Heger, PO Box 4815, Irvine, CA 92616-4815, then a lawyer acting for Leo Wanta (and the operative who placed Leo’s funds in his own name, at a bank in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire: see above), as follows:

’Dear Attorney Heger: The Department of Revenue has no record of a delinquent tax account issued to Lee E. Wanta, Social Security Number [correct Social Security number for Lee Wanta cited], Federal Identification Number DPP#04362. Sincerely, [signed] Angela Dunlap, Revenue Agent’. Note that DPP stands for DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT, indicating that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue have been aware all along that Leo Wanta is a diplomat, and is recognised as such by US State and Federal authorities. This fact, of course, severely compounds Wisconsin’s multiple errors, given that diplomats are protected from arrest.

The fact alone that the reprobate Wisconsin Department of Revenue documents its knowledge of Ambassador Wanta’s diplomatic status, invalidates, from the outset, the entire unlawful operation to ‘take down’ Leo Wanta, as perpetrated by the Wisconsin State tax authorities who were and remain evident co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of the frauds committed against Leo/Lee Emil Wanta, his person, his assets and the Court.

On 8th March 1999 – that is to say, just three weeks later, and while Leo was languishing in the GULAG – the Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued a ‘STATEMENT OF DELINQUENT TAX ACCOUNT’, reference 5QJLF7V5, for a total ‘amount due’ of $754,839.58, against Leo Wanta, addressed to the old private marital family residence that the Wisconsin criminal authorities had long since stolen. This document added that interest was accruing at the rate of $88.11 per day.

Please note that Leo’s Social Security Number (which of course we are precluded from publishing, for obvious security reasons) was correctly stated on both the letter from Angela Dunlap, of the WI Department of Revenue, to Attorney Jan Morton Heger, and on this ‘Statement of Delinquent Account’. Therefore, of course, both the letter and the Statement referred to the same account: so that on 18th February 1999, no such Delinquent Tax Account existed, while three weeks later, a Delinquent Tax Account against “Lee Emil Wanta”, the owner (obviously) of the SAME Social Security Number, suddenly surfaced in the ‘amount owed’ of $754,839.58.

Therefore on Monday, a Wisconsin State Tax Gestapo official says one thing, and three weeks later, another Gestapo official says the opposite. This is what happens under arbitrary rule, which is the norm, it seems, in the State of Wisconsin, where the corrupt tax apparat is used to harass and intimidate its victims so as to ‘legitimise’ institutionalised criminal extortion.

As indicated above, after the Editor faxed John Dipko’s email to Lisa Potts, demands for the burgeoning civil tax assessment amount based upon the original fraudulent demand of $14,129, settled under protest three times, suddenly ceased – since Mr Dipko’s email had confirmed that the Wisconsin Department of Corrections had indeed forwarded to the Department of Revenue the sum of $24,900.91 that it was (fraudulently) still claiming, and which was financed by means of the check proffered to Michelle Riel on 21st July 2005 by Attorney Steven Goodwin, as described.

Of course, the brutally uncouth Wisconsin Department of Revenue have not had the courtesy to confirm to Leo Wanta or to his lawyer that they duly received the $24,900.91 sent to them by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on 4th August 2005. However, manifestly they can proceed no further with this fraud, since the Editor, Lee Wanta and his lawyer possess the email from John Dipko confirming the Wisconsin Department of Corrections’ payment of $24,900.91 dated 4th August 2005. (It is up to the Department of Revenue to argue this out with the Department of Corrections).

This will of course be one of the documents that will be relied upon in a forthcoming RICO case against the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and against named and unnamed officials both in their official capacities and personally.

Having finally been thwarted (on the basis of information on this date of posting) with respect to the Wisconsin Tax Gestapo’s attempts to collect the civil tax assessment of $14,129 (plus extras) for a FOURTH time, the Wisconsin Tax Gestapo reverted to its much larger fraudulent civil tax assessment demand, which had now ballooned to $897,375.07 by 12th February [ID# 5QJLF7V5], threatening to post details of this so-called ‘Delinquent Tax Assessment Account’ on the Internet within 30 days. The full thirty days had passed by the time this report had been finalised, and this libellous and slanderous action had not been taken.

No doubt this reflects the fact that, all of a sudden, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and its unnamed and named officials, including Mr Gregg T. Frazier and Lisa Potts, may have become aware that the scandalous misapplication and abuse of their powers is liable in due course to result in them personally sampling the joys of the abominable US GULAG, to which their reprobate behaviour condemned Ambassador Leo Wanta for eight years, followed by effective house arrest and probation, without cause and in breach of his diplomatic and human rights.

That is what happens to high-level US intelligence operatives and diplomats who serve Uncle Sam with extreme distinction and whose ethical and moral code and upbringing precludes them from accommodating corrupt high-level US intelligence operatives and top officials intent on stealing, misdirecting, misusing, exploiting and otherwise abusing financial assets held (by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta) as sole Principal and Trustor for the benefit exclusively of the United States and the American people. Leo Wanta compounded the anger of high-level operatives towards him when he refused to accommodate separate demands from both Clinton and George Bush Sr. to facilitate the diversion of funds in their favour, and after he had specifically annotated on one Federal Reserve computer print-out that a remittance of $1.0 billion from Banco Exterior de Espana, Malaga, Spain, to Banco de Panama, Panama City, Panama for crediting to ‘Pilgrim Investments/Jorge Bush’ represented a crime. Specifically, Leo had annotated this print-out as follows:

‘Acceptance of value by former U.S. President of the United States, George (Jorge) Bush is direct violation of our USA Title 5, Section 7353, et seq: Jim Baker III told me to just “SHUT UP” as I am protected by Rogers-Houston Memorandum to “co-operate”, but I kept receipts & notes’. An image of this key Leo Wanta-annotated Federal Reserve print-out has been extensively reproduced in International Currency Review, and may specifically be viewed in ICR, 31, 3/4, on page 33 [Figure 1].

There is no difference in principal between the fate unjustly suffered by Ambassador Leo Wanta for years in the abominable US GULAG without any cause, and that of the millions who suffered in the Soviet GULAG under Stalin and his successors.

The only variant this time round is that the tables have been decisively turned, since the whole informed world (minus the complacent and controlled ‘mainstream’, or rather ‘sidestream’, media) is aware that we are exposing elements of the biggest nexus of financial scandals in world history.

And, as one US intelligence operative ‘working for’ George Bush Sr. commented several years ago when these ongoing investigations were in their infancy, ‘that is never supposed to happen, you understand’. Too late now. The cat is out of the bag.

Notes and References:
(1) Marc Rich/Reich: Is he a DVD operative who is really ‘Hans Brand’?’, International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3/4, November 2006, pages 83-96.
(2) For background to our exposures of the biggest scorpions’ nest of financial scandal in world history, see postings on this website since April 2006, and the following issues of International Currency Review: Volume 28, #4 (March 2003); Volume 30, 2/3 (January 2005); and Volume 31, 3/4, November 2006. The scandal has also been covered in issues of Economic Intelligence Review. See serials information on this website for subscription and serials ordering details.
(3) See International Currency Review, Volume 31, ¾, op. cit., pages 477 et seq.
(4) DVD: Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, Dachau, locus of the Nazi long-range strategic deception continuum. DVD is a hidden (no longer!) Pan-German ‘Black’ Nazi Continuum intelligence agency which is masterminding much of the revolutionary instability in the world, having acknowledged no strategic discontinuity since the Second World (indeed since the days of Frederick the Great and Bismarck). Its primary mantras are: ‘Fur uns ist der Krieg niemals vorbei’ (‘For us the war never ended’); and ‘We shall build the Thousand-Year Reich on the Ruins of the United States’. Documented authority for this is found in the ‘Madrid Circular Letter’ intercepted by the Allies while en route from the Madrid-based German Geopolitical Centre in the early 1950s, as well as other captured Nazi documents. Due to extensive long-range Nazi penetration of the US structures, US intelligence cadres are themselves extensively involved in seeking treasonous implementation of these mad objectives. The good news is that these people, though coldly cynical and ruthless, are incompetent, at loggerheads with each other, and failing.
(5) Financial assets belonging to the sole Principal and Trustor, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, were being held in the personal name of a former Attorney for Leo Wanta, Jan Morton Heger, when the bank branch in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK, was visited at the Ambassador’s request in 2006.
(6) ‘Thieves’ World’, Claire Sterling, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1994. See also International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3/4, November 2006, page 186. Mrs Sterling died very suddenly after a second interview with the FBI, following publication of ‘Thieves’ World’. High-level sources have told the Editor that she was murdered.
(7) Undated letter to The Honorable Michael B. Torphy from James E. Doyle, then Wisconsin Attorney General and now Governor of Wisconsin, cited on page 208 of International Currency Review, Volume 31, 3/4, Figure 16.

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta: Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535 a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS. AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001



Tuesday 12 September 2006 17:57


Flash Report by Christopher Story FRSA,
Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review
World Reports Limited, London and New York

The following developments are reported from impeccable sources as at 5.30pm London time:

1. Chinese interests, acting independently of Ambassador Leo Wanta* and his business colleague Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., have ‘pulled’ five or six ‘CHIPS’ already.

2. The Chinese are using the British pound for oil payments purposes.

3. The pound is therefore likely to appreciate over the weeks ahead.

4. The European banks are continuing to block transactions of $100 million or more, thereby implementing their independently decided undertaking to maintain this stance until the Wanta Settlement has been concluded and their back-up transactions that are pending, can start.

Separate point for urgent consideration: In our Posting dated 24th July 2006, Christopher Story commented that Tables purporting to show the financial positions of several US Government-Sponsored Enterprises are BLANK in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) presentation [see, Federal Budget documents, Analytical Perspectives, Government-Sponsored Enterprises pages]. Since 24th July 2006, therefore, anyone in the banking community who may have been unaware of this fact has been on notice that the OMB has omitted the relevant financial data. The SPACES for the usual financial tables are shown, complete with headings: BUT THE TABLES CONTAIN NO DATA.

Can someone please explain to the Editor of International Currency Review why it is that, seven weeks after we first published this information, which anyone could check for themselves, the US Treasury implemented the fantastic carousel financing arrangements that were described in the Editor’s Posting dated 2nd September 2006 [subsequently updated], which use the ‘assets’ of some GSEs as collateral? It is as though Mr Paulson went to the cupboard, opened it, found it not only to be bare, but without walls and a floor, slammed the cupboard shut, and then represented to the world that the cupboard is full of food so that we can all eat and be merry for years to come.

Nor is the phrase ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’ appropriate here, since the barrel has no bottom to be scraped. No wonder the Chinese are using the pound for oil payments.

PS: Please note that Christopher Story is an ‘honorary American’. He is ALL FOR the people of the United States gaining FULL CONTROL of their financial affairs. The Wanta Plan will ensure this.

*Diplomatic Passport Numbers 04362 & 12535
a.k.a. Frank B. Ingram [FBI] (Sector V) SA32NV; and a.k.a. Rick Reynolds, SA233MS

AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc: Federal EIN Number 20-3866855; Virginia State Corporation Identification Number: 0617454-4; Virginia State Department of Taxation Identification Number: 30203866855F001



Thursday 22 June 2006 00:43

By Christopher Story, Editor, International Currency Review:

LONDON: 21 June 2006 – The integrity of the international banking system is on the line this week. This is because the behaviour of certain banks is being closely watched by a team of informed observers who are privy to scandals that the banks in question hope can still be swept under their plush boardroom carpets.

Collectively, the scandals represent the most brazen attempt by banks to seize the funds of their depositors, in history. The relevant funds, which amounted – when fitfully paid out in 1989-93 – to about $27.5 trillion, are now believed to be worth approaching $70 trillion. They represent assets corralled on Presidential instructions by the US Treasury’s most distinguished Secret Service financial agent, Leo E. Wanta. He remains the Trustor of these funds.

The financial war chest was amassed for geostrategic purposes at the ‘end of the Cold War’, after Mikhail Gorbachëv had received $10 billion via certain American-assisted international financial transactions. He has since constructed a colossal headquarters campus outside Moscow, with some of this money*.

As everyone knows, most scams require a counterparty. For the international banks involved, their counterparty was, and remains, the US intelligence community – or rather, corrupt elements thereof, led by professional criminal intelligence ‘barons’ such as George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton.

Taking their cue from the example of such corrupt operatives, lesser intelligence fry joined in – scamming billions from Wanta’s fund, which was organised in order to finance, at the supranational (intergovernmental) level, the post-Cold War ‘Global Security Environment’. A key front man in this endeavour was Mikhail Gorbachëv, whose ‘Global Security Project’ initiative was actually designed by Leo Wanta himself, again of course on US Presidential instructions.

Scams are greatly facilitated when irregular parties share a common interest. In this case, both the banks and corrupt elements of the US intelligence community, neither of which of course owned any of these funds, coveted the billions and trillions of dollars raised during 1989-92, for their own purposes.

The banks saw the funds as the answer to liquidity and prospective solvency problems. They accordingly collateralised and cross-collateralised the vast and rapidly expanding deposits placed with them for safekeeping, and performed elaborate hypothecation exercises, using the Trustor’s funds as base.

Corrupt CIA operatives and fake CIA lawyers muscled in and, on the basis of Powers of Attorney awarded to certain of their number by questionable means, misappropriated, redirected and even stole billions, with one or more fake CIA lawyers illegally placing the Trustor’s funds in foreign bank accounts under their own name.

Moreover the original funds were ransacked even as they were paid out by the Federal Reserve, under the authority of the Fed’s former Chairman, Dr Alan Greenspan. An analysis published by International Currency Review in February 2005 of the initial amounts which were misdirected from the Fed, inter alia directly into private offshore bank accounts, found that an estimated $742.5 billion had been misappropriated .

Subsequent investigations have suggested that even this total is understated.

But that was nothing to what happened later. In order to gain control of these funds – supposedly assembled in order to make the world a ‘safer place’ after the ‘end of the Cold War’ – corrupt elements of US intelligence, headed by President Clinton, set the ball rolling by targeting the Trustor himself. Ordered by William Sessions, the head of the FBI, to travel with intelligence aides to Switzerland in 1993 with a brief to arrest Marc Rich, Wanta was himself arrested and flung into a stinking jail for 134 days – by the Swiss authorities. Almost simultaneously, Clinton fired William Sessions without giving any reason, and Vince Foster, an FBI informant who had been handling funds ‘belonging’ to the Children’s Defense Fund, a CIA front for funny money, was murdered in the Washington, DC area.

Wanta’s effects, including 18 US Treasury instruments worth $18 billion, were removed from him – and the official assets worth $18 billion face value have disappeared. Following an urgent intervention by the late Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, Mr Wanta was suddenly released, but was then taken, still in shackles, to Geneva airport and flown to New York. After being frog-marched through Kennedy, this distinguished and upright US Treasury intelligence officer was arraigned before a judge on a trumped-up charge at the US Eastern District Court of New York. The judge saw through the ruse and threw the case out, but Leo Wanta was illegally re-arrested on the courtroom steps without a warrant, on instructions from the Wisconsin authorities.

The new false charge alleged that Wanta had failed to pay a tax bill of about $14,000 that he did not owe, in Wisconsin state taxes, dating back to 1982 – despite the fact that he had been living mainly abroad on US intelligence business, working directly for the President of the United States, for many years. He was accordingly extradited to Wisconsin, where he was jailed.

During incarceration in that State and elsewhere, attempts were made to have this distinguished US Treasury officer – still of course Trustor of the original $27.5 trillion of intergovernmental funds and the relevant accruals – declared insane. He underwent five so-called ‘lunacy tests’, his life being saved when a doctor of Chinese extraction, no doubt familiar with similar abuses back in her home country, refused to certify him. Had she done so, he would have been sent to a Soviet-style ‘psychiatric hospital’ and never heard from again.

After many vicissitudes, Leo Wanta was released into house arrest in Wisconsin, where he languished for many further years. During this time, he managed to raise the falsely charged state tax, which the State of Wisconsin took – but ‘lost’. With the help of friends, he later raised the same amount again, and this time, the payment was registered. But in the meantime vast additional penalties, fees and other charges had accrued. His house was sold at a knock-down price without his consent, and the proceeds stolen. In July 2005, a sum of $30,626.97 made available by a friend, was paid in person by Mr Wanta’s lawyer to the court in Wisconsin; and on 14th November 2005, he was released from all restrictions.

(Since this final payment included the false state tax bill for the third time, it, too, has reportedly been misappropriated. The problem faced by the Wisconsin authorities was how this payment could legitimately be recorded. It couldn’t).

It was only a matter of weeks before the significance of this development started to trickle round the US intelligence community, which, all of a sudden, faced an unprecedented problem.

For it emerged that the CIA had systematically lied that Leo Wanta had long since been dead. This false information was of course exploited by the many US intelligence crooks who had been making illegitimate use of the Trustor’s funds.

As for the banks, they likewise took maximum advantage of the CIA’s lie. If the Trustor was dead, then the banks could do what they liked with the funds. So they used them for every off-balance-sheet ruse yet invented by their financial engineers.

In other words, neither the banks nor the CIA ever thought that the funds would be claimed. Imagine the cataclysmic shocks that reverberated around the world’s international banks when it began to be rumoured late last year that, far from being long since dead, Leo Wanta was alive and had gone to court to obtain a ruling on the disposition of the assets.

These are held in offshore bank accounts belonging to so-called Title 18, Section 6 US Government intelligence community corporations. Such entities were authorised by President Reagan in January 1981, under Executive Order 12333.

Given the inherent criminal tendencies of intelligence organisations, this courted the obvious danger that dishonest operatives might use such corporations for scamming purposes – particularly given the well-known fact that the National Security Act 1947, et seq., under which the CIA was established, is effectively a crooks’ charter. And so it has proved.

On 15th April 2003, US Federal Judge Bruce Lee, of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, released a Memorandum Opinion, in response to Leo Wanta’s application for relief, which concluded as follows:

‘Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding’.

In March 2006, Economic Intelligence Review, published by World Reports Limited, London, reproduced, in facsimile format, the entire Memorandum Opinion . It then transpired that knowledge of the existence of this document had been deliberately suppressed within the US official structures – since of course it confirmed that Leo Wanta is legally the controller (Trustor) of the funds and is therefore solely entitled to dispose of them in accordance with law and his Presidential instructions.

And the CIA liars and scamsters didn’t want that to be known.

In February 2005, International Currency Review, likewise published by World Reports Limited from London, had displayed facsimiles of Federal Reserve computer print-outs, obtained from sources in the public domain. These represented audited sheets on which the Trustor, Leo Wanta, verified or queried the sources and uses of funds finally paid out by the Fed, including the $742.5 billion which was misdirected by the US central bank on Greenspan’s authority.

On one of these sheets, which referred to one billion US dollars sent by Banco Exterior de Espana, Malaga, Spain, on 10th August 1989, to Banco de Panama, Panama City, for credit of ‘Pilgrim Investments, Jorge Bush’, Leo Wanta had annotated as follows:

‘Acceptance of value by former US President of the United States, George (Jorge) Bush is direct violation of our USA Title 5, Section 7353, et seq. – Jim Baker told me to just “SHUT UP” as I am protected by Rogers-Houston Memorandum to “co-operate”, but I kept receipts & notes’.

Separately, George Bush Sr., who was co-signatory of an account belonging to one of the Title 18, Section 6 corporations (Ameritrust), had asked his fellow co-signatory, Leo Wanta, to allow him (Bush Sr.) to remove $210 billion from the account. Leo refused – as he did on another occasion, when President Clinton sought Wanta’s agreement for the diversion of a substantial sum into his (Clinton’s) control.

Both Clinton and Bush Sr., working secretly together, therefore had every incentive to try to have Wanta removed permanently from the scene – Bush Sr. especially, since the Trustor had only recently annotated the misdirection of $1.0 billion, into one of Bush Sr.’s offshore accounts.

In summary, Leo Wanta was unjustly sentenced, on the basis of false witness and false charges, to jail/house arrest until the year 2015, a period of 22 years. The principal of the original $27.5 trillion, provided at a deep discount by over 200 international banks at an interest rate of 7.5% annually, for a 20-year period, falls due for repayment in 2012-2013.

But Leo Wanta is now – in mid-2006 – engaged in a global operation to recover funds of which he is Trustor – to the consternation of at least four constituencies:

• The US intelligence criminalist crooks, including two Presidents, themselves.
• Some of the mentioned criminal Presidents’ associates, aides and ‘gophers’.
• The Central Intelligence Agency deceivers who retailed the gross lie that Leo Wanta was dead, so that the funds could be diverted.
• The international banks that assumed that the funds Bushwould never be claimed, and which had a community of interest with their de facto intelligence co-conspirators in choosing to believe the CIA’s lie that the Trustor was dead.

Faced with the fact that, on the contrary, Leo Wanta is both alive and free – and following the widespread distribution among banks of US Federal Judge Bruce Lee’s Memorandum Opinion via Economic Intelligence Review in March this year – the international banks and the corrupt elements of the intelligence community faced a prospective crisis without historical precedent in the history of intergovernmental finance.

What to do?
• If they pretended it was corrupt ‘business as usual’, too many questions were now being asked about why the CIA had lied that the Trustor was dead.
• If they sought help from their governments, they risked exposing the precariousness of their underlying overstretched balance sheets, and revealing details of their vast off-balance sheet transactions.

It is understood that elements of the US intelligence community have been in turmoil as a consequence of these developments.

As for the banks, a number of them have tried to make out that ‘there is no business relationship’. In the course of a conference call with US colleagues last March, one of these institutions, Coutts, told Christopher Story, the Publisher of International Currency Review, precisely that.

However Story has documentary proof of the existence of a relevant business relationship in the Coutts case, as in the case of many other banks worldwide where the Trustor’s funds are held. Similar ploys have been attempted by certain other European banks. In some cases, bankers have even attempted to deny the existence of funds in certain Title 18, Section 6 corporate offshore accounts.

But these games have now come to an abrupt halt, following a decision by the leading governments concerned, to cooperate – rather than, as was previously the case, each government separately defending its own banks.

For the governments themselves have a common interest – to prevent this escalating crisis of confidence developing into a systemic melt-down induced by the banks’ intransigeance. The stakes could hardly be greater, not least given that derivatives balances outstanding are now believed to exceed some $770 trillion.

Uncomfortably for the international banks concerned, substantial documentation has been accumulated proving the existence of relevant live accounts and banking relationships. These documents will be published in the near future – revealing that vast sums belonging to the Trustor are indeed held in the Title 18, Section 6 corporations’ offshore bank accounts, and must be properly disposed of in accordance with the Trustor’s legal responsibilities and official instructions.

In the meantime, it has of course been universally noticed that the international financial markets have been more than usually volatile since 10th May 2006. This volatility has had almost nothing to do with the spurious explanations typically retailed by ill-informed financial journalists working for the mainstream newspapers.

It has everything, however, to do with liquidity problems facing the banks, which have been, and continue to be, called upon to make available – in short order – colossal volumes of funds from their off-balance sheet books which they never expected to have to account for. Liquidity constraints typically reflect the fact that funds are in the wrong place, have been cross-collateralised and so cannot be released, or do not in fact exist.

It must have been hard for the banks to have been obliged to face up to the fact that the Trustor’s funds are having to be replenished, replaced, and repatriated.

It is embarrassing for the CIA’s professional deceivers to have been caught lying, since they take pride in their perverted professionalism, which is governed by one rule only: never get caught.

Most of all, those intelligence community criminals whose hands have been trapped in the till, must be enduring sleepless nights.

But that’s the situation ‘as we speak’. The banks must deliver, the crooks must be rounded up and brought to justice, and the cynical collaboration between free-wheeling intelligence criminals and international bankers with notoriously flexible morals, must be terminated. Forthwith.

Because if by any chance there is a repetition of what happened in 1989-92, and the Trustor’s funds are diverted – notwithstanding the exposure of these evils that has occurred to date – it won’t just be a question of bankers falling out of sailboats on Chesapeake Bay.

According to reliable sources, seven European bankers had been arrested by early May, while three had committed suicide.

In a worst-case scenario, a number of large foreign institutions face having their assets seized in the United States if they fail to fulfil their immediate obligations to the letter.

And if that happens, some may very well go to the wall.

* • *
1. International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3, Winter 2004-2005, page 144.
2. Economic Intelligence Review, Volume 10, Numbers 5 & 6, February-March 2006, pages 37-46.
3. International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 & 3, Winter 2004-2005, op. cit. [Note 1].

* • *

* Gorbachëv also maintains a magnificent residence in Switzerland – a state of affairs which
would have greatly offended his dictator predecessor, Josef Stalin (a.k.a. Iosif Vissarionovich Djugashvili-Kochba), who ordered his security chief du jour, Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda (1891-1938), to procure the Swiss bank account details of all the leading Soviet revolutionaries. Yagoda duly obliged, but omitted to include details of his own secret Swiss bank accounts. Since Stalin had other means of obtaining the relevant Swiss bank account data, he compared Genrikh Yagoda’s
list with his own, and discovered that his security chief’s bank account details were of course missing. Yagoda duly received the requisite bullet through the temples, like all the rest of the high-ranking Comrades, with the exception of Krupskaya, Lenin’s widow. She put on a scene and broke down in tears in front of Stalin, and he relented.



Tuesday 18 April 2006 00:16

By Christopher Story, Editor, International Currency Review:


Since late March, investigations conducted exclusively by Christopher Story on behalf of the various intelligence services published by World Reports Limited have been the subject of follow-up reports displayed on the following website:

Intelligence, data and commentaries for recent reports concerning the world’s most authoritative and distinguished global financial intelligence officer, Leo Wanta, have been extracted, to a considerable extent, from the following World Reports Limited sources:

(1) International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2/3, published in January 2005, which contained a complete display of the relevant financial documents exposing the biggest nexus of financial scams in world history;

(2) Arab-Asian Affairs, Volume 29, Numbers 8 & 9, published in December 2005.

(3) Economic Intelligence Review, Volume 10, Numbers 5 & 6, published February-March 2006. The headline on the front page of this issue reads:


The latest of the reports [as at 17th April 2006] is reproduced below. Earlier reports based on World Reports Limited‘s exclusive intelligence research, now augmented by fresh interviews given to the site by Leo Wanta, may be accessed on, under Articles Archive (in the panel on the left). It should be noted that earlier reports contained certain errors, of which the following are hereby corrected:

• Leo Wanta’s illegal incarceration was commuted to house arrest and Mr Wanta was confined for many years in Wisconsin (not, as stated, in Switzerland). Although his confinement was illegal, he nevertheless adhered meticulously to its terms, in accordance with his ethical standards and reverence for the Rule of Law (notwithstanding that his treatment was always illegal).

• Suggestions that Mr Wanta committed offences are completely inaccurate and without foundation. Everything he has done has been in accordance with his Presidential, Secret Service and other US official instructions. A comprehensive dossier revealing how the State of Wisconsin may have scammed this distinguished US intelligence officer, allegedly stealing both the payments that he managed to raise to pay illegally charged taxes that he did not owe, and how his assets were allegedly stolen as well, is in preparation.

• In July 2005, all illegally re-charged fines and imposts applied by Wisconsin were paid in full by a benefactor. As a direct consequence of this development, Mr Wanta satisfied the State’s illegally imposed demands, and with effect from 14th November 2005, he was unconditionally discharged from Parole on the orders of a Judge. The funds remitted to secure his release have, according to US legal sources, also been scammed, because – unsurprisingly – the State authorities, having allegedly misappropriated the earlier funds, found themselves in a very difficult situation, with reference to which column, so to speak, the illegally imposed further charges were to be booked. This and related matters are under close continuing scrutiny. However the benefactor’s payment procured Mr Wanta’s full discharge from his illegal house arrest and probation.

Further astonishing intelligence arising from Leo Wanta’s case, which will confirm that the Rule of Law has collapsed in the United States, will be exposed in due course.

In February, World Reports Limited’s intelligence service, Economic Intelligence Review, published the following condensed information about the background to Mr Wanta’s illegal incarceration and house arrest. The following text is reproduced from page 36 of that issue:

International financial sector tensions have reached fever pitch behind the scenes due to the gangland warfare that has been raging in the context of the misdirection and theft of off-balance sheet giga-funds by certain US intelligence operatives and high office holders and international banks. To facilitate this culture of scamming and thievery without the inconvenience of a US Secret Service investigation, President Clinton arranged for the illegal ‘taking down’ in 1993 of Leo Wanta, a senior US intelligence operative of rare integrity, so that he languished illegally in jail and under house arrest on trumped-up charges for 12+ years.


[Economic Intelligence Review published the full text of Judge Lee’s statement]…

But today the tables have been turned upon the scamming political appointees, office-holders, operatives and banksters concerned. This document affirms Mr Wanta’s powers over key USG corporations. It is published to coincide with audit work that is taking place to establish what has happened to official funds. So that nothing can ever be taken out of context, we reproduce this US Court statement in its entirety. [It was published on pages 37-46 of Economic Intelligence Review].

Intelligence officers engaged in secret international operations for governments are often authorised to use offshore corporations. In 1990, President Gorbachëv’s Government re-authorised the setting up of innumerable domestic and foreign corporations as instruments of Soviet strategy around the world. The Soviets actually took a leaf out of the CIA’s book, replicating essentially the basic provisions of President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333 of 1981, which authorised the establishment for such purposes of so-called Title 18 Section 6 corporations domestically and offshore, wholly owned by the US Government. The Executive Order stipulated that all intelligence connections with such corporations could be disguised and denied.

Given the rampant corruption with which elements of the vast US intelligence community is infested, consequent in part upon the global drug-trafficking operations of the CIA which are run in competition/collaboration with comparable operations directed by the covert Soviet GRU and by certain intelligence organisations of other countries (including Britain’s ‘Black’ GO-2 agency), it is not surprising that the bank accounts of USG offshore entities may well have been ransacked, against the background of gangland-style rivalry between competing/collaborating cadres owing their ‘allegiance’ to this or that powerful ‘intelligence family’ (such as the Clintons and the Bushes).

Furthermore, the sums accumulated in these offshore accounts are usually of colossal proportions, being the proceeds of multiple officially sanctioned operations and banking transactions carried out in accordance with official instructions.

In 1993, the senior US Secret Service/Treasury intelligence officer Leo Wanta (who also served the CIA and the FBI, as required) travelled with agents to Switzerland, where he was meant to arrest the international metals trader and fugitive from US justice, Marc Rich (Reich) on instructions from the then FBI Director, William Sessions. Instead of achieving this – one of his portfolio of sensitive objectives – he was seized by Swiss police and held in a stinking Swiss dungeon for 134 days.

Almost simultaneously, President Clinton fired William Sessions without giving any reason, and shortly afterwards Vincent Foster was discovered ‘suicided’ in a Washington DC area park. Following an intervention by Yizhak Rabin, the Israeli Prime Minister, Wanta was repatriated in shackles to New York, where he was arraigned before a US Judge on trumped up tax charges. [Mr Wanta told Christopher Story of his shame at being forced to walk in shackles through airports when he had committed no crime and had simply been carrying out his official orders].

The Judge dismissed his case and released him at once, but he was illegally re-arrested on the Courthouse steps and extradited to Wisconsin, where the spurious tax charges (to the effect that he owed about $14,000 in back tax dating from 1982, despite the fact that he had not resided in Wisconsin for years) were invoked, and he was flung into jail for non-payment. He was moved out-of-state to another jail, and attempts were made to drug him and to have him certified as mentally ill, in accordance with the Soviet GULAG and mental hospital models.

Later, he was released into house arrest in Wisconsin and was subject to severe movement restrictions for many years, during which time he was barred from leaving Wisconsin. He managed twice to raise funds and to pay the illegally imposed tax, after the first tax payment ‘went missing’. His family home was sold behind his back and the proceeds confiscated.

After a third payment was raised and paid, with additional charges, in July 2005, Leo Wanta was finally freed of all Probation restrictions with effect from 14th November 2005. Meanwhile Marc Rich, who had been indicted by Rudolph Giuliani, a US Attorney of the day, on multiple counts involving racketeering (RICO) financial and trading irregularities, was pardoned in the final hours of Clinton’s Presidency.

But Leo Wanta, who had conducted a series of brilliant Financial Warfare operations on behalf of President Reagan, whose life he had saved at least once by providing the President with advance warning of intended assassination, was left to waste more than 12 years of his life as described. On 8th February 2006, we ‘googled’ (Bureau of Prisons), clicked onto ‘Locate a Federal Inmate’, and typed in Leo Wanta’s reference number 43419-053.

This duly showed Leo Wanta as having been such an inmate – but stated that the date of his release was 19th November 1993, aged 65, whereas in that year he was 53: 65 is his CURRENT AGE. In other words, it appeared that the Bureau of Prisons may have sought to have Mr Wanta’s illegal incarceration covered up – A CLUMSY PIECE OF DECEPTION KNOWN AS ‘BACKFILLING’.

Fortunately for the United States and for what remains of the severely battered Rule of Law, this fraudulent ‘takedown’ of a gallant and patriotic US intelligence officer, and its corrupt motivations, can no longer be hidden.

Many US intelligence officials were deceitfully informed by the CIA that he was dead long ago.

But in reality, he remained in touch, during all those years, with many dimensions of his former global Presidential intelligence work – including the matter of the fate of large financial assets belonging to the US Government for which he remained responsible and the trustee under US law and the laws of other jurisdictions, but which he feared might be in danger of being misdirected, misappropriated or stolen from the US Government by US criminalist intelligence cadres. These operate under cover of the National Security Act 1947 et seq, which is essentially a crooks’ charter – enabling corrupt circles within the US intelligence community to engage brazenly in open-ended scamming, theft and criminality, with impunity.

When the US Government itself reneged on certain specific undertakings concerning some of the intelligence corporations and their assets, Mr Wanta was forced to go to court to protect the assets and not least to counter malevolent suggestions that, like certain US officials/operatives, he, too, was corrupt – a careless and foolish proposition, as he was out of commission for years and in any case bases his behaviour on Christian ethical principles.

On 15th April 2003, US District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, sitting in the United States District Court for the Eastern District Court of Virginia, Alexandria Division, handed down a notable Memorandum Opinion in which Leo Wanta’s legal representations were reviewed, and in which he affirmed Mr Wanta’s powers over the corporations. The Judge pronounced:

‘Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding’, to obtain his contracted payment for services rendered in accordance with his contracts and official, including Presidential, orders.

[We are publishing the entire text of this important document for the benefit of members of the international financial community who may, for whatever reason, have seen fit to question either Mr Wanta’s integrity, or his undoubted powers to complete the US Government’s business, and to recover assets accumulated for its long-term benefit ].

Beneath each page of text of the report, Christopher Story appended the following caption, which was repeated on each page of Judge Lee’s document:

PAGE 1 (etc) of U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee’s crucial Memorandum Opinion dated 15th April 2003, in which, having exhausted the remedies available to Leo E. Wanta, the distinguished US Secret Service/Treasury intelligence officer, in respect of the disposition of off-balance sheet US Government intelligence funds held in accounts of Title 18, Section 6 corporations offshore, the Judge pronounced that: ‘Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding’. This Court-affirmed statement reconfirmed Mr Wanta’s powers over certain USG corporations and presented serious problems for criminalised elements of the US intelligence community and overpowerful barons believed to be lusting after seizure of financial assets that belong to the US Government – and which would prefer that the source of these and other hidden giga-funds were never revealed in order for past and planned illegal thefts of such assets to be covered up in perpetuity. So far, this crucial document has been largely suppressed, as it affirms Mr Wanta’s legitimate powers and destroys groundless and libellous allegations that Mr Wanta is dishonest, like the criminal operatives concerned. Their problem is that he is not – a concept they cannot understand, as in their perspective, it cannot be imagined that any US intelligence officer is not also as bent as a corkscrew.

The Arctic Beacon report is now reproduced here verbatim. The data which follow the article are extracted from International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2/3, which became known in Washington last year as ‘The Green Book’:

Fitzgerald Probe Headed To Switzerland, Marc Rich, Vince Foster And At Least A Trillion Dollars Of Stolen U.S. Treasury Money By The Bush-Clinton Mob; Treasury Agent Leo Wanta, Sent To Arrest Rich, Tells What Really ‘Went Down’ In Switzerland.

Wanta, the legally appointed trustee of $27.5 trillion dollars of money earned at the end of the Cold War when the Soviet Currency was destabilized, is now tracing the funds, saying that more than $750 billion has been traced as stolen in the biggest bank heist in U.S. and global history, orchestrated by the Bush-Clinton mob. Because of his incarceration and then house arrest, he was unable to address these colossal problems effectively until he was released unconditionally last November.

15 Apr 2006 Report by Greg Szymanski:

The Patrick Fitzgerald investigation is spilling over across the pond to Switzerland, trying to trace the bank swindling and dirty dealings of Clinton-Bush bagman and Mossad agent, Marc Rich.

Sources near Fitzgerald claim the crime-busting Chicago special prosecutor is delving into why Rich was tipped off and able to evade a 1993 arrest attempt, ordered by FBI director William Sessions.

Those watching the Plamegate investigation hope Fitzgerald is the ‘real deal’ and not just providing a neo con dog and pony show, but sources claim that the investigation is now meticulously looking into bank swindles by the Bush-Clinton mob, amounting to more than a trillion dollars, involving money earmarked for the U.S. Treasury.

And bank account records – tracing more than $750 billion of missing or stolen money – have been already provided as public record by Leo Wanta, the former U.S. Treasury agent assigned by Sessions to put the finger on Rich. (See accounts listed below).

In a telephone conversation Friday, Wanta said he still keeps the official 1993 Rich arrest warrant, as proof-positive the events took place as he reported.

However, in a strange turn of events, Wanta was jailed for his efforts, placed for 134 days in a Swiss dungeon, as Rich was allowed to slip free in a move, according to Wanta, leading to the theft of hundreds of billions – if not trillions – of U.S. Treasury funds by the Bush-Clinton mob.

After Wanta was framed and put in jail, reports linking Hillary Clinton to dipping into the Wanta-controlled accounts were recently verified by overseas investigators.

UK investigators claim that the First Lady travelled to Grenada, ordering a bank transfer from Bank Crozier Limite, Grand Anse P.O. Box 1005, St George’s Grenada, West Indies.

Although the amount that Clinton pilfered overall is unknown, it is estimated that she may have writhdrawn approximately $250 milliion from a Leo Wanta-controlled account, an account to be transferred to the U.S. Treasury listed under Marvelous Investment Limited, bank account number A/C 374-250. [Information is available concerning other heists in which she may have been involved].

Wanta, released form a long jail term last October [CORRECTION BY CS: NOVEMBER], also said this week in a telephone conversation that he has provided new information to overseas investigators in an effort to uncover even more of the stolen money, as he is fast on the trail of the vast sum of money with the help of foreign investigators and sophisticated computer software.

“They are now messing with my computer, but so far we’ve successfully traced well over a trillion dollars and there is more to come, I’m sure”, said Wanta, adding that the original source of the money came from a financial scheme he put together on behalf of President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Soviet currency at the end of the Cold War, subsequently amassing a fortune amounting to more than 27.5 trillion dollars. [CS: This fund is now believed to be worth around $70 trillion or more].

“We did so well with what we did, Bush and Clinton wanted to copy our methods. When I didn’t play all with them, they wanted me out of the way so they could get their hands on the money.”

After the Cold War ended, the money was placed in overseas accounts, Wanta being appointed legal guardian of the fortune by President Reagan with the understanding it be returned to the American people to be used for schools, roads and even infrastructure improvements in Louisiana to bolster the inadequate levee system..

To the dismay of Wanta’s detractors and skeptics, a 2003 federal court ruling, docket no. 02-1363-A, dated April 15, 2003, by Federal Judge Bruce Lee affirmed Wanta’s position as legal trustor with the obligation to return a major portion of the money after taxes and trustor expenses back to the U.S. Treasury.

But when Bush senior and Clinton took over the reins of the White House, according to Wanta, things changed, as the vast sum of money was treated more like their own personal slush fund instead of property of the American people.

In July 1993, a lot more than the failed arrest of Rich arrest took place, including a visit by the late deputy White House Counsel, Vince Foster, who was killed in a Washington park on his return to Washington D.C. on July 20, 1993.

According to Wanta, who recently appeared on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, he said the events surrounding Rich and Foster went like this:

“I was ordered in my capacity as Treasury agent and appointed Ambassador to arrest Marc Rich and bring him back to the States. However, I found out he was tipped off by Mossad agents not to meet with me. Rich then escaped, fleeing Switzerland.

“At the same time, I was ordered to give Vince Foster $250 million dollars earmarked for the Childrens Fund. It took us a few days to make the proper transactions of roughly $81 million each and then Foster left with the money for Washington.

“Then, for no reason, I was shackled by Swiss authorities and put in a Swiss dungeon, where I ended up spending 134 days. I found out Vince had heard about what happened and made attempts through the State Department to find out what happened and to get me out. But the next thing I heard, a Swiss guard passed on a message that Vince Foster was dead.

“Then later Yitzhak Rabin tried to help, sending a letter which I have retained as proof. However, when authorities got word he was traveling to Switzerland on my behalf, I was immediately flown to the States, where I was charged with a trumped up Wisconsin state income tax charge, leading to a 20 year jail term.

“I finally was released last year [CS: NOVEMBER]. I don’t know why, but I am now in the process of trying to account for the 27.5 trillion as well as account for the stolen money. They, being Bush and Clinton, really wanted me out of the way all these years so that I couldn’t return the money, but they didn’t expect the Federal Court ruling in 2003 which I filed and in which I prevailed.

“It’s interesting they haven’t appealed and now time has run out. I know they don’t want anyone to know about this story and that is why the (controlled) press has stayed silent.”

Although Wanta has no idea what happened to the $250 million Foster had in his possession when he left Switzerland, the Fitzgerald investigation needs to connect the dots in order to determine the real purpose of the Childrens Defense Fund, chaired by Hillary Clinton, and said to be used as her own personal slush fund, as well as front for CIA covert domestic and foreign operations.

It’s also interesting to note the FBI and Kenneth Starr investigation into Vince Foster’s death never looked into to his meeting in Switzerland. Nor did Starr fully investigate the significance and disappearance of the $250 million dollars in Foster’s possession when he left Switzerland.

Further, it should be remembered Rabin also took stepsto help Wanta, sending him a letter still in Wanta’s possession. Investigators, who believe that Foster was assassinated, also point out that Rabin met the same fate, being assassinated as well in 1995.

•The following information has been condensed from World Reports Limited services and posted by For the actual detailed original reports, which are sold commercially (of course: how else could they be financed?), please activate the CONTACT US facility on this website, or order your SUBSCRIPTIONS and BOOKS from the present site (visit SERIALS and BOOKS in the Lower Red Panel).

The following text is



The following is summary of receipts identified in handwritten analytical notes performed by the distinguished US Secret Service Treasury agent, Leo Wanta, on some of the transactions involved in the giga-financing operation involving a colossal loan to the Illuminati from 200+ international banks worth $27.5 trillion, to finance the ‘Global Security Environment’, a.k.a. the New Underworld Order, which is to be enforced by the United States as the enforcement arm for the project. Sufficient funds were raised to bribe every policymaker, intelligence officer, ruler, Prime Minister, President and senior official for the whole of the 21st century. This fund is now worth $60-$70 trillion at a minimum – and with collateral leverage, probably far more. [List extracted from International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2/3, January 2005]:

First Financial Services Ltd: 890812

Five billion dollars Total $5,000,000,000

Francis X Driscoll Trust: Allegedly involves the Vatican and CIA Ops

(see below 890810 five hundred million dollars Total; $500,000,000

See also Pinnacle Holdings

Hawaii National Bank Corporation Trust Account: 890812 Two and a half billion dollars Total: $2,500,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd: Date not shown

Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd: Five billion dollars 5,000,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd

Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd, Wyatt W. Liscomb, Escrow Atty:

890810 Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

Total, International Financial Services;

Fifty billion dollars $

Allegedly Marc Rich [Reich], highly-rated Israeli intelligence asset

Martwell Investments Ltd. Inc.: 890807 Money laundering

Two billion dollars $2,000,000,000

Martwell Investments Ltd. Inc.: 890808 Money laundering

One hundred billion dollars $100,000,000,000

Martwell Investments Ltd, Inc.; 890810

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Martwell Investments Ltd. Inc.: 890610

Two billion dollars 52,000,000,000 Allegedly funds stolen

from Enron Corporation investors (pension funds allegedly stolen)

Total Martwell Investment Trust, Ltd. Inc + Martwell Investments

Ltd; One hundred and four billion five hundred million dollars


Allegedly in part George H W Bush

Pilgrim Investments: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pilgrim Investments: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pilgrim Investments 890811 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pilgrim, Investments: 890811 One hundred billion dollars $100,000,000,000

Pilgrim Investments: 890810 Jorqe [= George] Bush One billion dollars


Allegedly narcotics and illegal weapons sales: Money laundering

Pilgrim Investments: Ltd 890811 One hundred billion dollars


Pilgrim Investments: 890811 Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Allegedly narcotics and illegal weapons sales: Money laundering

Pilgrim investments: Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Pilgrim Investments: Two and a half billion dollars $2,500,000,000

Pilgrim, Investments: Two and a half billion dollars $2,500,000,000

Pilgrim Investments, Inc. (Keith Bennett Group 890810

One billion dollars $

Pilgrim Investments Trading Account: 890811

Ten billion dollars $10.000.000,000

Total, Pilgrim Investments outlets:

Two hundred and seventy-seven billion, five hundred million dollars


Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust

[CIA Ops]: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X. Driscoll Atty Trust: 890810

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust:

Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust

[CIA Ops]: 890811 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Total Pinnacle Holdings/Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust [CIA Ops]:

Twenty-six billion five hundred million dollars $26,500,000,000

Driscoll = Allegedly on behalf of Opus Dei/The Vatican

Prudential Bache Securities: 890805

One hundred billion dollars Total: $100,000,000,000

Rocio Lopez Perez 890811

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Rocio Lopez Perez: 890811

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Total Rocio Lopez Perez: One billion dollars $1,000,000,000

Silverado Investment, Inc [Neil Bush): 890815

Total Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Synergy Trust: 890811 Fifty billion dollars

Total: $50,000,000,000

Unknown: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Unknown: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Unknown: 890810 Ten billion dollars $10%2

What Next for the British Brainwashing Offensive


Friday 3 March 2006 00:16

Since the following analysis was published [see below] and posted here, John Prescott, the so-called British Deputy Prime Minister, has disgraced the country, his Party and his high office by the exposure of his predatory sexual misdemeanours while supposedly performing his official duties. On 7th May 2006, it was reported that the Metropolitan Police may be looking into this and into the wanton behaviour of his former diary secretary. The fate of the brainwashing operation run out of Prescott’s former office, which is the subject of this posting, was therefore uncertain; but it can be taken for granted that this dangerous revolutionary operation, the purpose of which is to develop a core nationwide cadre of brainwashed revolutionary ‘implementers’, will not have been affected.

To confuse matters, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has, all of a sudden, metamorphosed into the Department of Communities and Local Government (ensuring some print contractor yet another avalanche of taxpayer-funded bonanza orders). Note the use of the word ‘Community’ in the new title, which of course connects with the ‘Common’/Community/Communist agenda here.

The following analysis appears in the current issue of GLOBAL ANALYST [Volume 2, #3]:

The British Fabian Government, which carries the misleading label ‘New Labour’, is in fact the cover for a ‘gradualist’ revolution – the pace of which is perpetually accelerating.

Presiding over the actual revolutionary content of this very dangerous Government is its leading in-house Bolshevik, John Prescott. One of his top, taxpayer-funded civil servants runs, from Mr Prescott’s own office, a nationwide neurological linguistic control brainwashing programme.

Many BBC, ITV and other media personnel are graduates of this operation.

The British Deputy Prime Minister is a former ship’s steward and long-term Bolshevik who, like his ‘ex’-Soviet counterparts, lives in luxury (in his Hull constituency, in a well-appointed official flat in Admiralty Arch, Central London, and at Dorneywood, an official UK Government residence in the countryside). The image that this fellow projects is one of contrived working-class buffoonery, reinforced by the occasional violent outburst of uncontrolled violence, as when he punched a member of the public in the face on-camera. In January, Prescott was compelled to ‘apologise’ to the House of Commons for having failed to remit his Council Tax – which his own Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (OPDM) sets and imposes on the rest of us. A never-ending catalogue of botches, failures, aborted schemes and other loony fiascos is his speciality. He has been in place ever since the so-called New Labour clique led by the deeply compromised Tony Blair – allegedly financed by funds originally derived from the Trinity Mirror newspaper group’s old pension fund stolen by the late Mossad operative, Robert Maxwell – swept to power in a landslide following a carefully orchestrated operation to highlight ‘sleaze’ (corrupt or sexual misbehaviour) within the Conservative Party. There were 19 such sleaze ‘exposures’, and the consequence was that ‘New Labour’ took office in 1997 amid expectations that it would remain in power for a generation.

Given the image of buffoonery that this John Prescott projects, observers have for some time been asking themselves why on earth this figure has remained in his senior position for so long, unaffected by Blair’s Cabinet reshuffles and other disturbances which have destabilised this revolutionary Fabian Government. The answer to this question has emerged in recent months thanks to diligent and persistent research by extremely competent analysts who have, as the British often say, ‘smelled a rat’ – believing John Prescott to be much more important than his crass image would suggest.

It transpires that the ramshackle Office of the Deputy Prime Minister employs a certain female revolutionary operative as Head of Personnel Selection, named Mrs Julia Middleton. But that is just her cover job. Middleton’s real focus is as so-called Founder and Chief Executive of a vast networking organisation calling itself ‘Common Purpose’ – a responsibility that she somehow manages to combine with her official rôle as a senior civil servant paid by the taxpayer.

You will have noticed two features of this name: the use of the aesopian Communist/revolutionary word ‘Common’ – which is to be found replicated many millions of times throughout all European Union Collective documentation – and the initials CP, which double for Communist Party. They are also, appropriately, the ‘Conservative’ Party’s initials (see below).

Characteristic of revolutionary jargon is a deliberate failure ever to define any terms at all. Accordingly, the adjective ‘Common’ is not defined, and neither is the noun ‘Purpose’. This is because, if the true revolutionary ‘purpose’ were to be exposed, the ‘Useful Idiots’ who have allowed themselves to be conned into supporting and financing this revolutionary putsch, would be appalled, and most of them would cancel their sponsorship.

A partial list of the‘Useful Idiot’ sponsors is given at the end of this exposure article.

An expert in psychological manipulative techniques used by corrupt intelligence agencies has identified the agenda of this subversive organisation as neurological linguistic control, which means that it specialises in mind control and brainwashing. The technique used is akin to that employed by a parallel, but older, offensive, named Moral Rearmament (or MRA). What that old, well-funded operation does is to seek to strip its targets of all loyalties, the established neuro-control technique, by indoctrinating them into confessing all past ‘sins’ to the collective. The consequence, of course, is that many victims become blackmailable, and may therefore be less resistant to the next evil step – demands for money, which aim to deprive the victim of his or her independence and to strap them permanently to the organisation. In other words, the standard Tavistock-originated cult indoctrination techniques are used.

In the case of ‘Common Purpose’, its huge neurological linguistic control offensive is directed at sweeping all resident notions from the victim’s mind and psyche, and replacing them with ‘slides’ , or the ‘politically correct’ notions that the control manipulators seek to impose. As a component of the brainwashing that takes place at ‘Common Purpose’s’ fake ‘educational’ sessions, which are held all over Britain, the following cynical routine is employed in one way or another: first of all, a predetermined ‘consensus’ line is promulgated before the group; secondly, notions which conflict with the predetermined ‘consensus’ are dismissively, and perhaps rudely, debunked. In the event that anyone voices ‘dissenting’ views, they are sharply and insultingly criticised, à la Cultural Revolution, and made to look foolish in front of their peers. This is standard practice.

Thirdly, ‘lines’ are unveiled for all present to accept without question – preconceived ‘slides’ which are always so reasonable that no-one could dare object to them; and anyone who does, is forthwith labelled (‘type-cast as’) an ‘extremist’.

The sophisticated revolutionaries concerned maintain a large vocabulary of prejorative epithets which can be directed at ‘non-conformers’. For instance, your correspondent attended an event at the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Annual Meetings held in Prague in 2000, which was addressed by the former President of Ireland, an unbelievably unpleasant woman called Mrs Mary Robinson. For some reason, she was sounding off all about the ‘Roma’ (gypsies) – listing their problems, how they were ostracised from society, and how society owed them a better deal. Your correspondent pointed out that experience in Britain with these people was that no matter what services were provided for them, they invariably failed to ‘clean up their act’. If a field gate is left open, they are liable to enter the field and to squat there indefinitely: so field gates have to be padlocked against that eventuality.

Mrs Robinson, whose politics seemed so far to the Left that she was ‘off the chart’, failed to answer the question put to her and resorted instead to clichéd verbal abuse, saying that the Editor was ‘finger-pointing’, ‘demonising’ and ‘type-casting’.

Let us now step away from ‘Common Purpose’ for a moment, and consider what has happened to the Conservative Party in Britain in recent weeks.

Just as the Labour Party was taken over in the 1990s by a small, well-funded, ruthless clique, so has this Party been hijacked by a young revolutionary with a curiously blank face who will brook no opposition. Within days of assuming the leadership of the ‘Conservative Party’, David Cameron indicated by his pronouncements and actions that his political orientation is more to the Left of ‘New’ Labour, if that can be imagined, than Blair himself. But he is not to the Left of Prescott, because his pronouncements carry the imprimatur of ‘Common Purpose’.

Mr Cameron is ‘into’ every ‘politically correct’, prefabricated notion (termed ‘slides’ by the CIA*) that could have been crammed into his probably tabula rasa brain. For his dull New Year message, Cameron pronounced that ‘we should remember Mahatma Ghandi’s words and “be the change we want to see in the world”‘.He added: ‘I think it’s incredibly important to show that politics isn’t just about policies and elections, it’s about personal commitment and making change happen – today’.

It’s incredible that Cameron could be so insensitive as to cite the revolutionary Ghandi, and many have concluded that this blunder must be due to blind arrogance. The Great Brainwashed believe that they are right, and have a solution for every problem that humanity faces.

Change from what, to what, precisely, Mr Cameron?

And what makes you assume that everybody wants the change that you fail to define?

Like all brainwashed, deluded revolutionaries, he doesn’t say: because if he did, the befuddled Conservative Party Constituency Association membership that is responsible for voting for this revolutionary clique into control of the Party’s continuation would hand in their Party cards and the whole ‘grassroots’ system which sustains what remains of this wayward Party, would collapse.

It is apparent that Cameron and his brainwashed colleagues understand this likelihood, which is why they have developed a slick Internet blogging infrastructure, citing various successful recent Internet-driven political campaigns from US experience as justification. They may imagine that they can recruit enough supporters by this means, to make up for all the old ‘fuddy-duddies’ they have already certainly lost as a consequence of their cynical putsch – which we have no doubt at all has been assisted, behind the scenes, by elements of the manipulative UK intelligence services.

(It is not sufficiently yet understood that the intelligence community is in control, is out of control, and urgently needs to be brought under control. Prime Ministers, Chancellors, sidekicks, leaders of the Opposition et al may have their intelligence ‘handlers’).

David Cameron’s gratuitously revolutionary socialist ‘change’ agenda involves what he designates ‘personal commitment’: so, what about cancelling that foreign holiday and that polluting plane trip, for example? ‘Today’, he pompously insisted in his New Year’s Day Message, ‘I shall be emailing our members and writing to every Constituency Association Chairman so as to encourage all our membership to visit the Climate Change Now website and to switch their electricity supplier to a renewable source’. His first open ‘initiative’ was to promulgate a programme to ensure that more women are selected as Members of Parliament. There is, we can assure you, no fashionable (and secretly revolutionary) cause that this brainwashed, vapid instrument of the New Underworld Order will not espouse. What are the naïve and grossly deceived Conservative Constituency Associations, who made the wrong decision, doing about this coup d’état?

They are stunned at their own reiterated, insatiable stupidity.

Elements of MI6, which is partly associated with German and French secret intelligence (and thus ultimately with the Nazi continuum ‘Black’ intelligence organisation located at Dachau, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst), have been systematically implementing a secret policy of procuring the removal of all traces of what was once known as ‘Thatcherism’ (which really consisted in part of policies presented to Mrs Thatcher directly by your own correspondent many years ago). David Cameron is part of this operation. He represents the follow-up.

But there is a deeper dimension to the putsch that has taken over the ‘Conservative’ Party, which of course shares the same initials as ‘Common Purpose’ and Communist Party. It is the very little-understood one that Cameron is intended to be Blair’s successor, in lieu of Gordon Brown. Now some US subscribers may perhaps be a little hazy about who these characters are. Gordon Brown is ostensibly Tony Blair’s ‘successor’, although he would have to be elected by the Labour Party’s apparat. According to the false story fed years ago to the media, Blair and Brown struck a ‘deal’ at a fashionable restaurant, to the effect that Brown was to take over from Blair at a given stage of Blair’s premiership.

In reality what happened was that Blair, who was in possession of compromising information concerning Brown’s background, allegedly blackmailed the Chancellor of the Exchequer-to-be who, though also aware that Blair was likewise himself allegedly compromised, did not evidently possess the court-derived proof of the matter (whereas Tony Blair allegedly possessed proof of his allegations against Brown).

The sequel to this unpleasant state of affairs is that Gordon Brown is believed to be secretly much more favourably disposed to Britain finally leaving the hyper-corrupt European Union Collective altogether, which is not at all what the controlling intelligence cadre led by the head of MI6, John Scarlett, and other operatives who may have been corrupted (financially) by continental ‘Black’ intelligence, have in mind.

Collectively, the relevant components of controlling UK intelligence have concluded that the Great British Public is now sufficiently dumbed-down to be unable to make out the difference between free enterprise and collectivism, as the wrong-headed decision to elect David Cameron by the Conservative membership confirms.

Arrangements were therefore made for a further political coup d’état to take place – this time within the ‘Conservative’ Party, so that the emerging leadership would ‘appeal’ to the evermore suspicious electorate, which is gauged to be liable to fall these days for every ‘politically correct’ piece of revolutionary claptrap on offer. David Cameron’s empty, asinine rhetoric mirrors what they teach at the 11-Day Matrix or Focus false indoctrination-cum-neurological linguistic control programmes propagated by ‘Common Purpose’ all over the country, which is run out of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott.

It will have been noticed that we have provided hardly any information about what ‘Common Purpose’ actually ‘teaches’. This is because, in line with the Leninist technique of not defining one’s terms, very little hard information about the ‘curriculum’ is actually available. However confirmation of the mind-control focus is obtainable by studying what the American version of this very dangerous revolutionary offensive is offering. In the United States, ‘Common Purpose’ has a hyphen: please refer to There, you will be introduced to Mrs Julia Middleton’s parallel US front person, Lisbeth B. Schorr – Director, Project on Effective Interventions at Harvard University.

Lisbeth Schorr’s propaganda gives the game away:

‘Lisbeth Schorr’s work has focused over the last three decades on “what works” in social programs to improve the outcomes for disadvantaged children and families. Most recently, colleagues at the Pathways Mapping Initiative have been exploring novel approaches and organizing actionable information to help communities solve urgent social problems’.

‘ contains a uniquely broad, deep, and coherent collection of findings about what it takes to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and families living in America’s tough neighbourhoods. Pathways now available are to the outcomes of School Readiness and Family Economic Success’.

Sounds ever so impressive, doesn’t it? But when we examine what on earth this verbose and woolly University Lecturer means by Pathways Mapping, a.k.a. ‘mental mapping’, we run into, guess what? A mechanism for neurological linguistic control:

‘Mental mapping is a vehicle for movingwell beyond the piecemeal presentation of evidence from diverse bodies of literature and for ensuring the unbiased synthesis of findings that can inform broader discussions of effective strategies. We distinguish claims for which there is strong consensus from those that fail to stimulate any consensus, are drawn from a single program or organization’s experience, or represent an idiosyncratic point of view, and we discard the latter’.

Notice that the terms ‘unbiased’, ‘idiosyncratic’, ‘synthesis’ and ‘consensus’ are not defined.

Of course not. Who decides what is biased and what is not?

Who decides what is ‘idiosyncratic’ or not?

Who decides the synthesis of the ‘diverse’ information reviewed?

Who makes the compromises between opposing components of that information?

Who, in other words, engineers the pre-intended ‘consensus’?

The answer to these questions is the same: the neurological linguistic controllers, who are the cynical mind-manipulating, Tavistock Institute/Frankfurt School/ mental ‘slide’ merchants, a.k.a. the developers and implementers of this malevolently subversive mind- and personality-control programme which is quaintly intended to force whole populations to think alike, by accepting uncritically prefabricated notions that are consistent with the sterile mental thought-patterns considered to be prerequisites for trouble-free control by the self-interested revolutionary geomasonic Illuminati élite.

[For further detailed information of how the Illuminati dialectical method operates, so that ‘both sides’ are controlled, with ‘actives’ on both the so-called Left and the Right largely unaware that they are controlled and manipulated, please order a copy of Christopher Story’s forthcoming book The New Underworld Order, details of which are given in the Books section of this website].

We understand that certain attendees at these spurious events directed by Mrs Middleton from her office inside the OPDM, have suffered mental breakdowns and marriage break-ups. Victims are called upon to pay substantial sums by way of attendance fees, but do so willingly, or have employers who do so readily, just as those blackmailable Moral Rearmament victims are forced to part with funds – as it is none-too-subtly suggested that the path to preferment in the police, in hospital management, in local authorities, within multinational corporations, large banks and any of the other categories of organisation whose ‘Useful Idiot’ managements are sponsoring this subversive operation [see list below], is smoothed by graduating from these courses.

Many more ‘Common Purpose’ marriages will collapse, and many more mental breakdowns will follow – until such time as John Prescott, who has diabetes, is forced out of office, Common Purpose is exposed (for once, elements of the UK ‘mainstream’ media seem interested), the Conservative Party’s foolish David Cameron experiment is aborted or fails, or unforeseen developments take place which ensure that this revolutionary offensive is closed down.

It is paving the way for the completion of the Communist Revolution in Britain, and it has burrowed dangerously deep into the corrupt local structures of the United States, as well.

A ‘slide’ is a prefabricated, ‘politically correct’ blanket ‘pop’ ‘opinion’, ‘view’ or ‘take’ upon a particular issue of general interest which is designed to preclude further consideration, analysis or investigation of the issue in question. In other words, it is a ‘collectivised’ mental position which is never to be questioned. This is precisely the ‘product’ of the Deputy Prime Minister’s insidious neurological linguistic control programme ‘Common Purpose’.

Brock Chisholm, a former Director of the UN World Health Organisation, explained that:

‘To achieve One-World Government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism’. That’s what Cameron and ‘Common Purpose’ are all about.

It is very well understood by all in Britain who are not accustomed to sitting on their brains that ‘Conservative’ Party politicians are usually interested almost exclusively in themselves and their own wretched careers. Occasionally, uncorruptedand less selfish figures emerge who CARE about the survival of Britain as the most successful nation state in the world.

Those ‘Conservatives’ who have seen through David Cameron and his brainwashed clique must RISE UP WITHOUT DELAY and make it clear that they are willing to face a further Party upheaval in order for this putsch to be reversed. Yet another grave mistake has been made, and it needs to be rectified SOONER RATHER THAN LATER.

We should remember not to be concerned about what others think of us: that is their problem.

Come on, let’s get moving.


The following text, taken from the Common Purpose website, gives an idea of what is going on. The website displays a ‘sun symbol’, which indicates that this network is a dimension of the geomasonic/Illuminati revolutionary offensive. All components of the intended New World Order display their allegiance to the ‘Common Purpose’ of revolutionary global control by means of the use of symbols. The imprecise, deliberately woolly prospectus reads as follows:

What issues are explored?
Whether you choose an 11-day Matrix or a six-day Focus programme, you’ll cover a range of key issues. What will they be?

The programmes are delivered in a series of intensive workshops, each studying a particular aspect of life in an area.

For example, on Matrix, days include:
Day 4: The power map: Who runs this area? Where are the real levers of power? Who controls them? Who really controls them? And how can you?
[It’s all about POWER, which can ONLY be controlled collectively].
Day 5: The first challenge: real people, real problems: Work together on a real issue facing your area. Briefed by the real people who deal with it every day. With one day for you to propose a real answer to it. When should you lead – and when do you need to follow your leaders?
Day 8: Expanding your network: We are all defined by the influences we choose, the peers we trust and the networks we have developed. But what happens if you go beyond this “bubble”? How do you do it? And why should you do it? [Networking, promoted here, is always nasty, instrumental, insincere, manipulative, unpleasant and highly disruptive of personal and family relationships. It should happen, if at all, naturally, not as a ‘goal’, which leads to personal hardness, emptiness and insensitivity].
On Focus, participants investigate a range of areas, including:

Education [meaning indoctrination and ‘mental mapping’].
Governance [not government. What they mean is the replacement of democratic government by controlled ‘groups’: NGOs and ‘stakeholders’ ].
The economy [i.e., the comprehensive collectivisation thereof].

Participants will learn through practical experience, interactive group exercises, case studies, expert presentations, site visits, panel discussions and debate. Participants will also learn from each other and will become skilled at working with others very different from themselves. They will learn about alternative approaches to leadership through the eyes and experience of fellow participants. The end result is that participants will learn a lot more about themselves as leaders, as well as how society works – exploring the themes of leadership, partnership and diversity.

Intended ‘synthesis’ (sorry, ‘Outcome’): Participants emerge brainwashed, mentally ‘mapped’-out, and with a dogmatic collectivist mindset, hamstrung by prefabricated ‘slide’ ‘opinions’, NO LONGER EVEN RESIDUALLY ABLE TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES.


ABL Ltd, Bradford
Admiral Insurance Services Ltd
American Express, Brighton
ARRIVA, Head Office
ARRIVA, Leeds City Station
Arts Council England, North-West, Manchester
Astra Zeneca UK Limited, Macclesfield
Astron, Edinburgh
Aylesford Newsprint Ltd, Aylesford
BAE Systems, Rochester
Baillie Gifford & Co, Edinburgh
Baker Tilly, Milton Keynes
Barnsley College, Barnsley
Barnsley Hospice, Barnsley
BASF Plc, Middlesbrough
Bayer CropScience, Norwich
Begbroke Science Park, University of Oxford, Yarnton
British Petroleum, Grangemouth
Bradford Vision, Bradford
Brighton & Hove City Council, Hove – King’s House
Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership, Brighton
BSkyB, Dunfermline
BT Scotland, Edinburgh – Alexander Graham Bell House
BUPA Ireland, Dublin
Business Link, North & Western Lancashire
Cairn Energy Plc, Edinburgh
Campsmount School, Doncaster
Cardiff City AFC, Cardiff
Cathays High School, Cardiff
ChamberLink Ltd, Manchester
Chapel Royal , Brighton
Cherwell School, Oxford
City and County of Cardiff, Cardiff – County Hall
City College Coventry, Butts Centre
City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Bradford
Clackmannanshire Council, Alloa
Cork Prison, Cork
Coventry Evening Telegraph, Coventry
Darton High School, Barnsley
Department for Education and Skills, Darlington
Derby College, Derby
Dewsbury Health Care NHS Trust, Dewsbury & District Hospital
Diageo plc, Dublin
Diageo plc, Leven – Banbeath Industrial Estate
Diamond Corrugated Cases Ltd, Londonderry
Dixons City Academy, Bradford
Donnington Valley Hotel, Newbury
Dover Harbour Board, Dover
Dublin Bus, Dublin
Dubrovnik Hotel, Bradford
EON UK plc, Coventry
Education Bradford, Bradford
Education Client Team, Bradford
Egg, Derby
EMI Records Group UK and Ireland, London
English Institute of Sport Sheffield, Sheffield
Eversheds, Cardiff
Fife College, Kirkcaldy
Fife Constabulary, Police Headquarters
Fife Council, Kirkcaldy – Town House
Ford Motor Company Limited, Southampton
Forth Valley College of Further & Higher Education, Falkirk Campus
Fox’s Biscuits, Batley
Glasgow City Council, City Chambers
Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow
GlaxoSmithKline, Dartford – Acacia Hall
Goodwin Resource Centre Association, Hull
Grattan plc, Bradford
Grimsby and Scunthorpe Newspapers Ltd, Grimsby
Gripple Ltd, Sheffield
Hartlepool Primary Care Trust, Hartlepool
Headquarters 2nd Infantry Brigade, Folkestone
Health Promotion, Coventry
HM Prison Cardiff, Cardiff
HM Prison Edinburgh, Edinburgh
HM Prison Glenochil, Tullibody
HM Prison HMYOI Polmont, Falkirk
HM Prison Maidstone, Maidstone
HM Prison Stafford, Stafford
HM Prison Standford Hill, Sheerness
HM Prison Swaleside, Isle of Sheppey
Home Office Refugee Integration Section, Croydon
Hothouse Centre for Ceramic Design, Stoke-on-Trent
HSBC Bank plc, Manchester
Hull Citybuild, Hull
Hull Cityventure Limited, Hull
Huntsman Petrochemicals [UK] Ltd, Redcar
IBM United Kingdom Limited, Edinburgh
Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Batley
John Wheatley College, Glasgow
Karmand Community Centre, Bradford
Keele University, Keele
Keepmoat plc, Doncaster
Kellogg’s, Manchester
Kent Thameside Delivery Board, Gravesend
Kickstart, Sheffield
Kimberly-Clark Ltd, Barton-Upon-Humber
Kingston upon Hull City Council, The Guildhall
Komedia, Brighton
Laganside Corporation, Belfast
Lancashire Constabulary, Nr Preston
Learning + Skills Council, Hull
Legal & General, Cardiff – 2 Fitzalan Place
Longley Park Sixth Form College, Sheffield
Lothian Buses plc, Edinburgh
Marriott Hotel, Glasgow
Marriott Hotel, Sunderland
Marriott Sprowston Manor Hotel & Country Club, Norwich
Maxxium UK Ltd, Stirling
McCann FitzGerald Solicitors, Dublin
Meadowhall Centre Limited, Sheffield
Medway Ports, Sheerness
Met Office, Exeter
Middlesbrough Borough Council, Middlesbrough – Vancouver House
Millennium Chemicals, Grimsby
Milton Keynes Museum, Milton Keynes
MKM Building Supplies Ltd, Hull
National Children’s Centre, Huddersfield
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford
New Appointments Group, Sittingbourne
Newbury Town Council, Newbury
Newcastle Building Society, Newcastle Upon Tyne
North Lincolnshire Council, Scunthorpe
Northern Echo, Darlington
Northern Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Trust, Scunthorpe
Northwest Development Agency, Warrington
Norwich City Council, City Hall
Novartis Grimsby Ltd, Grimsby
O2 Ireland, Dublin
OCR, Coventry
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd, Sheffield
Oxford City Council, St Aldate’s Chambers
Panasonic UK Ltd, Bracknell
Patcham High School, Brighton
Pfizer Limited, Sandwich – Ramsgate Road
PricewaterhouseCoopers, London – Embankment Place, Head Office
PricewaterhouseCoopers, London – Plumtree Court
Prudential plc, Reading
Prudential plc, Stirling
PSA Peugeot Citroen, Coventry
PSA Peugeot Citroen, Manufacturing Plant
Quest International Ltd, Ashford
REACT, Rotherham
Reading Borough Council, Reading
Reed In Partnership, Doncaster
Ridgewood School, Doncaster
Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster Sheffield, Doncaster
Rok Build, Reading
Rolls-Royce plc, Inchinnan
Rotherham College of Arts and Technology, Dinnington
Royal Bank of Scotland plc, Edinburgh – The Younger Building
Safefood, Cork
Salford Primary Care Trust, Salford
Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley, Stirling
Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow
Scottish Executive, Edinburgh – Victoria Quay
Sheffield City Council, Sheffield – Town Hall
Shepherd Neame Ltd, Faversham
Shoosmiths Solicitors, Milton Keynes
Slough Enterprise Gateway, Slough
South Norfolk District Council, Norwich
South Wales Fire Service, Cardiff
St Andrews Bay Hotel, St. Andrews
St Saviours C of E Church, Folkestone
St Simon Stock School, Maidstone
Staffordshire University, Stafford
Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Stoke on Trent
Strathclyde Police, Headquarters
Sussex County Cricket Club, Hove
Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton
Sussex Police, Hove Police Station
Swale Borough Council, Sittingbourne
Swale Forward, Swale
Swale Primary Care Trust, Sittingbourne
Swan Valley Community School, Swanscombe
Tesco Charity Trust, Cheshunt
Thames Valley Police, Reading – Castle Street
Thames Valley Police, Slough
The Bridge (Oxford) Ltd, Oxford
The Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival, Brighton
The City of Edinburgh Council, Head Office
The Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education, Grimsby
The Recovery Project, Brighton
The Thornbury Centre, Bradford
Thomson Snell & Passmore (Solicitors), Tunbridge Wells
Tonbridge Grammar School, Tonbridge
Unipart (DCM), Oxford
University of Bradford, Bradford
University of Glasgow, Glasgow
University of Greenwich, Chatham